Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #313 – Teacher’s Frustration With The System


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And are you refreshed? Good. Now what? Seems like there should be fewer and fewer doesn’t. It just getting all warmed up in a long time. So I’m a teacher, and I love what I do. And I teach young children, which. So I’m a teacher, you were talking about children teach me absolutely. So true. In fact, I went up to older children for a little while. And I, two years later turned around and went back down to the younger ones. They’re joyous. They love coming to school. I love them.

The older humans get off and the more resistant they are. Yes, yeah. And I do take great joy and pleasure of watching the kids when they’re having fun. Yes, I teach Physical Education. They’re running they’re playing are having fun. Most of the time, except for when we’re, you know, fitness testing or something like that. Well, there’s a few of them like that. So my question now is because I feel like I’m in the right profession. I love what I do. I’m good at it. I’m joyous while I’m doing it.

Yeah, I must be wrong. Yeah. I like it. I’m good at it. I’m happy. I’m sure except, well, in the schools and the public schools anyway, they are. And I love your quotes about children and trying, if we could all only let them be who they are, and not drum them all into one category. Well, it feels like they’re trying to drum us teachers now in this navy, but have you noticed that the children are less Dremel?

Absolutely. They’re coming with that stronger sense of who they are. And so they’re maintaining their alignment, and actually infusing those like you with a little bit of a recognition that there might be a better plan. So what are you concerned about? I do get frustrated. When when I’m focusing opposition to what I want? Yes. When I have to write up my goals, for example, not in the way I’d like to write them. I’d like children to have as much fun as possible and write your goals for us here.

Tell us if you can, if you want to what you felt like you needed to say to them, when they asked you to write you’re just give us one at a time to it is my goal to make learning about physical activity, diverse and fun for every child. So just take the first part of it, it is my goal to make learning or learning about living a healthy lifestyle fun for children? Well, that’s a really good goal. I think so.

But those that are our evaluators, they don’t want to hear that. No, they want what they want data they want data about right, so 95% of children will be able to pass this test by the spring semester. So in your own mind, and you might even write it, it might be alright, if you put this into words, it’s my powerful desire, that I am able to tap into these children’s natural inspiration to be the healthy happy children that I believe that they were born to be.

Now, who would take issue with that. So now make it more about the statistics. It would thrill me. So then they’ll say, Well, how are you going to measure that? Now I can get creative, what you could say, we’re going to give you careful words, because they’re words that must be accepted by them. But that hold the meaning that you mean.

So it has been my experience, you can say that the most cooperative of classes or have children are those who are in a happy, playful, joyful state of mind. Now, they won’t argue with that. And that has been your experience because what they’re shooting for. They want you to figure out how you’re going to make these kids do something that they believe the kids don’t want to do. And your tact is that I don’t believe that I can make anybody do what they don’t want to do.

But I believe that I can through this classroom, inspire them to their own best interests. That’s my goal to in this classroom, inspire them to their own best interests. And I know from my own experience, and I know from what I see with other people, adults especially but children to, the more we are outside, the more we’re moving, the more we’re breathing, the more fun that we are having them the more benefit to our physical apparatus. Exactly. Yeah.

So might be fun to write these goals for them. Anything else that you feel crossways in on that? No. Not that. So, now I’ve been doing this for about 15 years, we just want to leave that sort of ending place on that part of it, that your instincts are really on target. And your instincts for the best value for the children is certainly on target.

And now all you’re wanting to do is find a way of expressing that for others. And what you have to understand is these others that are going to receive your information, want to feel good, too. They’re not your enemy. They want to feel good, too. And they do have the best interest of the children in mind too. So everyone’s working toward the same objective and that objective is for them and us to be happy. Absolutely. Yeah. So thank you.

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