Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #474 – She Wants Custody Of Grand Kids



Thank you. I do have contrast that I would like to work through that I don’t understand. Alright. So by working through, we’re going to just use different words. I have contrasts that I want to understand. And what I want to know is, what parts of what I’m looking for. I already have that’s the whole purpose of this, what parts of what I’m looking for, I already have, and there was what’s already present tense, it hasn’t unfolded completely the way I want it to. But what parts of it do I already have?

So what’s the situation? Briefly? Legal issues, custody of grandchildren? All right now, that’s a big one, isn’t it? It’s easy to want something so much that you don’t have that you’re just devastated in the not having of it. And you can not only relate to how that would feel, you can hear it and feel it in her vibration, can’t you? There’s tremendous discord, because what you want you don’t have, and you can’t figure out how you’re ever gonna get it either, because it doesn’t look like an easy path to that.

So who is this battle with? Who’s fighting you on this? The father? So the father of these children? Yes. Is this someone that your daughter married? Or is this your son, someone that my daughter marry someone that your daughter married? has custody of the children? Yes. And is not sharing any days with you at all? Are you prevented from seeing the children, we are restricted? There is a court order, the court order was achieved through the matter. So the court order says, well, the court order says you can see the children under these circumstances within this timeframe. And what are the circumstances?

And what is the timeframe? The circumstances are during this timeframe? They can come to California, but the remainder of majority of the timeframe, they must stay in Minnesota? And could you go there to see them? Yes. So the restrictions are not so much different than sort of natural restrictions where you don’t live where your grandkids are, and somebody’s got to traveled feet. In other words, just play with us. Pretend like you’re looking for positive aspects for a minute. If I may clarify that the Father has primary custody, yes, my daughter does not. And she lives with us in California.

She escaped the violent environment. All right. And we are waiting in order we did go to court. Again, the purpose of this conversation is to look for harmony not to fanned the flames of the disharmony. And that’s a hard thing to do. When you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly. Yes, it feels like you need to just say all the things that have gone wrong. But the problem with saying all the things that have gone wrong is that it locks you in to that vibration.

And even though the universe is yielding, and inspiring paths, of least resistance, you can’t find them because you’re locked in, you’re locked in to what is under the injustice of what is, and y’all talk about it quite a bit to make sure that you keep that vibration, active 24/7. And everybody would understand why you do that. But now we can offer that favorite. And let’s make it famous statement altogether. Now, you can’t get there from here. You can’t get there from here.

So what you’re looking for is something where there is harmony, you’re looking for harmony with your own inner being. And now let us be very clear, we want to state this in a way that you will always remember it. If you would meditate on a regular basis, you’d get ready to be ready to be ready to be ready and it would work out. We just want to say that. But most people aren’t going to do that. Because it doesn’t feel like enough momentum. It doesn’t feel like enough action.

And you’d rather have negative thought than no thought. So most people will not think that our best idea ever, ever, ever is something that you’re going to want to do. And so most people won’t approach it in that way. So we’re going to approach it in another way that might work. It might not but it might work. We think it could work. So that is why do you nevermind your daughter. Why do you want to be with? How many kids are there? Three? What are their ages? Seven, five and two?

Why do you want to be with them? I love them. They make me feel wonderful. All right. So let’s just love that down. I want to be with them because it feels good to be with them. I want to be with them because I want to be with them because I love the closeness. I love smelling them. I love hearing them laugh and you get to do that sometimes. Correct now, why do you like hearing them laugh and why do you like smelling them? There is a sense of vibration inside that brings a feeling literally of expansion that my chest is growing, of feeling of happiness and joy and why do you like that feeling of how happiness and joy, I’m unable to articulate that, because it’s so natural to me, it’s the way I’m supposed to feel.

Nothing else will do. Right? You could meditate and get there. Yeah. But you want that feeling to come through this way rather than that way. But you could meditate. And you could get what you want, what you want, what you want, what you want, what you want, yes, gonna shake, let’s play just a little bit. There’s some other things that are sort of stuck in your vibrational craw here that you don’t want them to forget you. And you don’t want them to be led astray. And you don’t want them to be taken advantage of, and you don’t want them to be in a not good environment. In other words, there’s some of that mixed in there, too.

They want to come home, they begged to come home, while you’re begging to come home to and home is in that place of alignment. In other words, you see how even though and it’s natural, our conversation with you was to bring you to your place of alignment. And for a minute she got there, didn’t she? And then we turned it the other way we did by talking about the things that were bothering you. And then you lost your place. You went to a place of no power. You had no power. We talked you enter power and alignment, and then you went back to no power.

Because that the way you used to fight in your battle. Okay. But you fought the battle out there, and you didn’t win it. Okay. And why didn’t you win that battle to begin with? Why was the Father which is unusual? Why was he awarded custody spiritually or illegally, legally? Why did he get custody instead of the mother of the children? We had a horrible attorney? Well, that’s one way of putting it he made claims that she was abusive, which were untrue. But just see what happens when you’re fighting it out like that, when anybody can say anything, whether it’s true or not.

And then you don’t know what’s true. And you don’t know what’s true. And people have limited amount of attention span to give to it. And so whoever’s the loudest in an arena, like that gets the most airtime. And that doesn’t work out very well does it? So you didn’t win in that arena. But you could win in another arena? Yes. But it takes some understanding of what the arena is, and a willingness to go there. So okay, tell us again, you can jump in at another place. But why are you looking forward to having more time with these children? I want to experience their life with them.

I want to be a part of it. I want to hear it. I want to grow with them. And why is that? There’s a sense of familiarity, a sense of community? Within my own family? Yes, yes, yes. But you know, grandparents just don’t live with their grandkids, like they live with their kids. Are there any grandparents in the room? Just spend as much time with your grandchildren as you did with your children? Or is it different? So do you have to find a way of finding satisfaction in it? The things that you want are natural to want.

But so far, there isn’t anything that you want, but the court hasn’t already allowed you to have? How much time? Are the children coming to see you? How much time do they get out of the year to actually come to where you and your daughter are? Six weeks, six weeks, that you could have undivided attention with them? And why do you like that? Honestly, when I lay my head down on the pillow, I feel peace, that they are safe, and they are happy. So you’re stuck in this place where you believe that they’re not safe. Stay with us, we know that this is taking some time, but you could apply this to anything. You keep coming back to this feeling that they’re not safe. Correct.

And even though there’s no real evidence of it, it’s just a feeling that you have it there is evidence of it. So evidence of knowing that they’re not safe causes you to launch a rocket of desire that makes you ask for what to protect them. Well, it seems like that but that’s what’s got you all out of whack here because you can’t vibrate for them. You can’t be their point of attraction, right? So if them being unsafe, feels awful to you. What is it that you’re asking for? Literally in order for the judge to give?

You’re getting the hang of it? It’s alright, we’re asking you to stop looking at things the way you have been and start looking at them in a way that centers you and gives you your power if them being unsafe is definitely what you do not want. What is it that you do want for them happiness joy, great to see if it’s unsafe on one end what’s on the other end safety, safety?

Yes. So you don’t want them to be unsafe. You want them to be safe. Yes. If you don’t want them to be unhappy, you want them to be happy. In other words, you don’t want an absence of well being you want well being you want them to live well being Okay, so now we’re going to ask you something that’s might be a little treacherous for you to answer right now because we haven’t really gone deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, long, long, long long enough. Enough. Enough. Enough enough, but do you think that their father wants something out? There are them their well being. Yes.

So you’ve polarized yourself enough. So now let us ask you another question, because your beliefs are your beliefs and you get to have them and there’s not wrong and right in that you get to have them. Do you believe that the father of these children has an inner being? Yes. And he believed that he’s lived life and that he’s put things in his vortex? Yes. And do you believe that his inner being is wanting the well being of these children? He is yes. Do you believe that he is not in vibrational alignment with his inner being?

Yes. Do you believe that you are in alignment with your inner beam, I try it you’re not you’re not anywhere near it. Okay, it’s natural that you wouldn’t be. So here you are. At the inner beam stage, all of you, the children, both of their parents, their grandparents, all want wellbeing for these children. But so far, nobody’s taking the time to get there. Everybody’s over there, blaming everybody else, and even making stuff up about each other not to keep the well being the happen.

But for other reasons that don’t have anything to do with what you all really, really, really, really, really, really want. Yes, you’ve got to start believing that the well being is what everyone wants, because that’s the starting place that you’re going to be satisfied and move forward from, you cannot state that their father does not want their well being which is not even close to true. And be in vibrational alignment with your True Power, you’ll lose the battle every single time you mentioned, does his inner being want their well being? And yes, I agree with that.

So if I can focus on what his inner being wants, that will help you heal, then you have power of influence, then you will rendezvous with him at a timing that you’ve so far, not ever been able to, because your attitude about him. And we’re not saying that you’re not justified in it from past experience that you’ve had. But we’re talking about what’s coming next, what’s new, yes, we’re talking about what the power of the universe is providing for you, and what can be for these children and for all of you.

So as you keep letting what you have believed in what you do believe in terms of what you’re observing, be the basis on which you harmonize with him, of course, he’s going to be resistant. If somebody’s coming after you, you’re going back at them. Yeah. And we’re not encouraging you to have conversations with a lot of people about it, don’t try to bring your daughter into this. Just view all by yourself, find harmony with your inner being and allow therefore, your inner being to find harmony with his inner being, and then you’ll feel satisfied. In fact, can you feel her feelings and satisfaction even in finding that, because your hatred, even though it’s justified of this person is ripping you apart from who you really are, and rendering you powerless, and disconnected people who are really, really mean always win over disconnected people who are really, really nice.

That’s such an important thing to understand a disconnected person who has been disconnected for a long time, who knows how to play the disconnected game, who knows how to wield power, who knows how to say the right thing in the right places who’s willing to tell lies, a disconnected person who’s really really mean, who has that kind of momentum going, we’ll always ride right over the top of the nice ones, okay.

But that’s not the game you’re playing in, you’re pulling in the big guns, you, you’re gonna bring inner beans to the party, you’re gonna bring your alignment, you’re gonna bring your true power, you’re gonna bring the nature of these children, you’re gonna bring the resources that they were born with, you’re gonna bring the power of their inner beings, the power of their resiliency, and their resourcefulness, even your assumption that they’re not happy, they might be not happy every now and again.

Sometimes children often play that split family thing to their advantage, I’m not happy, you need to help me, they’ll play it with both of you. She’s mean to me, give me something to make me feel better. He’s mean to me, give me something to make me feel better. Children are very sneaky and smart. But when you get into vibrational alignment with who you really are, and you feel the satisfaction of that, as you just did, and you practice it, in other words, you’ll deviate from it because the habit is stronger the other way at first. But as you bring yourself back there, and you bring yourself back there and you bring yourself back there, then what happens, you’re ready to be ready.

And then an idea will flow. Because there are times when this father would really prefer not to be responsible for these children. There are times when this father would gladly give them more time or more times during the holiday. But he doesn’t want to do that when he’s standing in defensiveness of himself. But when you stop the offense, he’ll stop some of the defense now we’re not giving you responsibility for everything he’s doing not for a moment. We are not saying that you are not seeing some of what you’re seeing and that what you’re seeing isn’t valid.

But we’re just saying, Let’s all say it together. You can’t get there from there. Doesn’t that feel good to know that? And so you want their well being? You want them to understand about law of attraction. You want them to be exposed to contract is early in life is really a wonderful thing to see how these people live, and see how these people live, for them to get to feel the love and harmony of your heart and your home. But here’s the thing, if once they come with you, and you’re all polarized and pushing against them, then the children don’t see any difference. They just see, he’s mad at all of them.

And all of them are mad at him. And all that does is teach children that everybody’s mad at everybody, which does not foster the very thing that you said that you wanted them to experience, which is well being. But when you’re loving, and when you never ever say anything negative about their father, because that does not come into vibrational alignment with who you really are when you’re not trying to defend your position by making someone else wrong.

But you’re discovering the rightness of your position by coming into alignment. Oh, the leverage is huge. And what can happen with just a handful of people who are willing to do that is awesome. Good enough. Good enough, really good. So what about that you are following that? Yeah. Let’s take another what else is on your mind. With a little bit of practice. It won’t be long until you come to believe in the power of your alignment. And that’s a big price. You have to pay you have to feel good. You have to feel satisfaction, satisfaction

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