Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #413 – A Short Recap


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Can you sort of kind of feel how you’re in a different vibrational place? Can you feel that just from listening in and your participation that you are ready to be ready in a way that you weren’t ready to be ready before you were ready to be ready? Can’t you feel your readiness, we’ve been a little obnoxious here. But in your experience, this is going to carry on for you. Esther has a bowl that she found, she doesn’t really understand these Tibetan bowls

. She doesn’t know anything about them, except she likes the way they sound, and feel. And she likes this particular bowl that she has, she hits it with this big cloth covered Gong. And it sends a reverberation to the room that she thinks she’s only hearing, but actually she’s sensing the vibration of it at many levels. And one of the first times that she hit it, we said to her, you know, the vibration of this ball will never cease your ability to hear it well. Your ability to sense it well.

But that vibration is in motion, and it will be forevermore, because the laws of the universe will continue to carry it. So what we’re saying to you about what is happening here today is that this will reverberate within you forever. You might forget for a minute, but a little meditation will take you right back to it. This is the basis of who you are, and it will lead you swiftly to all that you desire. We’re not talking about years of meditation, we’re not talking about isolation.

We’re not talking about separating yourself from things that bother you, although that will be a temptation in the beginning because this feels so good. And most people at work don’t. This reverberation will last within you forever. So don’t try to remember it because you’ve got it, you now know it and therefore you will always know it. And when you stumble across it or find the vibration of it intentionally. You’ll feel it and you’ll remember and then you’ll be a little more ready to be a little more ready to be a little more ready. So many wonderful things. What more we have more time. 10 more minutes 10 fast, more minutes.

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