Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #425 – Getting The Magic Back


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Okay, so every time you say you’re ready to be ready to get ready my body, I can’t control myself. I am ready to get ready and I’ve been ready. And I feel like we’re going to end up just really for a short time. Being ready to be ready means ready. Definitely. In other words, if you’re ready to be ready, then you were ready. And so ever ready? Ever Ready, ever in alignment or mostly in alignment? Ready to be ready? Yeah, Amen. Yes. Okay, so, what’s coming up for me now, when I feel like when I was first introduced to ask, and it has given, it was just so good. And I just really took it to the extreme.

I was magic walking, I mean, bills. I mean, I had tickets. I’m like, you don’t want to charge me for that? It’s like, No, we don’t, you know, like, I was just magic. And that was my life. And I had opportunity where I was like, like, go for my job and on unemployment for a few years. So I just played and gardened and played and received money. And then I moved to LA and all this stuff happened. So now that I’m here, and it’s really good. I am more focused on building my business and some other things. I feel like I’m more in my mind than in my vibration. Yeah. So what’s really stuck in my craw is that I know what it means to feel good right now I feel happy to most people objectively. But I know that deep down No.

But here’s the most important thing, and you’re helping us talk more. It’s an evolved expanded piece of what we were talking about earlier. So when you first got hold of that book, now, you had been living life, and you had put so much into your vortex you had been doing step one, step one, step one. And so you had so much active vibration, about desire. And so that book helped you to find more resonance with more of what was there? Wouldn’t you say that that’s what happened, those processes and just knowing some of the things that you’re hearing from us causes you to find resonance with who you are.

And so you become more ready. So then what happens is, you are ready for so many of the things that before you weren’t ready for. So you get to witness so many of the things that you weren’t ready for, to come into your experience. But that’s where that little rock that we were talking about begins to happen. We’d like saying this to you all so much. What you put into your vortex and allowed into your experience is not going to satisfy you for a lifetime, or even for a week. Life causes you to keep putting more there because you are an evolving, expanding person.

So that’s why we’re having this conversation with this evolved group of humans here today. Because what has satisfied you before will not continue to satisfy you forevermore, because your life keeps causing you to ask beyond where you are. And there can be this habit, say again. So just like, before you read the asking of this given book, you’re in a sort of rut of life, you were having knee jerk response to life without even knowing you were doing it. After you read that you had different responses to those things.

But no matter how much you try, if you are not going back to that deep place, that is your root, you are not able to tie in to the new things that you’ve put into your vortex. And that’s why life doesn’t continue to satisfy you. And you start saying things like, been that done that Been there, done that, that that wanted that got that. And so what satisfaction comes from a new awareness of something new that you haven’t experienced before, and you can call it fine tuning of old things. Sometimes it is that or you can call it an entirely new thoughts that you’ve never even thought before. Every now and again.

Esther will, because of her ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready have a thought that she has never thought before. Sometimes it comes to her through her own process. Sometimes someone else says it and she was ready to be ready for it. And she will say I’ve never thought that thought before is so exhilarating to come to that realization because you will not be satisfied unless you are consciously aware of your expanding say again, you will never be satisfied unless you are consciously aware of your expansion. Say again, expansion won’t be satisfied. Unless you’re consciously aware of it. Say it in another way. Unless you have been ready to be ready to be ready.

You’re not even likely to be aware of the expansion that you’ve just been living. You might even think that it’s due to someone else you give them the credit for Oh, thank you because this is something that you are doing. Thank you. Thank you. You want to say and we say it’s nice to say thank you and it’s nice to feel appreciation but really it’s all coming to you based off on what you are ready for you say? Do you like how that felt? Now you came with us on that? Did you feel yourself, this is satisfaction only comes you will only be satisfied when you have stepped one. And we have stepped today.

And now you are step three, getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. So you just have to ask yourself, What’s it gonna take for me to get into the receiving mode? Oh, I’m already in the receiving mode for this stuff. This stuff comes easy. Yeah, been there done that I can do all of that. That’s not really ringing my bells anymore. Other people who aren’t there yet are looking at you? And are you out of your mind. You’ve got that and that and that and that and that and that and you’re still reaching for something else? Yes. Because it’s got to be new, or I’m not expanding, I’m not allowing my expansion.

And I can’t be alive in this leading edge experience without putting so much into my vortex. And my inner being can’t be in my vortex which it is and presenting so many pathways to me to receive it. I gotta keep up with me. I gotta keep up with the life that my life has caused me to become. We’re finding all kinds of new ways to say this. Yeah, you are trouble. So let’s shift this right. You know, it was when you talked about Esther and her ride, and then the first person that came up to she was talking about something in a partner.

And I kind of want to shift that because trying to stay general as I can. But when I was in that high flying space I did but don’t misunderstand this by shifting the rock. Do you accept that there is a vortex? Yes. Do you accept that it’s tied to you with everything that you might call DNA or anything else like that, that connects it to you? Do you accept that? It’s popping and popping and popping and popping and popping? And if you were popping with it, you wouldn’t feel in a rut? In other words, why would you want to go back and massage the route over here into something less Right?

Like when this is all been played out. This is all played out. You’ve already got all the juice out of this, you got the juice out of this mostly, you don’t know that you still think you want that guy in that bed and that car in that garage or other way around. But you’re putting more into your vortex, your vortex is an identical match to you. Your vortex is ready for you. Are you ready for it? Your vortex kept up with you. Everything you put into it. Everything you put into it every day all day long.

You put more into it and when you do, it’s ready for it. And your intervenes all over it. The question is, are you ready? Now I’m over here dealing with this. How long have you been over there five years Okay, you set when you said he bought beings, I was thinking that from the opening like we get it, we’re it we get it right. And we’re still having these conversations even though this feels more leaning. You are because you cannot have these conversations.

Because if you’re alive, these conversations are part of your aliveness part of your expansion, there is always going to be a gap between who you really are and what you’re able to let in. That’s why it’s so delicious to get ready to get ready to get ready to get ready and really funny thing haha funny to us not to you is that while you are ready for this, you’re putting more in it that we’re getting ready for you to be ready for. So you put it in, we get going on it, you get ready for this, we put more in the pipeline. In other words, there’s just always going to be more in the pipeline for you to get ready for.

You’re not ever going to run out of stuff. You know, you’re ever going to run out of things to surprise and delight you you’re not ever going to run out because life is going to keep step one on you. Life is going to keep presenting contrast to you to cause you as a mass consciousness on this planet have desires bubbling within you today that weren’t there a very short time ago. You should see what’s happened to the collective vortex. And you should see what’s happening as far as inner beings are focusing upon your new requests. And if you’re over here, just quibbling about who said what?

Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet tweet Facebooking and tweeting and worrying about crap. Meanwhile, you have a more robust Source Energy adventure underway than you have ever experienced in any life experience ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. Don’t squander it on Ying Ying Ying Ying Ying Yang Yeah, a rat rat, rat, rat, rat, rat rat, get over there. Go deep, get ready to be ready and then oh, your world will explode for you in a way the likes of which you have never seen before.

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