Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #470 – Ready To Be Ready



So we’re eager to talk with you about anything that matters to you. We want to help you get ready to be ready, we want you to leave here, understanding unquestioningly what the receiving mode feels like that it feels like satisfaction, we want you to realize that even though you’re asking for something that is taking a while to manifest, that if you can be satisfied with the idea of it, then you are not keeping it from progressing.

And do you know, anytime you’re letting what you desire evolve, in more literal terms, anytime you’re actually allowing yourself to move toward it and it toward you, because you’re not doing that thing you do that keeps it from it. Anytime you are allowing it to evolve, you are feeling satisfaction. And once you get the hang of this, that means you’re happy all the time. And it’s important to get the hang of this because you know why there’s always something else you’re asking for there is always going to be a new thing in your vortex that hasn’t manifested yet.

So if you need the manifestations in order to be satisfied, you’re going to be eternally as long as you’re in this physical body unsatisfied, because there’s always going to be something that’s in the process of becoming. So we want you to become at one with the process of it becoming, we want you to be like you are mostly with the corn, we want you to be willing to allow the gestation process, you’re willing to allow the fetus in the mother’s womb to become ready to be born.

And it’s the same thing. With this one small variance, your desires are ready to be born is just you that’s not ready. And it wouldn’t take that much for you to get ready. You just have to stop not being ready. We’ve enjoyed this interaction limits. Goodbye. So how do you stop not being ready, stop complaining, stop looking for trouble, stop stirring things up, stop watching things that make you shout back at them. The receptive mode feels good. The receptive mode is tuning in to the best of who you are, the receptive mode is tuning in to who you really are.

So over time, we’ve written a lot of things, you’ve been seeing them, some of you have been around for a while. Lots of books, lots of processes all to help you find the feeling place, it feels a little better to pivot, when you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want to talk about what you do want. But the thing that makes that sort of kind of hard, is that you’ve already got some momentum going. So when you want to think differently, it’s not easy to do. And you sort of defend your current position. Have you ever visited with anyone and you had a disagreement about something?

And you both are certain You’re right. Of course, you know they’re wrong. Of course, they know you’re wrong. And the more you try to explain your point of view, the more they dig in to explain their point of view, and the more neither of you move toward the other one at all. Well, that exact argument is happening just inside you all the time. You fight these battles with yourself where you want things that you don’t believe that’s exactly the same sort of thing. And there’s a part of you.

And it’s because of law of attraction, that when you have held a belief for a while, that your new desire challenges, that belief that you’ve been holding, will dig in just like that friend, and it will try to hold its own because law of attraction is responding to the vibration. So you want to clean up your vibration, you want to stop offering two contradictory vibrations. And how do you do that? The best way we know is to quiet your mind completely because it is easier for you to have no thought than it is to have pure positive thought about something that you’ve been worried about.

So that’s why we’re really encouraging that you find a time every day for 15 or 20 minutes earlier in the day is easier for you. Where you can focus upon something that is very small thought like a sound that you can hear. Esther likes to fixate on the condenser in the air conditioner is usually something that she can hear. Or the trickle of a running water or the flicker of a flame can even count your own breathing. Something that doesn’t require much thought but is something that you will focus upon. Something to focus upon, that doesn’t get your Go on.

In other words, don’t focus on that discrepancy in your checkbook that you can’t figure out. And don’t focus on how to get your kids to understand what you mean or your mate. Don’t focus on anything that’s meaty or interesting. focus upon things that are boring and uninteresting, but interesting enough that you can focus upon them and the first few times you try it, you probably won’t be very good at it because your mind is active. But if you are determined that you’re going to quiet your mind and you sit every day for 15 or 20 minutes for a while, a week or two or three, you’ll reach the place where your mind will actually quiet it real stop emitting a signal that is causing law of attraction to respond to it.

And when that happens, you’ll have an open valve, to the wholeness of who you really are, to everything that’s in your vortex to your inner being who is in your vortex to everything that you want, you’ll feel a satisfaction for no good reason, you won’t be feeling satisfied, because something has manifested, you’ll be feeling satisfied, because in this moment of a quieted mind, you are offering no opposition to who you really are, and to all that you have become.

Oh, so if you can manage to stay there for a little while, it’s a progressive thing, do it every day, don’t miss a day, if you can help it, do it every day. And every day, as you find that place, you’ll hold it in a little more significant manner, until you will not only be in the receptive mode, but you will begin to receive. That’s why Esther came out of meditation with an overwhelming urge to move furniture around. And it wasn’t because furniture needed to be moved around.

And it wasn’t because she was unhappy with furniture. Where it was it was because her desire to teach and someone else’s Desire to Learn was active in the vibrational vicinity. And she was the path of least resistance. And in her quieted mind, guess what she was picked to play. And you all are wanting to be picked to play, pick to play pick to be the cooperative component in your own unfolding of your own magnificent life experiences. And oh, so now, you’ve quieted your mind, you’re in meditation. And then next day, you’re there again, and the next day, you’re there, again, 15 or 20 minutes, don’t go crazy with this 15 or 20 minutes.

And then that receptive mode is something that’s so easy for you to find. And what you will begin to notice is, the things that you’ve been asking for, for a while will begin to flow into your experience, you’ll begin to be in the right place at the right time, your timing will be better, you’ll start Rendezvous in with more of the things that you want. And here’s the thing that we really want you to begin to pay attention to, your satisfaction factor is going to become more and more and more and more and more, at first is just satisfying, not to be in turmoil.

But then, when a thought comes and it feels like a great idea, and you get the idea, you would think that Esther had been given the greatest assignment and had already accomplished it had ever been given when she got the idea to move furniture around. And if she had gotten really serious about thinking she might have thought, shouldn’t I be working on world peace or something more important. And we say, there’s nothing more important than to be in the receptive mode, because the beginning of a thought is the beginning of a thought. And as you allow that thought, to gather momentum, that’s where the satisfaction comes. So we’re gonna give you one more piece of business here because you’re ready for it.

And then we want to talk to you about whatever it is you want to talk about. When you are have been meditating, you have quieted your mind. And you are in that sort of mindless state that you might call ease, is quiet, let’s even call it contentment, perfect reception. Now, let’s talk about being in a state of such enthusiasm, that you’re almost breathless. Esther felt that way with these boys as they were moving to the music, and she was too.

And she was thrilled with her discovery of that, just so that she could have that experience, her full realization of everything that had been going on, was coming into her consciousness and she was over the top in happiness. So whether you are in contentment and ease, or whether you are in or not off the wall enthusiasm is still the receptive mode. What’s the difference in those emotions momentum. And here’s the thing we want you to hear. If you don’t do that thing you do that stops the momentum, momentum will increase. So if you’ve got a desire, and you’re not killing it by looking for evidence of it every minute, if you’re satisfied with it where it is, if you’re satisfied with it, because it just feels good. Law of Attraction will cause that momentum to increase.

And before you know it, you’ll be making phone calls, you’ll be in the right place at the right time. You’ll be Rendezvous in with other people, but you’ve got to allow it to evolve naturally, because if you try to artificially fake it till you make it if you try to artificially make the jump into the manifestation and start doing the action things, then you contradict your own energy and you don’t allow it to come about and those of you who have been in what you call the creative arts, whether it’s music or art or so many things are, you know what we mean, you know, athlete, you know what it’s like to be in the zone.

And you know what it’s like when you run when you’re not in the zone, you know what it’s like, if you’re a professional basketball player to show up on the court and not be tuned in tapped in turned on, you know what your timing is, you know what your depth perception is, you know what your eye and hand coordination is, you know, the difference between being tuned in and not being tuned in, you know it because you’ve seen it over and over again, we’re just doing the best sales job that we’ve ever given, of asking you to be willing to try quieting your mind meditation is the best way we know of tuning yourself in, and then let Law of Attraction help it to grow.

So that you can live happily ever after as it is unfolding. And so then your friends will see you and they’ll say, Hey, how’s it going? You’ll say, great. Really, really good. Best Ever, you’ll say, and they say, Oh, really, to get that condom? No. No car, you were talking about No, meet your girlfriend. No. Then what’s so great, I just feel real good. You’re smoking aren’t you. Because it’s hard for others to understand satisfaction that they can’t translate through physical senses. And it’s going to be impossible for you to explain the satisfaction that you can’t demonstrate through physical senses.

So don’t try. This sales job is about asking you to be willing to let the satisfaction be the emotion that you feel for a while. If you’re willing to be content, if you’re willing to be peaceful. If you’re willing to be tuned in if you’re willing to accept the new idea. If you’re willing to feel the enthusiasm that comes if you’re willing to feel the enthusiasm and until it builds until you can’t hold yourself back from acting on it. If you’ll be willing to follow your impulse, if you’ll be willing to go if you’ll be willing to take that exit and go in that place and have that conversation if you’ll be willing to follow these impulses that feels so good seemed like a good idea, you say seemed like a good idea.

But then you say, but it didn’t turn out that well. That’s because you went too far too fast. Just follow the impulse as far as it feels good. And watch what happens. path of least resistance path of least resistance path of least resistance. And it is our promise to you that that path will lead you and swiftly to anything and everything that you want. This is the way creation works. This is the way creation works. And if you are to be a deliberate creator, and we know you want it, you know you want it. You want to be a deliberate creator, nothing else is satisfying.

You get all tuned in wonderful things flow to you. You see someone who’s lacking it. So you say Oh, I see that you cannot do this for yourself. So here, a big pile of something, a big pile of money. Here, take my car, I don’t need it. And at first, they look happy. But they don’t stay there very long. Because satisfaction only happens when you blend together, your desires and your beliefs is a coming together of you and you is the only thing that will ever make you happy.

And you gotta leave everyone else out of the equation, especially for a little while. So if you never hear anything from anyone ever again, that ought to do it but of course, we will blab on and on and on because we like it. So what do you want to talk about? Wonderful things. Or we’re gonna have a really good day here today. Be easy and relax and trust that what’s on your mind. You’ll hear about the star right here. Yeah.

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