Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #383 – You Can Close The Gap


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We like that you are physically focused, and we want to say to you, you came into this physical experience with great reason. We like that things turn into manifestations for you, we like you, knowing that you are here to turn thoughts to things. We’re not wanting you to get off into some spiritual meditation where you withdraw from life. We want you to be involved in life, but we want you to be joyously involved in life. And there is a way to do that, under any and all conditions.

So, together, we’ll be exploring today, anything that matters to you will get you pointed toward the unconditional life experience that you must live in order to come into full alignment with who you are, we will show you how to tune in tap in how to plug your toaster into the electrical current of the universe will show you how you are the creator of your own reality. And that while you have asked with step one, and source has answered with step two, that you can get into the receptive mode with Step three, and you can master it with step four. And you might slip back into some contrast we hope you do.

Because there is nothing more valuable than a steady understanding of who you are creating your own reality. And then having exposure to experiences that take you back into more contrast. Because that more contrast launches more rockets. And if you’ve already experienced step one, not your work, really it is your work. But you don’t have to know anything about your work, you can’t help and ask. Step two is not your work at all. That’s the work of source energy.

That’s us holding our attention upon what you’ve asked for. And Law of Attraction responding to that powerful asking, step three is you find some way, even though what you want hasn’t manifested yet to hold yourself in the vibrational frequency of what you want, so that you’ve closed the gap between you and you. That’s all you need to do to feel joyful. You’ve just got to close the gap between you and you. But if you need a circumstance to change before you close your gap, you’re in a lot of trouble. But once you understand that you can close that gap.

Because you have the ability to focus in a way that allows you harmony with who you really are, then, oh, then once you’ve mastered that, so you’re feeling good most of the time, then contrast doesn’t scare you. It doesn’t beat you up. Contrast serves you in the way that you knew it would when you decided to come into this physical time space reality. Not one of you said, I’ll go forth, but get everything just the way I and I alone like it before I get there. And once everything’s the way I like it, then I’ll come forth, not one of you said that. You said I’ll go into the sea of contrast from it, I will choose what’s important to me.

I will wisely focus upon what is important to me. Until I master a steady stream of vibrational offering about it. I will deliberately establish my point of attraction by paying attention to the way I feel. And I You said we’re here to remind you will live happily ever after. Not because I achieved this manifestation and this one and this one and this one and this one, not because a manifestation is just what I want.

And then I observe it in my joy, a conditional love. But because I hold an image of what I desire, and I hold myself so close to that vibrational frequency that I cease the resistance within me so that the universe converges and the cooperative components align in order to yield to me what is important to me. We’re eager to talk to you about anything that matters to you. There is nothing that is off limits. It will be a wonderful unfolding. What do you want to talk about? stuff? Oh, there you are. All right, we’ve got you.

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