Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #400 – Sharing His Gift


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So great to see you again. Kind of like she alluded to. Thank you so much for guiding so many of us, we are really happy that we’ve Rendezvous in this way. And we want to remind you, you have to be ready to be ready to be able to remember words. This is a rendezvous. This is a law of attraction rendezvous. It took 36 years, but I’m now ready. You have no idea how old you are.

We do some of what we had spoken to earlier. And I appreciate the confirmation in regards to the meditation and the service to others. I’ve learned that I feel nearly complete and fulfilled when I am not serving helping others. For a minute. Feel this feel complete for a minute? Not long. Write this for a minute, because life’s gonna cause you to continue to ask for more. And there’s a whole lot more, there is enough in your vortex to keep you busy for 20 or 30 lifetimes. So when you start getting ready, be ready. Yes, there’s so much coming. So much adventure so much.

Exposure to delicious life so much prosperity. Yes. So much delicious life. Yes. So yes, I’ve learned that the meditation is, for me very, very crucial. And then the sharing my gifts with others. Let’s use a softer words and crucial, because if I meditate, because it’s crucial. I’m not gonna get there today. Let’s just call it ready to be ready to be ready, make it soft. It’s just the easiest thing to do. It’s starting at the beginning. But thing is, it’s not like starting all over. It’s just tuning in for now.

Okay, I’m hoping to get some input in regards to what are some other things that could help me achieve that fulfillment, like the meditation, like the helping others and sharing my gift? What are some of the other things that could help me? Well, what you’re talking about, and we understand it, in fact, we’ve written a lot of books about just this kind of thing. What could you do if you’re a little off track, or if you’re just wanting to get a little bit more momentum going, if you know that you’re in a good feeling place, then focusing on any aspect of something that you want will be satisfying, and it will increase the momentum.

And so a big question that you often have is Abraham, if I’m a deliberate creator, then why are you trying to get me to quiet my mind? Shouldn’t I be thinking about what I want. And we say, if you think about what you want, before you’re in a good vibrational place, then your thoughts work against you. So you got to figure out that you’re hooked up with your Source energy before you start thinking. But when you’ve got that kind of momentum going, you can’t stop thinking about it, you lay down you want to think about it, people come up to you, you want to talk about it.

So the rule of thumb that we would use is, think about it, talk about it, write about it, milk it, milk it, milk it, milk it, milk it, milk it, milk it as much as you can. So left the seminar last weekend, with friends and all of them because of their preparation for the seminar. And because of their accomplishment of alignment, by sitting in the energy, and especially with Esther because she can’t have this pouring through her without having an enormous sense of satisfaction, then moved off into the most magical day. It was like the universe just delivered to them.

This idea and this idea, and this idea, and this idea, and this idea and this idea, and that was a week ago, and they’ve been talking about it everyday sense. Just keep milking the perfection of the good things that are happening because the more you talk about things that feel good, and here’s the thing, and you’re gonna like this, you creative creatures who want to see it and hear it and smell it and taste it and touch it. You who are so enamored with the physicality of things and that’s not a bad thing.

Unless you’re not ready for what you’re asking for. But if you are ready for what you’re asking for, then, oh, conversations, the things that unfold the opportunities that show themselves to you, the people who come to play with you. So the rule of thumb is if you know you’re in a place of satisfaction, then just milk it for more momentum. If you haven’t reached that place of satisfaction, then you’ve got only one goal. Quiet your mind until you get there accomplish the foundation and then.

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