Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #478 – The Answer Is Simple



I ordered the CD because I’m going to have to re evaluate all the things you say. And I feel now that based on this last conversation we had, my question may be futile or something because it’s going to bring back to get happy. And yeah, avoid resisting. Ask for your money back. Because you can’t get there in any other way. It was far too simple. It should have been harder. The other day, we asked someone to give us a list of negative emotions that he was coming across. And so he said, anger and we said disconnected.

We said, We’ll give you our word for it. And he said, frustration, and we said disconnected. And he says, unhappy, we said, disconnected. And he said, overwhelmed. And we said disconnected. In other words, you can call it all those different things. And then we said, Now ask us one by one, what we recommend. And so he said, How do I get rid of anger? And we said, meditate? And he said, How do I stop being overwhelmed? And we said, meditate? So the answers really are simple.

And you got to accept that what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working that well. Yeah, if you are as frustrated, as many of you seem to be, maybe another approach is in order for a little while. And you don’t need to worry, you won’t lose any ground. Everything that you’ve already asked for is already queued up for you. It’s just like, you’ll step on the gas. Finally, instead of having your foot on the gas and the brake at the same time, you say, here I go or so just got to spin your wheels and burn a lot of fuel and don’t go anywhere. Rebooting will help you.

Yeah, I feel like in the last couple of days, things happen that remind me again, that as soon as I let go within an hour, two things that I was bad about manifest at the top level, like, Can you feel the difference between letting go of what’s bothering you? Because if you let go of what’s bothering you, something else that’s in the vibrational vicinity will say, what about me?

So you let go of that. And something else is in the vibrational vicinity, they will say, Don’t forget about me. They say, Well, wait a minute, how many of you are there? Quite a few. Where when you quiet your mind, they all become inactive. That’s the difference.

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