Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #449 – He Wasn’t Quite Ready


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Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I did you raise your hand? Partly to give you the appreciation? Yeah. Got that before you came up. Partly to prove to myself I could be without resistance. Yeah. That was the part we were most excited about, which was interesting to a process to let go and not try to see if I was letting go through the process of what we’ve been talking about, you were just there.

And in the absence of any resistance, we thought this would be the very best moment for you to have a demonstration. Give us any idea of even coming up. I should even be here today. Because I was supposed to be in a musical. I was going to play guitar. It was my first big part I’ve been practicing for a long time. And last weekend, they had a first rehearsal with the whole all the children and the director. And she told me that halfway through that hadn’t done my part well enough. So they asked me to leave.

All right, that’s all right. I don’t groan. Actually, I didn’t realize all right, but you see, you want to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready, and you don’t want to be anywhere before you’re ready. And a manifestation like that is just saying you’re not ready. And that doesn’t mean you’ll never be ready. And it doesn’t mean that you can’t get ready, it just means that you’re not ready right now. And does anybody really want to be in the middle of something if they’re not ready?

You don’t want to be somewhere if you’re not ready, you want to be ready, don’t you? I was sad for maybe 10 minutes, took myself to the ocean. And I thought about what I was sad about the most. And I felt that come in me that I really wanted to play with these guys and be a part of the band. And I said, I still want that. And I felt it. Oh, it didn’t go away. I felt that launch Atomy. Like you talk about launching rockets of desire, it actually felt energy come in, here’s the thing, gain momentum, right?

A manifestation that is not pleasing, does cause another rocket of desire. That’s what we’re talking about. You put another engine on the track going that way your desire is stronger. But now the key is, don’t put another engine going in opposition, as you justify that stronger desire. Just go with it. Just say to yourself, I thought I was ready to be ready, but I wasn’t ready to be ready.

But I can get ready to be ready. And it’s fun to get ready to be ready. And when I’m ready to be ready, it will manifest and you see, here’s the thing. Here’s what’s in your vortex, what’s in your vortex is music. What’s in your vortex is success with music. What’s in your vortex is doing a really good job. What’s in your vortex is musical collaboration.

What’s in your vortex is music appreciation and music, respect, all of those things are in your vortex. In other words, in very plain speaking, what’s in your vortex would not allow you to go and not do a really good job. So that director did a better job of channeling your intent than you were because you’re gonna march right in there and not be as good as you want to be. Are you following what we’re getting at? is sort of like, one day, a mother sat in the hot seat and she said to us, Abraham, will you give me the work so that I can help my son find a mate?

And we said, we don’t think that’s a very good idea. And she said, why not? And we said, because if he gets a mate right now, she’ll be just like he is she also will be unemployed. She will also not have a high regard for herself. She also will be dysfunctional in these ways. And they’ll just clash with one another until they will break apart. And she said, that’s amazing.

That’s what’s been happening. In other words, what we were saying we weren’t using the words ready to be ready. But if someone demands a relationship now, before they are ready for the relationship they want, then the relationship is not going to be satisfying. It’s not going to be pleasing. Now we’re talking about very minut adjustments here. It doesn’t take very much to be ready for what you’re wanting to be ready for. In other words, you were not really not ready.

But you were not loose and free flowing and sure of yourself. You hadn’t sat in a room for nearly three hours and got ready to be ready like you did today. Today you got ready to sit in the hot seat and we knew when you were ready. We didn’t call you before you were ready. We waited until you are ready to direct this play that we’re playing together. We waited until you were ready to be ready. And any good director and that one is is waiting for you to be ready to be ready.

So all you got to do is get ready. Not be mad at somebody who knows you’re not ready. I didn’t plan actually more since that that happened. It’s fueled me Yeah, it’s been awesome. Your desire is stronger. And what our wish for you is is that while your desire has gotten greater that your expectation become equally greater to and that’s the whole point of you sitting in this chair today because we thought that would shore up your belief in your ability to rendezvous with something you want really good yes and that’s it.

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