Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #381 – Tending To Your Vibration


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It is our wish for you that you feel and no feeling no feel the worthiness that we know is you. It is also our knowing that the way for you to feel that worthiness is by finding a subject that you can follow out with resistance, less thought until it manifests, because there’s nothing that’s going to give you the knowledge that not only are you the creator of your own reality, but that you can be the deliberate creator of your own reality, then for you to find an interesting thought, and follow it out and let it please you just because it feels good to think it.

And then to witness consciously, the things falling into place until it comes into fuller and fuller manifestation. That’s how you get your feeling of worthiness. You get it by allowing the goodness that you deserve to flow into your experience, under your conscious awareness. Because if good things happen to you, not under your conscious awareness, then you call it luck, or fate, or something that is outside of you, when nothing is outside of you. But when you tend to your vibration when you nurture it, when you find something that feels good, and you milk it, when you look for positive aspects when you praise often, when you feel the discord of criticism.

And so you stop it when you wake up wanting to feel good and do when you compliment and praise more than criticize and find fault. When you start deliberately offering your thoughts and you begin noticing how those thoughts feel. And then you begin watching things fall into place. Not only will you understand that you are the deliberate creator of your own experience, but you will feel the harmony of all of the attention that all that is non physical has upon you. It is our powerful desire that you know that you feel that you understand that as you stand here in your now and you focus upon anything that matters to you. That there is a whole host of non physical energy and talent.

Focus there with you. Knowing knowing how powerfully and beautifully This is unfolding for you. So if you will just decide to follow your bliss to follow your fun to follow your ease, to follow your joy to follow your love. What you’re going to discover is that you can plug your toaster in just about all day every day.

And when you are hooked with that current, the thoughts that you think are coming into fruition into reality into manifestation and the actualization all around you, where not only can you witness it with your physical senses, but others can as well.

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