Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #426 – A Wonky Relationship


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Okay, so can you tell me from what you feel? Would it be okay to be specific about something kind of generally because I didn’t use I’m good. Thank you. Okay. So like when I was really like high flying, and I was really into this divine partnership, and I would call this person champion, and I was just enjoying creating it and thinking about my wedding and I was living my life. It was like, no big deal. And then I met this guy 10 years ago. Okay, long story.

Long story short, it went wonky, didn’t talk for decade talk, you know, the last couple of years, it’s wonky again, right? So I’m like, I can get back into that energy of creating a champion and being in this energy and not needing it to happen. It could be him not be him. But because it wouldn’t walk you with that whenever I go to that place to just create. I keep going back to that just did a better job of this seminar than we did. You just did. Didn’t she just tell you the same story we told you?

And didn’t her version make more sense to you? Yeah, so you’re asking me and I know that I can do it is to be focused and go deep. Regardless of that, we’re asking you to find satisfaction at a deeper level, not need champion to be in your experience for your satisfaction. We’re asking you to look for some other satisfaction that will lead to some other satisfaction relief, some other satisfaction will lead to some other satisfaction to lead to some satisfaction. But when you start over there with that, like looking at, and it’s gone wonky, you can’t control it, then you just keep practicing a vibration that doesn’t work for you.

Different faces different places, same experience, because nothing’s shifting in your vibration. Because you’re having knee jerk reactions, you’re responding to conditions and the response to conditions is controlling your vibrational output. And whatever is controlling your vibrational output is controlling your vibrational input. And so what you’re radiating out is what’s coming back to you. And so you’re just in this spiral where you can’t get there from there. You can’t get there from there.

But what happens is, after doing this for a while, now you’ve got a new desire, what is it got to be an easier way, you got a new desire, what is it, I want to get back to the true heart of who I am, what other desires are coming out of this, I really want to be ready for something or someone who’s really a vibrational match to me, it isn’t hard to understand conceptually, and you know how we know that, because you’re getting this today, we’re offering you laws and concepts and you are as a group of people up to speed with what we’re talking about.

And now you’re gonna go out into the real world where you’re going to have experiences, and then you’re going to be able to come to some conclusions am I going to let most of my energy just be in response to what I’m experiencing? Or am I going to let that experience shore up what I really want in my vortex, and am I going to get back to basics, get myself centered, get into such a satisfaction, that champion could live or die and I wouldn’t exist or don’t exist, you are not essential to my alignment to my equation, to my satisfaction, I have taken the importance of conditions I can’t control out of the equation.

And now that I’ve taken conditions that I can’t control out of the equation, now I can find satisfaction which will lead to this which will lead to this which will lead to this but as you run around as peoples and you observe what others are living and somebody’s living something that looks like what you want and you don’t have it and you let that be where your attention is you’re not ever going to be ready for what you want because there’s so much lack based vibration going on because you can’t get there from there. It’s not because you’re not a good person and it’s not because you’re not a good thinker.

And it’s not because you’re not a good student of the principles is not because you’re not good at processing is because no matter how good you are at anything here it is your life is moving so fast that you’ve got to get back to basics on a really regular basis because what’s manifesting we’ll always feel like a rot like a million dollar has been there done that like a new car been there done that like a new relationship been there done that done that done that done that done that done that done that done that done that done that done that done that there’s got to be more you keep saying what’s it all about?

What is it about it’s about satisfaction what satisfaction about alignment between you and you it’s only what it’s about. So you ask your inner being joins that becomes it radiates it you’ve got to bring yourself in vibrational alignment with your inner beings version of your new life. And you know how new your new life is really new just happened again. There went again there went again there went again there went again there went again. So your inner being staying up to speed with all of that you’ve got to to, but it’s not a thought process. It’s an On a heady process, it’s a centered process.

It’s an allowing process. It’s an appreciation process. It’s a satisfaction process. You see people you wonder about this, you talk about a lot people write books about it, you read it, you argue about it on cable news. So what’s the right way of life? There are people living in villages who have nothing, who are happy, you say, it’s a really good book, make a great movie, make a great 1000 movies, and it has them there are people living with, by most standards, incredibly perceived abundance, who aren’t happy, oh, what’s wrong with them. And then you come to the craziest conclusion?

Well, you got to give all your stuff away. You have to give all your stuff away to find out what’s real. And then you discover that poverty is not that much fun. It’s just not that much fun. And once you’re back in poverty, you think they weren’t as happy as they were pretending to be. Because I’m doing all the poverty like things that they’re doing. And I’m really not that happy. And so what we’re saying to you is, it is not about what you’re doing. And it isn’t about what anybody else is doing. It’s only about the relationship between your own evolution, which your inner being is holding, and how much of that evolution or expansion you’re allowing yourself to experience right here.

And now. So satisfaction isn’t about having things are not having things. It’s not about living in the mountains or living on the coast. It’s not about the climate you live in, it’s not even about the people you’re surrounded with. Satisfaction is about how much of who your life has caused you to become your allowing to be let in right now. That’s all. That’s all. And for the most part, other people distract you from that. What are you bringing to the vibrational table when you come with a group of others? Are you ready to be ready so that there you are in your readiness to find the very best of them?

Because if you are only the very best of them will show up with you. But let’s say you thought you were ready, but you weren’t ready in something less than the very best of them showed up. Now you’re looking at it. Don’t you know it? Can’t you feel it? Can’t you feel your discord? And instead of asking them to be different? Why not? Figure out that you must not be ready for something or it’s not a good vibrational match. We don’t have to spend any time say to them figuring out why neither one of us like being here. It just doesn’t feel good to be here. And since it doesn’t feel good to be here, then I think I’ll go where I know is a shore shore surefire thing that I will feel good about Blue Ribbon.

Oh, I’ve quieted my mind. There’s nothing negative in my vibration. I’m back to center. I can feel my source. I’m not thinking about anything. But this is step three. I don’t have to think about it. I did step one, it’s already been thought about sources done step two sources already thought about it. All I have to do is find satisfaction right here in step three. And then and then and then and then you don’t ever have to know anything else. You’ve got it. This is the formula for living happily ever after the formula to anything that you want. And don’t be mad at people don’t know what that are out there banging on your door asking things of you just say hi and pretend like you’re listening and don’t ask Esther was trying to communicate to someone the other day.

And then she thought I wonder if it’s a language barrier. And then she realized it wasn’t that she thought maybe it’s a cultural barrier. She didn’t know so much about what that meant. But it seemed like a good idea. She was trying to explain why she could she said these words over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and they could not hear them. And then Esther thought this is a vibrational variance and the vibration could very well be in me. I’m trying so hard to make this understood. And it’s not being understood. And I’m freaking out because it’s not being understood.

And I’m far from my ability to communicate anything vibrationally happens with your lovers happens with your kids happens with your best friends. Have you ever not wanted anything more in this whole experience than to convey your love to someone. And what you hear coming out of your mouth is doing the opposite of that is you’re nitpicking over something that just doesn’t matter. And then you’re trying to make up for it with more words. To convey love, you got to be a vibrational match to love. Got to start there. Okay, really quick. So with that, thank you as huge contribution.

So even with that, when you say like Esther was doing like a lot of the focus wills, I think we kind of have this habit of knowing that we can move energy. So when something goes wonky, we’re like, Well, let me fix it. Right, because you know, we know how to do that. And now I feel like the messenger is like, just go to the reason we’re talking to you all like this is because we’ve watched your progress. We see that you now accept that you are the creator of your own experience, and you’re sensitive enough to know when you’re not doing it and that doesn’t sit very well with you.

And so then you start being mean to yourself about it, I should be doing better is something that we’re beginning to hear from a number of you. And so what we want to help you to understand is that the requests are going to keep coming. And the stakes are going to get higher and higher and higher, the more you know about alignment, the less you are able to tolerate not being in alignment, you said to the little kids, You’re too sensitive.

And if we were standing there with Esther’s mouth so that we could speak about it, we would say to the little kid, you’re not too sensitive, your sensitivity is really good for you. But someone else says, You’re too sensitive, because something’s bothering you. But if you don’t know it’s bothering you, you can’t do anything about it. And people are frustrated that you haven’t done anything about it. Because you’re displaying your sensitivity in unproductive ways. You got to start back over here, you say, We want you to have everything that you want. And we don’t want to be a bubble burster.

But we also think that it is important for you to know that the things that you really, really want right now are not going to please you for very long. But you don’t know that if you still don’t have them, you have to get them to understand that. So there’s a whole body of people on the outside of what they want, looking at a lot of you who have what they want. And they think that if they just had what they want that you’ve got that then they would be happy.

But happiness isn’t about the accumulation. It’s not even about the moving through, people gather a bunch of possessions, and then they leave a bunch of possessions. And then they gather and leave and gather and leave it isn’t about any of that. It’s about what you’re doing with your vibration. It’s about what life is causing you to ask for now, haven’t you noticed about yourself that you can be overwhelmed because you haven’t tended to your energy.

And that’s all right, that’s how you figured out that you want attend to your energy, right? So you haven’t tended to your energy. And so you’re feeling overwhelmed. And then all you want is just some peace and quiet. You just want to get off by yourself or with someone that sort of kind of like you where you can just sort of chill out and then it’s not very long before you’re bored. So you go from overwhelming to boredom, overwhelming to boredom, overwhelming to boredom.

And did you notice we didn’t do the pendulum like this? Because overwhelming and boredom and overwhelming boredom is still not in vibrational alignment. nowhere close to overwhelming or boredom is satisfaction is just a different version of not letting it in. When you’re overwhelmed, you’re not letting it in. When you’re bored, you’re not letting it in. But when you say, Oh, I’m overwhelmed, I need to do less. And, or, Oh, I’m bored, I need to do more. And those are not the right answers.

The right answers are I need to get into vibrational touch with who I really am to find out what I really want. Do you know that there isn’t one of you here and you’re brilliant and wonderful. But there’s not one of you in this room that we rarely meet, we’ve never met one of you who could articulate with any precision at all what’s really in their vortex? Because you’ve put it there so incrementally, that you can hardly identify it. But when you get back into alignment with who you are, you are a vibrational match to it.

And as it begins to reveal itself to you, and you begin to realize it because of your alignment. Then you say I’m surprised and delighted. And sometimes you’ve wondered, when we’ve talked about how the universe will surprise and delight you, hey, wait a minute, if I’m a deliberate creator, and I’m calling the shots on what I want, why would there ever be a surprise because you can’t hold consciously in your mind, all of the important facets of the things that you’ve been asking for. You just can’t hold it all.

Plus, it’s been molding together, it’s been gestating it’s big been becoming more law of attraction has added to it your inner beings been tending it who you really are is such a magnificent state of being. It’s not a state of possessing, it’s not a state of doing or having it’s a state of being. And when you accomplish vibrational alignment with that state of being, then that being will morph into more being more knowing more understanding, even more asking more awareness more, having more doing more playing more action, more of all of that, if it comes from center, but if you’re out there applying your actions and your words to try to compensate to try to fix things, then it just gets more and more and more and more and more convoluted. It’s kind of like a bill in Congress. I

t’s kind of like your tax codes. They keep trying to fix things. They keep trying to fix things by just piling something else on something that already isn’t working. And then they wonder why it doesn’t work. Yeah.

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