Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #480 – Reaction-Based Life



Good afternoon. We are extremely pleased that you’re here. It is good to come together for the purpose of CO creating, do you agree? co creation at its best? Yes. You are knowing what you are wanting. Again, never ending keeps coming about doesn’t it? What brings you here just couldn’t hold yourself away, could you? Sometimes when momentum is happening, energy is flowing, ideas are coming. You are inspired from your broader perspective to satisfy intentions that you’ve been gathering.

And that’s really what days together and an environment like this really is. It’s about fulfilling the intentions that you’ve set into motion. Sometimes without even knowing that you have. It is our expectation that in the days that we are together on this voyage, and then the hours that we are together in this theater, that you will come into closer vibrational harmony or alignment with the whole of you than ever before.

And the reason that we are so certain about that is because we can feel an intensity of desire that is focused within you. That is sharper, it’s more continually evident. And it has come to a sort of momentous focal point that brings answers to questions in a stronger way. So there’s no question that you have been fulfilling your purpose in coming into your physical bodies because it’s clear to us as we examine and understand the content of your vortex the content of your vibrational reality, the culmination of what you in this body in this time and space have focused into your vibrational reality.

Now, in many cases, what has been focused into that vibrational reality that predecessor to the manifestations that you call real life experience. In many cases, you have already become aware of what’s there. And in many cases, you have already found your way to the receiving mode where you are consciously deciphering. And interpreting and receiving translating. Interpreting is really our favorite word about that. Interpreting that vibration back into physical experience, you have been turning these vibrations into thoughts and these thoughts into things for a long time.

But in most cases, our human friends have not been doing that intentionally or deliberately. It’s been a process of life. It’s been a process of being in this body. In other words, you can’t help but be who you are brilliant and genius creators. And for many of you, you’ve been listening to us breaking it down for you explain to you how this creative process works. explaining to you how you in your human form fit into the greater picture of how it all fits together and who you are and what part you play.

But these are particularly exhilarating times because your surroundings are focusing you into greater clarity of your personal desire just like you knew that they would. But those desires have been creating and formulating a vibrational reality that is ready for your reception in a way unlike we’ve ever seen. In other words, your opportunity to consciously and deliberately translate vibration into what you want to call your reality has never been before and to all of the universe like it is now. We think it is so appropriate that we are talking to you about vibration and we would like you to feel the vibration that is so palpable and understand that there’s a vibration just like that brewing in the undercurrent all the time.

And that you are in a position where you can recognize the vibrational nature of your universe, and interpret its vibration into things that are meaningful for you. Now, many of you have already been doing that many of you are just beginning to get a handle on that. But we want you to feel with us and these days that are before us, the palpable nature of this vibrational undercurrent, and what it means to those like you who are sensitive to the energy and who are understanding how to find your place within it. It’s such a nice thing.

When you are consciously part of the translation, there is a better word of the reception, there’s a better word of the interpretation, there’s a better word of the conscious in the moment by moment by moment understanding of the way energy is turning into things, we want you to leave this voyage understanding like you’ve never understood before, that you are the creator of your own experience, and that you are a vibrational being living in a vibrational universe. And that the basis of the vibration that supports all that is, is a vibration of love and well being that is accessible by you and is offered to you at all times.

Now in a situation like this, it doesn’t take a great sensitivity to vibration, in order to understand that there is a vibration. This is a vibration that is shaking most teeth. In other words, this vibration does not require sensitivity. But the vibration of Source Energy is so subtle, it’s so subtle that it requires a fine tuning to it. And when you reach the place, and it is our expectation that you will and the days that are before us, when you reach the place that you’re sensitive to the vibration that is at the core of who you are, that you are so sensitive to that vibration and to its subtle nuances.

When you are understanding when you are in sync with it and when you aren’t. And when you are striving to be in sync with it and you are more and more of the time that you will begin to experience what in the beginning Esther called the magic of alignment. Of course she knows that it is not magic, she understands that it is the most natural thing to be in sync with the whole of you to be in vibrational accord with that broader perspective, where you are understanding where you stand in relationship to all things wanted. It is our knowing and these days that are before us, that we will have an opportunity as we are conversing with each other to acknowledge where you may be on a particular point of importance to you, where you stand in terms of vibration to what you want, it will be so clear to you in your realization that every subject has a wide vibrational range.

And then when you are tuning yourself to the subtle frequencies of the way source understands your life to be that then you will be in a place of more constant Satisfaction. Satisfaction is really the word that we would most like you to focus upon. And it’s the emotion that we really want you to discover, as you are moving through these days together. The satisfaction that comes only when the vibration of your desire, what your inner being has been tending to all of the days of this physical life and before and the vibration of you as a result of the thought that you attune yourself to any moment in time come together in perfect accord. You are creative genius.

And you’ve come into this environment, knowing that the environment itself would stimulate you to new desire. And you also knew that while that stimulation is going on, that in many cases, you would be having a strong reaction to what’s happening around you. Life is happening as a result of what others are flowing as a result of what you are flowing, meaning what others are thinking and what you are thinking as a result of the words that others are speaking and you are hearing as a result of the words others are speaking and you’re reacting to as a result of the words that you’re speaking and others are reacting to. You live in a world that is reacting to different parts of itself.

And that is exactly as you knew it would be. You knew. If there were many others with many different philosophies and perspectives and desires and beliefs. You knew that that broad range of diversity that that contrast that would surround you, you knew that it would be the most valuable tool in your toolbox of being a deliberate creator because you knew that the variety that surrounded would give you an opportunity to focus yourself into clarity about what you right here right now, as far as what’s going on in your life, what’s going on around you what’s going on in your awareness, as far as all of that would bring you to an awareness of what you prefer relative to that.

And you knew that a rocket of desire would emanate from you, and that that rocket would be meaningful, because you knew it would be a choice that would come from the precious and perfect and unique, you, you knew that when something happened, and you had a response to it, that that response would matter, not just to you, but to all that is, you knew that when that happened, that the universe would expand because of your participation in it.

But what most of you have forgotten, and it’s all right, that you did, what most of you have forgotten is that as those rockets emanate from you, that you continue the formulation, the forming of a vibrational reality, that is the preface to more things to come. But in your physical form, you become so engaged, so aware, so reactive, to your now experience that your reactions have for most of humanity, or human dumb, as we like to call it. Not like that, just human them. That, as you’re reacting to what’s happening, that your action might become a way of life, and it has for so many.

So so many are holding themselves not meaning to in holding patterns of reactions. And then that has become the life experience. So you observe and you react. And as you react to what you’re observing, you emanate a signal that law of attraction responds to so that’s the holding pattern. You see it, you respond to it, you emanate a vibration, so you see more of it, which you respond to. So you emanate a vibration, and you see it and you respond to it. So you emanate a vibration.

And then large bodies of people become reactors to what they see, forgetting that you’ve come to be creators, not reactors. You didn’t come to face the manifested reality, you came to create new manifestations of reality. But in order to do that, you have to find some way of letting go of what is more of the time while you focus in this vibrational realm where you can begin to interpret the vibration of what you’ve been asking for the vibration that is the culmination of what you and others have been asking for. So that you can be the interpreters, the receivers, the livers the Knowers the expect hers of this new reality.

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