Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #453 – Sources Reminders


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So the whole point that we’re making with you is that we want to make this vibrational reality, real enough that you accept it. But it’s reality, and vivid enough that you reach for the feeling of it vibrationally and tempting enough to you that you’re willing to quiet your mind on a regular basis so that you can be that being who allows what’s in that vortex to begin occurring to you.

And once it starts, once you begin once you get a whiff of it once you feel the satisfaction of alignment, and once you are willing to stay there for another 17 seconds, and another and another and another, without your thoughts wandering off into things of discomfort, allowing yourself to stay in that place of vibrational harmonics with the energy that creates worlds, then, not only does the vibration turn to a thought, and that thought to another, and that thought to another, but you begin to feel the satisfaction of your own powerful, receptive mind.

And you begin to understand the true difference between thinking a thought and receiving a thought, you begin to understand that you are a receptor, that you are an extension of source energy, that source energy is with you at all times. That source energy is with you as you sort and sift. And when you launch those rockets of desire is because the Source within you understands that in your choosing. That is what you’ve been looking for. That is what you’ve been looking for.

And you’ve just found it and you launched it. And we’re standing here with it. Fuck focus upon it, holding it in its power and knowing that by law of attraction, it will become more The only question in all of this is how conscious and deliberate in this process are you going to be? Which means the only question is, how much satisfaction are you choosing from your life experience? Because you’re getting it right, whether you do it deliberately or not, you can’t get it wrong.

You’re sifting and sorting, and you’re launching rockets of desire and that vortex is growing, and new energies are being born, and evolution is happening. And wellbeing is abounding. And you can’t get that wrong. And you’re doing your part in contributing because you’re mixed up in the world. And you’re having your thoughts and you’re launching the rockets.

You can’t get it wrong, you’re done. Your part and source energy is answered. And so all is well. Evolution is underway. But you didn’t say I’ll go forth and contribute. You said I’ll go forth and have the joy as experience of being in physical form. I’ll get to choose and then I’ll know that I’m out of sync and then I’ll focus myself into vibrational alignment with the new. You said, I know it won’t be easy to focus on myself into alignment with the new when only the old exists.

You said I know it won’t be easy to focus upon the new when I don’t even really know what the new is and when the old is so there and so tempting and so easy to quantify, and so easy to debate about and so easy to discuss, and so easy to keep so active in my environment, that I hold myself right there in the old, never allowing myself the satisfaction of moving into the new.

That’s what you said. And we said we’ll remind you once you get there and you said okay so here we are reminding you that you are vibrational beings and that you came with such intention of such power and joy, and that you knew that life would cause you to ask and you knew that the asking would be important and you knew that the expansion of all that is would be dependent upon it and you knew that all that is would always be you knew you understood the eternalness of eternity. You knew that things would always be working out for you. You knew it then we’re just wanting to remind you now.

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