Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #402 – Healers And Healing


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And are you refreshed? Good. Now what? I’m really excited to be here. I have a few questions. When I first started listening to you, you said something about the healers. They weren’t doing anything, which really frustrated me, because I’ve been doing healing for 37 years. What we often explain to healers about themselves and to others about healers is that since everyone has direct access to this source energy, that sometimes what healers think or people think about healers is that they’re going to hook up to some power, and then they’re just going to flow the power at you.

And they’re going to change something within you. When what’s happening is, since everyone has access to this healing energy, what the healer does is get you ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. If you believe in the association that you have with this healer, this healer can be like a satellite dish to beam the well being and closer to you to make you comprehend it or understand it. Because your desire is enough to summon it to you. So if someone is in need of healing of some way, they’ve already asked step one, and it’s already been given step two.

So healers do fall into the category of assisting with step three. Every now and again. We just visit with a healer who really believes that they are asserting energy into other people and that can’t happen. You can never assert energy into someone else. You can channel it, you can focus it you can help momentum, move about it, you can focus it in a more specific direction.

And you can help them with their believing so that they are more receptive. But that’s what a healer does beneficial. I kind of see myself as a placeholder like I’m holding their hands or their head. Just see them as just just being in a healthier place. But I just wanted to get Well we’re glad to clear this up because you were looking at it in a different way than we were meaning it okay.

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