Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #450 – The Nature Of Sight


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I did have a question that had to do with sight with you mentioned at your opening that you wanted to give us a new way to see, why would we come? Maybe it’s for the contrast, but why would I come in not be able to see clearly what’s the nature of true sight? This is gonna sound odd to you.

But in many ways, if you didn’t have such keen ability to see and hear and smell and taste and touch, you wouldn’t be so wrapped up in the part of your manifested world that’s keeping you from your true sensing. This is a vibrational world what you see with your eyes is a translation of vibration. What you hear with your ears is a translation of vibration.

And so have you heard it said we know you have that sometimes when someone has a diminished sense that their other senses become keener? Well, the sense that we wish for all of you to find keener is your sense of emotion, your relationship with your vortex.

That’s why when you meditate, it helps to close your eyes so you do not see and put yourself in a quiet place so that they’re not distractions that you’re hearing and don’t sit near a dead rat. We’re just saying, the fewer physical senses that are aggravating then the more likely you are to tune in to your vibrational Interpreter of Your relationship between you and your inner being. It’s about that enough for the good.

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