Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #471 – Post-Election Family Discord

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Thank you so much for this opportunity. I wanted to talk about allowing diversity you were talking before about, you have a friend who thinks one way and you think a different way, we’re going to interrupt for 30 seconds. We not only want you to allow diversity, we want you to embrace it, and cherish it, and adore it and love it and understand its value. Because without it couldn’t ask for anything.

Without it, your vortex couldn’t exist. Without it, expansion and evolution could not be without diversity, you could not make your personal choices. And without that you could not be a deliberate creator, and there could be no satisfaction for you. So you’re sort of in the place that we were talking about, you know, you want it just how do I accomplish it? Yet for many years, I had a very close relationship with my siblings. And this election changed that a lot. Well, let us say the election didn’t change that it amplified it, because the diversity was already there within you. It just shined a spotlight on it. Yes.

And whenever a spotlight is shined on anything, it gives you an opportunity to decide what harmony Are you really seeking? Are you seeking the harmony between you and your siblings? Or are you seeking the harmony between you and your source. And if you’re seeking the harmony between you and your source, and you’re able to maintain that your source will guide you through the path of least resistance to harmony with your siblings at the basis of what everyone wants, whether it’s on the other side of this conversation, or any subject at the basis of it are the same things, living happily ever after being in in wellbeing and abundance, we don’t think that you’re at odds with your siblings at all, on what you want, maybe on the way to go about it.

Let’s face some facts here. You all are weird even being in this room. And hearing that your path to happiness is by meditation and quieting your mind and letting your inner being inspire you. In other words, and this conversation brings us to exactly what we’re talking about, about getting into vibrational harmony with who you really are. Because if you skip all of that, and just jump in to all of the debate about the way we should go about things, there’s no satisfaction happening anywhere. And everybody’s blaming each other about why they’re not satisfied.

And in a very flawed way, believing that if you would just agree with us and do what we want, then everything would go well and we’d all live happily ever after. And that’s not the way it’s ever going to be. That’s not the way it is meant to be getting rid of diversity, getting everybody to agree with you. And the quagmire that so much of the world is in because people would rather be right than feel good is a wonderful thing for a spotlight to be shined on. I guess there’s part of me that feels like, I would be happy to just not have that conversation and enjoy our company. Well, of course in another way.

And when you walk in a room and somebody wants to blast the specific media that’s going to write so you know, how we were describing. So Esther meditated, and it’s easy, she’s by herself. So she was able to quiet her mind, it was lovely. And then she received an impulse. And then you know the rest of the story or you know, the rest of the story as far as it has evolved so far.

So as those thoughts were turning to things, it was easier for Esther than if she had been in the middle of a conversation that has got her all contradicted. But the point of that story is that through the meditation process, Esther was ready to be ready, she was so ready to be ready, that she rendezvous with an idea that would lead to an internet search, that would lead to a phone call, that would lead to the selection of some people that would lead to her playing around with her music system that would lead to her discovery of the music system that would lead her to rap of all things that would lead her to meeting these boys that would lead her to the conversation that would lead to that in other words, and so much more that we haven’t even talked about what you talk about the intricacies.

So don’t you think that if the process could lead Esther, in completely unknown territory, to something that she really wants, that it could lead her in unknown territory to something that she really wants to? If she didn’t have her own personal prejudices about something that would keep her out of the receptive Come out, everyone can blame what they’re saying to you all you want for the way you feel. But nobody’s saying anything to you that is not active in your vibration in some way, you just got to own up that when you have a rendezvous in moment, you’re having a rendezvous in moment.

And so you got to be ready, you got to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. And if you are, you don’t walk into a room when that’s a foot, but to say, I’m never going to walk into a room where those people are again, that’s not the answer either, because there’s so much about them, that is in your vortex you see, this is the opportunity, just for a little while to discover what your point of attraction really is to own your own point of attraction and stop giving the blame or the credit to what somebody else is saying to you.

You just got to say, you said that to me, because I attracted that from you. Because I’m wrong ragged about this. You said that to me. And now I’m gonna say this to you. And then you’re gonna say that to me, and then I’m gonna say this to you. And we’re gonna pretend like we don’t like each other. And we’re gonna rip our guts out. Because in our vortex, we love each other. So we’ve managed over something that doesn’t matter at all, to tear ourselves, not only apart from each other, but apart from who we really, really are, apart from who we are.

Now, you’ve sat in this chair before, and we know that you had issues with those people long before this election. Everybody does, because you’ve been trying to get people to behave. Why is that? Why is that? Why is that because it’s easier to use your eyes and ears and all your physical senses and to look at lovely things and feel lovely. So you say I feel lovely when I see this. And I don’t feel so lovely when I see that. So that unlovely thing needs to change to this lovely thing.

Except that thing that you are deeming, and lovely likes itself the way it is. And it doesn’t want to be the way you need it to be just so that you can feel good. And you don’t have the right to ask anyone to change so that you can feel good because their job is not to change for you. It’s your job finding harmony with who you are and what you really want.

And if you’re not feeling satisfaction in this conversation, and we understand why you would not be if you’re not finding satisfaction in that conversation, it’s because you weren’t ready for it. And you know why you weren’t ready for it. Because you weren’t ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. You weren’t finding satisfaction along the way. You weren’t feeling your way into readiness. Don’t you know from your own experience, that when you’re tuned in, tapped in turned on, when you are in that place of knowing well being and feeling your own blessedness and feeling your own empowerment and your own invincibility?

Don’t you stand there, no matter what’s going on around you and not worry about it. One day, Esther and Jerry got in the big bus and they were leaving San Antonio. And while that bus was never in snow, and rarely even in rain, on that day, there was an incredible rainstorm. With the buses, like the big trucks, it’s up high enough that the windshield is up out of most of the mist has been blown up from the tires of the vehicles. And so it’s pretty easy to see when you’re up there. That’s part of the reason that those truckers seem to have better visibility than you do. They have better visibility than you do.

So Esther is getting onto Interstate 35. She’s on her way from San Antonio to Austin and it is a downpour. And she said to Jerry out loud, I feel invincible. She could see clearly she just felt invincible. And we said to her you are but others aren’t slow down. She was tuned in tapped in turned on. She slowed and at that moment, cars in front of her started banging into each other and into the guardrails and banging into each other and into the guardrails and begging at each other and into the guardrail. Cars spinning, and they just drove right through them. Now, what we’re getting at is, this story has many levels within it. But what we’re getting at is that when you are tuned in, you’re able to hold your place in the midst of chaos.

And for Esther, that didn’t mean teaching them all how to drive in the rain. It didn’t mean explaining to all of them that the roads were really slick and that there was oil and that they were going to start spinning around, there would have been no way for her to have explained anything to them. If her wellbeing was dependent upon what any of them were doing, there would not have been any well being. And we want you to hold that image in your mind that if you take the time to get tuned in.

You can sail through life experience, you can sail through your economics, don’t get all wadded up in the temporary contrast that is necessary for the outcome that you really are looking for. Often there is upheaval before there is enough clarity we’ve been saying for a number of years. From the moment that Esther allowed us to speak through her teeth one who’s connected is more powerful than millions who aren’t that’s Part of it. And you’ll come to know that as you play with this a little bit, but the other is that if you need someone else to do something different, you’ve given all of your power away.

And the power that you have started, say the only power you have, but oh, let’s not underestimate it, it’s not insignificant. The only power you have is the power to align with your own desires. And we get it that when something distracts you and keeps you from being able to align with your own desires, because you’ve lived life, you know how you want to be in the world, you know how you want your nation to be in the world, you know how you want to interact with others in the world, but you don’t get to choose for everybody else.

And that’s why the world is in the considerable upheaval that it is always in. But when you discover your own resources of alignment, and then you let your observation and your participation in the world, inspire within you, your ideas of what would be better, and you hold steady to those ideas. And you realize that the root of those ideas, it is a love of self and others and a respect of self of others, and a desire for wellbeing for self and others. As you get right to the root of who you are, and you hold that vibration steady, then all around you. That’s what you bring to any table that you participate in.

And when you’ve gotten so good at that, and by that we mean so steady at that, by that we mean so consistent that that no matter what, when you find your source on a regular basis, so that you are continually allowing that resource of that to flow to you, then you will find yourself able to be in any situation, we’re not kidding. And you’ll be able to hold your own. Even with things going crazy all around you, you’ll be able to hold your own.

And for many of you who are teachers to the very core of your being uplifters, to the very core of your being, you might be thinking, well, that is not quite enough, because me getting what I want, isn’t helping those who I think are being taken advantage over who are being disenfranchised. And we want you to know that anything you care about, when you are selfish enough to hold your own, then that is the evolution and the expansion that you are assisting with.

Stand out there tomorrow morning and look at the view out your front door or out your window and revel in the fact that the sun is coming up. And when it doesn’t come back, and we’ll complain with you a little bit. But there really isn’t anything, no matter how it looks to you worth giving up your connection to Source energy. And we want to convince you that if you don’t give up your connection to Source energy, not only will you feel better, but it will be better. It will be better for you and for others as well. But what hangs you up as you think, well, I could do that. And I would feel better.

And I would feel satisfied. And I could be like Esther and I could just be moving furniture around and pretending like everything’s alright, when things don’t feel like they’re all right. This is not our message to you. Our message to you is that when you take the time to find alignment with who you really are. That’s all you came to do. But it’s not all that will happen. So much more will happen. As a result of that. You see, it doesn’t take that many of you to understand your well being in order to tip the scale doesn’t take that many of you.

But do you know there are people, especially right now in politics, who don’t want it to go? Well, because that would make them wrong? They don’t want it to go well, because they would rather be right than have it go well. And that’s really what we’re talking about here. Got to find alignment with who you are. So it’s okay to withdraw from the relationships that are causing grief for now. But what you’re doing with that question is now you’ve left this more textual atmosphere that we’re talking from, and you’ve jumped right back over into the middle of the mess.

And you’re saying so I should leave this until I’m inspired. So I guess what I’m saying is, be ready, be ready before you go. Be ready before you go. And you’re going to show up not ready and you’ll say oops, not ready by then. And then you’ll get ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. And then you’ll be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. And do you know that a voice of reason will come from you when you’re ready to be ready to be ready. But there has never been an opportunity to understand more fully that you can’t get there from there. You’re not going to fight this out.

You’re not going to fight this out into resolution. It’s been going on for so long and it’s just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. You are not going to fight this out. You’re going to find your own love of connection and live happily for a little while and you’re going to find your own love of connection and let’s happy for little while. And if you can continue to do that, you will eventually be at the right place at the right time where something that you will be about will make a bigger impact, but you cannot skip over getting ready to be ready and be ready, you just can’t do that.

And that’s what almost everybody is trying to do. They’re skipping over their readiness to be ready. Nobody’s taking their inner being with them, when they go to have those conversations. Everybody’s going without their alignment. They’ve got gut wrenching contradiction going on inside of them. And then they’re just fighting it out from their positions of polarization, you see, no good is going to come from that, except the good of contrast that is putting more in the vortex.

Do you know how much this vortex has expanded? Recently? Recently, so many people asking for so many things recently, and we know our voice of personal alignment. And peacefulness is not satisfying, when you feel that you are in a place where you have the right to fight, we know that we know that we know doesn’t feel satisfying. We’re just saying you can’t get there from there. If you join any fight, without the power of your alignment, it’ll just be this battle of insecure people with minuscule power.

Sort of fighting for survival. You see what we’re getting at. And the battle that they’re really fighting. And this is the thing that you’re ready to hear. The battle that they’re fighting is not even with the opponent that they think they’re fighting, they’re fighting for their survival of alignment. That’s why it feels so big. That’s why you feel like you’ve been pulled from your very state of well being. And then we say and it annoys you, when we say it, we’ve never wanted you to live conditional love.

If everybody would just line up like you think you’re gonna get your kids to do you’re not have you noticed, and just do exactly what you need them to do. So that you could just be an observer of the way you think you want things to be. And then you feel good, because things are the way you think you want them to be. So you feel better just observing it. There’s no empowerment in that. So let’s recap, when you are watching what’s going on. And doesn’t matter which side of that conversation you’re on.

You’re launching rockets of desire, you are launching similar rockets of wanting wellbeing and prosperity. So your vortex is in a more robust place than it has ever been before. And then more and more are finding ways to come into alignment, and they’re receiving the inspiration that will lead to will lead to will lead to will lead to will lead to will lead to will lead to will lead to the wrapper. It’s just how it works. You say you can’t get there in any other way. So aren’t you almost there aren’t you’re almost at the point where you’re saying I give up. I can’t fight this battle.

And we would really enjoy it when you reach the place where you realize that the battle isn’t where you think it is, it’s between you and you. And that when you give up a battle that you do have some control over and you discover your impairment, now you’re gonna feel better. And now you can walk into a room and not get mad, you can be reasonable. You can walk into a room and you can listen to a discussion and you won’t be defensive. Because you’ll have broader perspective.

And the analogies that you offer will make more sense. And it won’t just be a polarization for the sake of polarization. It will be rational discussion between intelligent people making the best situation and using the resources that are available for the value of the whole shortage consciousness will diminish shortage consciousness if there’s not enough to go around. And so we’re squabbling over the spoils. Meanwhile, you could be in connection with Source energy that would be raining the abundance down upon you where’s this abundance coming from anyway? Where is it coming from?

Are there truck lines? Are there pipelines? Or is it being piped in from other places? Or are these thoughts turning to things you say? So a whole lot of people pinching themselves off from the receptive mode where thoughts are turning to things so they’re not in the active creative now moment. They’re over there picking over what’s already been created and fight about how much there is of it and mad at somebody else that they’re getting more of it. They’re not mad about that.

They’re not mad about not getting their fair share. They’re mad about disconnecting themselves from the whole process of replenishment. You see? No, these are big thoughts. And don’t try to explain it to anybody because nobody will get it. You have to be here at the first of this conversation, to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. But don’t you feel like you’re ready? Didn’t you understand that? Don’t you get that you say? And if you can understand that the success that you’re looking for is the success of joy and that this Excessive joy is that success of satisfaction and that comes from you coming into alignment with what you’ve asked for.

Then you bless this diversity you bless every argument that they’re having you bless every rocket of desire that’s going into the vortex you bless the expanding vortex because it is the now reality. And if you could focus upon the now reality instead of the old news reality, even if it just came across the airwaves, it’s still old news. It’s still old news. This is where it’s at. We think it’s a really good time for segment of refreshment.

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