Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #479 – Start With Meditation



So what’s the subject? Let’s talk it into an aligned state. Let’s talk about what it is and find out what desire is beneath that and what desire is beneath that. So what’s the subject and what’s out of whack? Well, what I wanted to talk about is about if it’s possible, my career that I’ve been struggling with for a while. So I work as an executive assistant for many years, then I decided to drop that job and become a pet sitter and dog walker, is the job I had, for the longest time in my life.

I’ve been doing it for seven years, loving it so much in so many ways. As soon as I get in a client’s home, I see this Wheaties, Joe 13, you know, I’m so happy to be around them and stuff. At the same time, is also a job that somehow wears me down physically, because you know, you work a lot early in the morning, late in the evening weekend’s holidays.

So I feel I have this disconnection between something that how it’s possible, something that you love so much, if you were asked to give a word and emotional word that best describes what’s bothering you about that? What’s the word depleted, and maybe a bit of welven overwhelmed. So it’s a sort of shortage consciousness, and it’s understandable, too much to do, and not enough time to do it in sort of thing, so overwhelmed. So overwhelmed is the active vibration, the powerful, wonderful contrast serving you and making you realize that you don’t want to be overwhelmed.

So what is the asking on the other end of that stick? If you don’t want the time shortage, consciousness of having too much to do in a short period of time? And is it that or is it, I don’t have the energy to sustain it, it’s a bit overwhelming comes from being not having energy. Because if it’s something that you really love to do, then it’s not so much overwhelmed as it is just not having the energy to sustain your desires.

That’s very true. So that’s more what it is, isn’t it? Yes. So if you don’t have the energy to sustain your desire, then what is it that you’re asking for? If not having enough energy? Is what you’re noticing? Then what is it that you’re now asking for in a stronger way? enough energy to do everything that I want to do? Or easiness? Yes, but wait, are you asking for more ease? Which means less to do? Or are you asking for more energy, which means being able to do what you want to do? It might be a little of both, but let’s just for fun, pretend, then what it is? Is it you’re wanting more clarity, and more ease?

More good timing, more connection, more flow, more inspiration? Isn’t that what you’re wanting? Yes. What’s underlying? What’s the desire? That is at the basis of wanting that greater ease and flow? Think of a word, what is it alignment? Not that that would be but my personal feeling would be satisfaction. In other words, it is not satisfying to have more to do than you have time to do that is not satisfying at all is it does have more to do than you have time to do. So what’s beneath it is a desire for a pace, a comfortable pace. It’s like breathing in and breathing out and breathing in and breathing out.

So beneath this desire for more ease is a desire for comfort. And what else not only comfort, but what else? What else is important to you? Well find balance with also my wife with my husband. But wait, don’t go there yet. Because let’s just take one thing at a time in this environment, you’re not just wanting ease, you’re wanting effectiveness, you’re wanting satisfaction relative to a number of things.

You’re wanting to be satisfied in terms of time you wanted to be satisfied in terms of clarity, and what’s at the basis of ease and clarity, its connection with inner being what is the basis of wanting enough energy replenishment? The answer to everything that isn’t happening that you do want is connection, because this receiving mode is the reception mode is the replenishing mode. That’s where it all is everything that you want is in that state of connection.

So you’re suggesting to connect to my replenishment, we’re suggesting that anything else you’re attempting isn’t going to get you there as fast as that because you can go directly there, you can go directly to ease, just by quieting your mind and stopping the clutter, you can go directly to replenishment. Just by hooking up with the resources of this non physical energy, you’ll come out of that meditation, refreshed, you see. And if you go to work from that position, you have a much greater possibility of staying there. Now that doesn’t mean that stuff won’t happen that won’t jerk you right out of it the first day.

But if you meditate again, and are replenished and go and again and are replenished and go and again, then pretty soon you have your sea legs and things that were bothering you aren’t bothering you because what was bothering you wasn’t what you were Really think was bothering you anyway, it’s such a cycle. It’s like if you stopped breathing, if you stopped breathing air in, you wouldn’t say, my problem is that I can’t breathe any air out. I can’t breathe in the air out, because I didn’t breathe any in. But the problem is not been able to exhale. The problem is that you didn’t inhale, right? Yeah, definitely.

And so what happens is, when you’re trying to deal with things on an action basis, is that if you haven’t breathed in, then you can’t sustain, it’s like, the way that we’ve been describing it in the past is that so many people aren’t taking the time to align. And then they’re trying to use their action to compensate for that, not alignment. And there’s not enough action in the world to compensate for that not alignment. And so like, right now, we’re making sense to you, most of you, it’s been a tiresome conversation for a lot of you because you just rather just go do something to make things better.

And we’ve given you the thing to do go meditate. But if you play our silly game, for a week or two, you’re going to discover vitality, that is not normal to you. Clarity, that is not normal to you. And circumstances turn in your favor that are not normal to you. Esther says the magics back, and she knows it’s not magic, she knows that it’s alignment. But when you haven’t been using it, and then you start using it, it feels like magic. Because things just turn your way. In a more comfortable way, you’ll go looking for something that’s usually hard to find, and you’ll see it right away, because you’re tuned in with the resources that already know where it is.

So much of your time is spent looking for things and not being able to find them. And we’re talking about relationships or ideas or clarity or resources or whatever it is that you’re looking for. But it’s because you’ve blocked off your ability to really see. And by quieting your mind and stopping all that chatter, now, everything’s available to you, and your timing will be so good. Just play with it for a week or two. And then reflect back on what we talked about here.

And revel in the fact that you’ve proven to yourself that you can get to anywhere from there. It just requires an understanding of how the laws work, and a willingness to get yourself to the basis of them. It’s like, you have someone coming to help you, maybe it’s one of your children, maybe it’s a housekeeper and they come in, and you show them this magnificent new vacuum cleaner. Esther just got one, it’s Amelie, not sure how to say it.

But it is quiet, and so nimble and has really good suction. So here it is, I hope you will enjoy it, I have been enjoying it. And then they don’t plug it in. It’s aesthetically beautiful. And the fact that it’s not plugged in makes it exceedingly quiet. But it is not accomplishing anything, because it’s not plugged in. And that really is the message that we’re wanting to help you to really sink in.

If you don’t plug in, then you’re not getting ready to get ready to get ready to get ready. But if you do plug in, even though it’s boring, because it’s so quiet and simple and peaceful. If you stay there just for a little bit, that momentum will increase and ideas will begin to flow. And you’ll get ideas of what you want to do. And it won’t be boring. And then the synergy and the cooperative components that you have access to already that you’ve been depriving yourself off because you haven’t been in the receptive mode, they begin to appear right before you it’s like Jerry used to take his rod and bag of hooks and things.

And he would put on his water proof shoes, and he would run up the stream. And Esther would stand in amazement because he seemed to have confidence that there would always be a rock for him to step on. And there always seemed to be one in Esther’s newness, there was never a rock for her to step on. But his expectation he was tuned into knowing that. And that’s what we’re asking of you is to just try it for a little while until you have convinced yourself that the next idea will be there, and the next and the next and the next and the next and the next and the next and the next.

And then you can let go of all the rituals that you’ve been thinking and all the rules that you’ve been needing to follow and all the information that you’ve been trying to hold in your mind. Your mind is not a storage cabinet, where you are receiving and remembering you are a transmitting and receiving mechanism and you transmitted while you were in step one, that’s when you did the asking. That’s when you do your thinking. Your thinking is about sorting and sifting through the contrast is that’s when you think that’s when you compare. That’s when you reason and rationalize. That’s where you decide. That’s where you conclude that’s when you’re thinking what you would prefer.

That’s when you’re doing step one and then step two is not your work at all. A source just gathers up all of the things that you’ve asked for and holds them in this combined newly amended state of being and knows them to be knows them to be. And then you stop thinking and get into the receiving mode. And it’s sort of hard to know that you’re not thinking the thoughts when you’re receiving them. And you’re gonna want to take credit for them, because the ideas are so awesome as they come to you. But just for a little while, instead of saying, I’m thinking a lot of good things, say I’m receiving a lot of really good thoughts.

And the reason that I’m receiving so many good thoughts is because I’m in the receiving mode. And the reason that I’m in the receiving mode is because I put myself in a position where the thoughts that were not really good at the beginning, stopped being so the thoughts that are really good at the beginning could be mine and grow to be more, you cannot take and negative thought, a war against this or that or the other and turn it into a positive thought Law of Attraction will not let you do it.

The thought that doesn’t feel good will continue to feel bad and get worse and worse and worse, it will not ever get better. You’ve got to find some way of deactivating it and saying, I’m not going to think that thought that’s keeping me in a place of negative attraction is not going to do I’m not going to think that thought anymore that I’m thinking about right now, I’m not going to think about it.

What thought that thought right there that thought I’m thinking about I’m not gonna think about that thought anymore not going to think about I’m not going to talk to you about it anymore, either. Because you always talk about that thought that I’m not going to think about anymore. You’re thinking about it, and it got bigger just in that time that you were thinking about not thinking about it. But when you go to meditate, and you listen to the ticking of a clock or the flicker of a flame or listen to something dripping fast, it doesn’t matter what it is, listen for something there anything in this room, you could hear you’re at that lovely air conditioner, focus on between our words, give it your undivided attention.

Boring, isn’t it. But just settle into it. Hear it. And when your mind drifts, remember, you want to hear it, focus on it again, remind drifts remember that you want to hear it and focus on it again. And when you mind, just focus on it. Remember, you want to hear it, that’s what you want to focus on. That boring, very small, very inactive, not important, doesn’t have any contradiction in that thought just focus on it. And you did that for a little while, you’ll start floating, you’ll feel your detachment, you’ll come into concert with your Source energy.

And once you do that, you’ll be in the receiving mode, and what your inner being knows about the things that you’ve been asking to will begin to occur to you. And it won’t feel like a problem, it will feel like I want to do this. So good. If I may ask you so earlier with a giant room, I believe you as you were conversating. With him, you said, I believe you said the sentence and I tried to repeat it in my brain do it as long as they feel good. So for instance, we might struggle with my job as far as loving it but then getting so much demand from clients and trying to accommodate requests not to lose clients.

And so try to rise if you can’t get there from there, that conversation is already too convoluted. There’s too much confusion. So we can have a conversation and we might help you make it a little better. But it’s not going to change very much. But when you think about what you want, and why you want it, why do you have this business? What is it? I love it because I love the connection with animals. Anytime I get to a client’s house, as soon as I walk in, the tiredness kind of goes away, I just feel happy to provide what they need at the moment.

And they give back 10 million times more than what I can give them as far as the animals I’m talking. So I love that connection so much. The other part, you know, connecting with people trying to accommodate requests and busy schedule, do you see what you just did, you just put a train going that way and a train going that way in a train going that way and a train going that way. And we say we can’t help you. Okay, you got to stop doing that part of it. This is something that we really want you to pay attention to all of you and you’re really going to like this. We are so focused with you.

And so knowing of who you are and what you want. And so over time, and with Esther’s help, really good at spelling it out. Yes, you couldn’t hear us. You couldn’t hear us and it’s normal, because you’re twirled up in all of that. All of that stuff’s active. And so we’re giving you all of this wonderful guidance and what you’re hearing is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, sort of kinda nothing that you can really sink your teeth in. So you came back at the end of all of this and ask almost the same question that you asked at the beginning of it, which makes the point that we’re making so well.

You can’t get there from there. We can’t talk you out of that big As in doing so we just keep all of it active, all the points that are working against each other, we keep active. When you say, I love the feel of the animals, why? Because they’re connected to source. Why? Because they’re not thinking a lot of thoughts that keep them from being connected to source. Why? Because they don’t have the range of things that they worry about, like we do. Why? Because they’re here is a Lauer’s. Why? Because they’re balancing the universe. Why? In other words, when you think about the best parts of it, and why, why, why, why, why, then you find that centered place.

And then you remember, this is what I love, and now you are refreshed and restored. And next time you go, that part of your work will be more dominant than than other parts of your work, because you took a minute to focus here and to find it. And to give it a little more momentum, you see what we’re getting at. Now, if you stayed there for a day, or two or three, then the idea comes to you, I really don’t do this work for the people, I really do this work for the animals. Is that true? No, I really want the people to find the same sort of satisfaction that their animals do.

I would like harmony between the owners and their pets, I would like freedom for all of them, you will find ways to sort it out and you will improve your technique with your people, the animals are training you so that you can train their owners so lovely. But you can’t get there. From there until you get here and go there. You see, I think I I understand the point. And now I’m starting to hear it now. Well, I ordered this, you helped everyone understand the point because you ask a question. And we gave you the solution of all solutions. And then you ask the same question again.

And that really is the point you can’t get there from there because you’re stuck where you’re stuck for a reason. And the reason is that law of attraction is getting back to you what you’re thinking about. So you got to find another way of thinking, otherwise, you just stay polarized with yourself are polarized as a nation are polarized as a family, you see, the polarization is just opposite vibrations being active at the same time. And that splitting of energy is miserable. What is just my point is how something that can make me feel so good also can create this tour of tiredness because I concentrate too much on on the because when you focus upon the parts of it that your inner being agreed with, you felt wonderful.

When you focus upon the part that your inner being doesn’t agree with it, you felt terrible. I read that in the book, thank you. And that’s what starting at the beginning will remind you meditation, the wonderful thing about meditation is that it puts you in a position where you become more sensitive to thoughts. And so you become more aware of the helpful ones and the not helpful ones. But friends, even though you’ve identified unhelpful ones, don’t try to rid yourself of them. Just amplify the helpful ones.

Once you discover thoughts that feel good, milk them, milk them, repeat them, talk to others about them, make yourself look like a fool. If you have to just by keeping active, the thoughts that feel good, and the thoughts that don’t feel good. Choke on them as you try to speak them out loud, recognize that they’re not helpful, that does help. But more than all of the processes. And we have written so many of them more than all of them put together.

Finding a quiet place and quieting your mind for 15 or 20 minutes every day is the answer to everything that you’re looking for, because it will connect you with what you really want. So that those beginning vibrations can turn to beginning emotions can turn to beginning thoughts can turn to beginning words can turn to beginning impulses, which turns to beginning actions. and off you go. And others will say your magic and I don’t know why you’ll say I just meditate, I just quiet my mind. And when I do everything unwanted stops being active within me. Meditation is the way I read my point of attraction from unwanted things. Meditation is the way I release unwanted things from my point of attraction.

I could do it with thought. But I’m just not powerful enough. Law of Attraction is more powerful than my own mind. Law of Attraction is just going to keep yielding back to me what I think about things. So life caused you to decide what you think your inner being gathered it all up and knows what you think stands there is the beacon of who you are and what you think and broadcast it to you all day every day. And so there is such a range of opportunity for you to tap into. But you’ve got to get ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. In other words, your inner being knows everything you want and exactly how to get you there. But you’ve got to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready.

You see what we’re getting at. Go back to the earlier story. If we’d said to Esther, there’s a rapper coming today and you want to make friends with the rapper. See if you can figure out a way Esther would have had the hardest day of her life. She would not have known where to begin. So she wasn’t ready for that, even though that’s where she was going. So instead we said be fun to move some furniture around, don’t you think? We can always get Esther with furniture. She just followed the furniture path that seemed like a really good idea. That seemed like a really good idea. And that led to that led to that led to that led to that led to that because your inner being knows what your path of least resistance is.

Your inner beam knows where your hang ups are, but you don’t. In fact, you encourage your hang ups by going to support groups to talk about them. Your inner being knows where your hang ups are and knows how to guide you around them. You see, that’s why thoughts turning to things is such a satisfying thing. That’s the reason that you can be surprised and delighted. That’s the reason that you can get into vibrational alignment with who you are and fulfill everything that you want. And you’re not a puppet on a string, fulfilling things that you don’t want. Your inner being knows what you want, by what you’ve sifted and sorted through and by what you’ve asked for.

You’re the one that created the vortex, you did it a little bit of time, but you created your vortex and your inner being tended it and knows it and broadcasts about it. And now you’re going to do whatever you can do to get into the receiving mode and experience what you came for, which is not the final manifestation. It’s the ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. It’s the satisfaction and the emotion who feels good, then it’s the satisfaction in receiving the thought, Wow, man, that’s awesome.

And then it’s the satisfaction and the fog growing and then this dissatisfaction and somebody saying to you the exact thing that you were thinking about and you went, Oh my God, you’re just said what I was just thinking about what are the odds of that 100% When you are in vibrational alignment with who you are, and then Right Place Right Time doors, opening things unfolding for you. Everything looking like you are the only one that exists in the universe and everything is working out just for you. You’ll begin to feel blessed if you’ll play with this for just a little while.

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