Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #488 – About Her Pregnancy



I’m gonna cry before I even start talking. Every time I sit here, I tell you, thank you. And I tell you, I love you, but I have never meant it as much as today. Right now we can hear you. We can hear you. Sorry to slowly creep away, not because you are a problem. Oh, gosh, I’m really fascinated by everything that you do. I’m fascinated by this whole process. I’m fascinated by the people who get in the seat. time they spend the answers. I just, I don’t know, there’s something about this, that I really just love observing and being a part of, sometimes hot seat or sit up here for a really long time.

And at one point, I had thought, I wonder what that’s like. And four months ago in Atlanta, I sat with you as the only hot seat or for segment three. I think I gripped the chair. My friends tell me I uncross my legs and appeared to be ready to run. And we had a really emotional conversation, clearing out a lot of things about how I was feeling emotions, and it served me so well in the last four months have been phenomenal. When I got out of that hot seat experience with you. It’s going to be TMI for some people, but I’m a really open person. When I got out of the hot seat with you for an hour, I was bleeding.

And I joked with my friends, that I don’t believe I’m a match to perimenopause. So not sure what’s going on. And it turned out that that was implantation bleeding, and this little baby had been implanting while I was at your workshop. And I’m fascinated by that. So I do want to talk to you about this little boy. Four weeks after the event. I felt something different. And I felt like, well, I’ve never been pregnant before. I’m gonna be really surprised if I am.

But it might be that and I was cleaning the house and I decided I would put on one of your workshops. And I’m leading up to a question about the interconnectivity of hot cedars. But so I’m at home cleaning, I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not. I just know something’s different. And I listened to your workshop and a woman got in the hot seat. She was said she was 46 years old. She’s had in vitro twice. And she wasn’t sure if she wanted to have a baby.

And you had a wonderful conversation with her and eventually said to her, that she would be having a baby. And it was one of those moments where I’m home. I’m listening, you’re talking to someone else. And I’m going, Are you talking to me? And then I take the test later that night. Not sure if we’ve seen the episode of Friends where Rachel finds out she’s pregnant, but Phoebe takes she Rachel can’t read it. She hands it to Phoebe, Phoebe reads the test and tells her she’s not pregnant.

When in fact, she is just so that Rachel can find out how she feels about being pregnant. So I took the test, went and read it came back to bed told my boyfriend I’m not pregnant, and laid down and felt completely weird and strange. Like, what are you talking about? Go back to the bathroom, you are clueless. And I went back to the bathroom and got the test and turned on his nightlight handed it to him and said I don’t know what I’m doing. Can you read this? And he said, Well, yes, it means you’re pregnant. I’m having a lot of fun with all these little silly things.

This baby feels like he already knows completely what to do before it was even conceived. It he told me what to eat. He told me where to walk. He told me what to do. And I’ve never really had a plan of having a baby. And so I feel so open, like whoever he wants to be great. Good, because you don’t have much to say about it. And so, so all of that, I guess is leading up to so can you tell me more about there are a lot of things that we want to say to you or to all of you and it’s always interesting to us are charming and interesting to us at how surprised you are about the interconnectivity of all of this.

Sometimes we just want to say to you, when you’re surprised at how you hear something on a recording and you wonder if it was meant for you. We say it’s really child’s play. When you think about the ability that source energy has to understand what’s in your vortex. In other words, you’re talking about the interest or intentions of your baby. And we want to talk about the interests and intentions that you have put into your vortex which is gestating also, we want you to understand that in the same way that non physical energy has long ago made the intention to come forth and that.

The intentions that are within that consciousness are in their vortex long before they even come into their own physical body is not different than the vortex this vibrational reality that you all have been creating. Are you aware of your vortex? Do you know what we’re talking about? Do you know that there is a vibrational reality that some of it was in place before you got here and much of it you put in place after you got here into this physical body. And so when you just start at the basics of what we have been saying to you for a very long time, and you just contemplate just softly not trying to make a big thing about it, that as you live live, you come forth with intentions, and those intentions are gelling.

And coming together, we say to you often and this is a good jumping off place for us here. We say to you often, we don’t know of a one of you who could accurately describe the contents of your own vortex. Because you have put the pieces of it there incrementally, some even before you came into this physical body. The majority of it, the details of it since you’ve been in this physical body, and some of it as recently as just now. In other words, it’s this steady creation of your vibrational reality.

Now what your vibrational reality is, let’s just take a minute because it’s been a while since we’ve had this conversation, what your vibrational reality is, so here you stand, this is going to be a new conversation, you have not heard this before. So here you stand in this, what you want to call now moment, we want to call it a now moment to because we are sharing this moment with you also, we are interested in this moment that you are having here in your physical form.

And we bring to this moment, all that we are and all that we know as to you. So here we converge in this moment that we all agree we should call now. But when you refer to your now, you are more than we are looking at the manifestations that you can observe with your physical senses. So your now is more about what’s already been manifested. You’re looking at things already created, you’re looking at people who are already in their physical bodies, you are having conversations about subjects that for the most part are well underway.

So you are even though you don’t really mean to be you are more observers of the now reality than is really good for you. While we are observers have a different now reality. We are observers of your vibrational now reality, we are observers of the vibrational reality that you have created as a result of your observations in what you call your physical reality. Are you with us so far, just a little bit. So stay with us, there will be a big payoff for you if you’re able to follow through with this thought.

When you think about thinking thoughts, the majority of thoughts that you think are about the things that you’re observing in your now reality. So you’re projecting those thoughts, you’re thinking those thoughts, you’re speaking those words. That’s what we are wanting to call step one, it’s important, we’re not in the least bit criticizing you for it. It’s all part of the equation. But it’s helpful for you to know that it’s only a part of the equation.

And while an important part of the equation, it’s a small part of the equation, the thing that you all are so wrapped up in the thing that you are fighting wars over and having contests over, that you have all of your thoughts and words and attention upon is not the most important part of the whole equation. So we say to you that as you’re exploring and come into your own thoughts about what you would prefer, what you like what you don’t like what you would prefer, you are emanating these preferences in a vibrational way we’ve been calling them rockets of desire.

And those rockets of desire have been being gathered in your vibrational reality. Your inner being who remains non physically focused, while you’re here physically focused, is the holder and the knower, you might say the keeper of all of these intentions. So that non physical reality is the reality that your inner being is focused upon all the time. So here you are asking for this to be different or this to be improved. Or maybe I’d like to have this experience.

And your inner being is not only hearing you repeating something that you’ve repeated many times, but your inner being has already plotted the course to get you from this state of place to where Your inner beam knows you want to be and why does your inner beam know where you want to be, because you’ve been making your statements about it for a very, very, very long time, you’ve accomplished the step one, the asking part of the equation.

And so here is this vibrational reality, that is the formation of it. It’s like the baby in the womb, it’s all of the pieces coming together, it’s all of the important parts coming together. So your inner being knows where you stand in relationship to everything that you want. And by everything that you want, we mean the things that are in your vortex. So when you are wanting to be an uplifter, you are asking to be a mother and not even knowing it, when you are wanting to create a legacy so that what you know can be carried on for generations to come. You are wanting that sort of a familiar experience. In other words, lots of times you’re asking for things that you don’t even know that you’re asking for.

When you understand that you’re a teacher to the very core of your being, you understand that you want to be a teacher and to receive teaching from this child that is coming forth, there is so much that you’ve been asking for that this is the perfect route and path to you see, and there are so many things that are like that, you say, I did not ask for that. And we say yes, you did you ask for every single thing that’s coming to you. The question that we’re always putting forward to you is, are you asking for it from your vortex will place did you ask for it from this pure positive energy, this is who I am.

And this is what I’ve come to do. And this is who I really want to be place or you asking for it from a guarded lack full place. When we say to you that your now reality is old news, everything that you’ve been living in observing really is past tense. And really where everything is at is in this vibrational reality. And so recently, we’ve been talking to you about you consciously knowing that, and right now you’re sort of trying to do and accepting that the way that things come about are through vibrational evolution.

The evolution of all species is about that, too. When you think about this baby coming about that all of you were like a smear in a petri dish at one time, there were noses and eyes and ears and just wait just one nose, and oh, no, there’s too. The one for Facebook is in there too. But all of that ability to become already there. And that’s what your vortex is like, all of that ability to become already there. And here’s the thing, just because you don’t recognize it doesn’t mean it’s not there. And that’s the important conversation. Just because you didn’t consciously recognize it doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

And so that’s why so much of our recent conversation with you has been about getting into the receptive mode where you can begin to allow what you have put into your vortex all of the things that life has caused you to desire to flow into your consciousness, because creation, creating is the most deliberate and delicious and wonderful thing that you do, there is just nothing that you do that is more satisfying, or more important than taking the content of the experiences that you’ve lived and allow them to mold into something that is new. As eternal beings, you must come to understand how important that is. Because there can be no eternity, there can be no eternal illness, if there’s not this continuing ongoing of experience, you see.

And so everything that will one day be and will one day be written in the history books, is right now in this vibrational reality, and you have so much more control over what you allow yourself to receive than any of you know, think about it. Think about the billions of people who have walked this planet and are even now who are exploring as they meant to the reality that they think is everything about life using all of their physical senses as they are seeing it and hearing it and smelling and tasting and touching it. And out of that mix of life experience. They’re asking for improvements.

And source energy is understanding the improvements that they are asking for each and every one and is holding that in a vortex of improved future. And so you can’t even imagine you can’t even get your thoughts around the magnificence of what you all have created and its potential for life giving joy and satisfaction and glorious life on planet Earth. You can’t even get your thoughts around it. But if you could get a glimpse into your vortex even an emotional glimpse into your vortex, you would understand the perfection of what’s there waiting for you.

So now let’s just pretend that you accepted these words from us and that you do To accept that the perfection of life has been gleaned out of what you’ve been living, and improvements on this front and this front and this front. And this front, a kinder, and a gentler and a more prosperous, and a more loving nation and nations of the world are all there for you now to behold and to experience and to receive.

And let’s say that now you have decided that rather than spending more time banging around and things that are causing you unhappiness, that you’ve decided that every day for 15 or 20 minutes, you’re going to push the reset button for yourself, you’re going to set aside 15 or 20 minutes, and you’re going to sit with the intention of quieting your mind.

Because that’s the only way you know of that you can really stop the vibrational chatter of everything that’s going on, it’s where you can start at a sort of neutral place where you bring the vibrational clutter down to nothing where you bring it down to where you are a perfect vibrational match to the source energy that allows you to love and respect and well being and all his wellness, you’ve brought yourself back to that vibrational state.

And now, because you’re able to stay there, because you’ve been practicing it today, and yesterday, and the day before and the day before the day before and the day before and the day before and the day before for 15 or 20 minutes. Now you’re in this state of meditation, in your quiet mind, there is no resistance within you. And now in this absence of resistance. In this resetting to the perfect vibration of who you are, you catch an emotional glimpse of what you have all created, and it’s magnificent is felt and known by you. And the manifestation that you receive the manifestation that you translate is an emotion of well being. Unspeakable well being the likes of which you have not been able to articulate ever well being well being well being, you feel it.

It’s a manifestation. It’s not really a thought it’s just an emotion, you just feel the well being because your inner being is wanting to tell you everything it knows about everything that’s coming to you and all the wonderful things that are there and all of the things that you are in the process of getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready for.

But right now, you’re only ready to be ready to receive the emotion of well being which is emanating from this vortex that is really who you are. And there you are in this vibrational state. And if you are wise enough to know what wellbeing feels like and to like it and want to linger there longer, so that you’re able to hold that state of being a little longer, then Law of Attraction will bring more energy to it and more and more and more.

And the momentum will become stronger and stronger until not only will you have the manifestation of that emotion of well being liquid love but you will feel a thought forming in your mind, a Thought Manifestation, a thought of where you might go or what you might do or a thought of who you are some pleasant thought the other day, Esther got a thought about a piece of furniture and she laughed right out loud. She thought I’m really a spiritual one, aren’t I, I tuned in to the energy that creates worlds, I’ve brought myself back to the very primal energy of Source Energy.

I’m in absolute concert with the energy that creates worlds and the first thought that comes into my mind is about a delay. And we’re saying to you through the path of least resistance these thoughts will begin to come. It doesn’t matter what the thought is it doesn’t matter what the subject is, the thought comes. And as you allow yourself to experience conscious, deliberate receiving of this receiving mode, then you begin to understand just a little bit what it’s like not to just be the host for lifeforce to come into your physical reality, but to be the host for so much more, not just physical babies, but ideas of improvement and wellbeing. satisfaction comes to you in all kinds of ways.

But you’ve got to start at some place where you can let it begin. And that’s the thing is really a wonderful parallel about your story. And ours is that you have this energy that’s beginning from the beginning, this pure energy that is coming forth into your experience you say and not really needing your guidance, not really needing anything from you, other than this warm environment in which to gestate but not needing direction from you because all that is necessary is already in place.

There are so many things that we want to say to you to all of you first and foremost. Let this be an experience where you allow yourself to really know how little you really have to do about the getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. In other words, this baby knows what to do. This source energy knows what to do there might be booked Sit, you can read about what’s happening. But there are no books written to you to make it happen. There are no books that say, during this phase, what you need to be focusing upon is this and this and this and this. And this, this process is underway.

And we want to call this to all of your attention. This gestating process is underway relative to everything that you’ve been asking for all of these babies that you are creating, are in the process of becoming, and the only question that is necessary for you to ask yourself, and hopefully, find yourself tuned into a place where you can find the answer for is, am I here. Now, in the receptive mode, am I in the most logical place to receive the next idea, and the next idea, and the next idea, not for the sake of the manifestation at the end of it, because there really is no ending to the manifestation.

But for the sake of the joy, as it is unfolding, and unfolding, and unfolding and unfolding. We think it is nice to have this conversation for a number of reasons. One of the reasons that is important to us is because we realize we can feel you as we visit to you, we’re talking to you manifested beans, about vibration, that for most people doesn’t seem all that important. After all, you’ve got physical senses so that you can observe the outcome that is you.

But you didn’t come just to observe outcomes, you came to create them. You didn’t come just to, in a sort of haphazard way, allow your thoughts to drift around and observe and respond and react and therefore continue to create, you didn’t come forth as regurgitate errs or reactors, you came as creators. And so while there’s plenty to observe, and plenty to react to, and that’s what step one is your thoughtful reaction to what is this bouncing off place?

What you’re really about is getting yourself into a receptive mode, where you can receive the knowledge of broader perspective about what you’ve asked for, and what the next logical step about it is, so that you can experience the satisfaction of hands on deliberate creating, does that make sense to you? But you can’t get there from where most people are. You can’t get there, you can get from step one to more of step one and more of step one more step one and more of step one, and more of step one and more step one or more of step one, how many times do you hear people say, we’re going to get to the bottom of this? And we say, No, you’re not because there is no bottom, it’s bottomless.

The more you look, the more you find, the more you find, the more you look, the more you find. And in that process, you’re asking for different things. But you don’t have access to the different things that you’re asking for. Unless you reset yourself. vibrationally. Can you hear that? You got to start over. And that’s what babies do. They start over, oh, they’ve been here, they’ve been all wrapped up in this. They’ve known about all of this. And then they got out of dodge.

They reemerged into non physical and they have reset themselves and other coming back into this time, space reality renewed and understanding their value with great purpose and great reason, just as each of you have done well, if you don’t have a crow can be reborn again, you don’t have to be somebody’s new baby. While you will be you don’t have to be that right now. You can be here in this physical body. And you can find that quiet place where you’re no longer encouraging law of attraction to respond to the vibrations that you’ve got going about everything.

And you can find that new starting place. And then when you do Law of Attraction will cause that momentum to grow and grow and grow until you will begin to have the most satisfying thoughts come into your mind. Thoughts not just during meditation and not just following meditation, but all day long as you remain in the receptive mode, you’ll find your timing just right you’ll find your rendevouz with things just right, as you were describing Rendezvous in with that recording just right in other words, when you’re in the receiving mode, then you’re ready to receive information about anything and everything that’s important to you.

And often in a single moment in time several pieces of information can be received by you all at the same moment because your inner being knows it and is downloading it to you always and ever and always and ever. The question is where are you in vibrational relationship to it you say? And so once you decide that you are a vibrational being first and foremost, and once you accept that, yes, you are physically focused in the physical things are happening around you.

And yes, those physical things that are happening around you matter a lot, and they are observable and important to observe, but they are step one moments where you are asking for improvement that you can’t find unless you leave step one. Periodically, you got to leave it And our formula or recommendation for you is that you spend about 5% of your time in step one, and 95% of your time in the receptive mode or in the act of wanting to be in the receptive mode.

And you know, what’s happening with most people 95% over in the step one banging around and the rest of the time trying to get there and hardly anybody ever getting there. Because you needed a bigger sales job on the importance of alignment, you say? So, you’ve been listening to us for a while have you? Did you hear us beginning talking to you about law of attraction? Do you accept that it is the manager of the universe? Did you hear us talking about how you create this vortex? And it is a vibrational reality, did you? And did you hear us asking you nicely to get into the vortex get into the vortex get into the vortex get into the vortex. And then did you hear us say, well get in there or hover just outside of it.

But really what you’re wanting to do is to be in the receiving mode so that what’s in the vortex can be realized and received by you. And now what you’re hearing to say is what you’re really wanting to do, as the satisfying seeking people that you are as a satisfying deserving people that you are as a blessing people that you are, you’re wanting to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. And that’s gonna be enough for you.

Because it’s all you can do, you can’t be ready to be all the way over here any more than she can give birth today to this baby, you’ve got to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. And what we really want you to hear is that there is so much satisfaction in every part of it that you’ve been depriving yourselves off, because you think you want to be ready to be over here all at once. But you know, what’s going on when you want to be over here in the full manifestation are all at once you are experiencing the lack of something that you want, and that’s the vibration that you’re emitting. And that means you’re not ever going to be ready.

See how it works, you’re not ever going to be ready, if you need it to make you feel better. Now, if you need the manifestation of what you think you want in order to make you feel better, and you need it now before you can feel better, you’re not ever going to be ready for it, it’s not ever going to be able to come to you. You’ve got to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. And so what are we asking you to be ready for? We’re asking you to be ready for a thought to come into your mind. And what does that mean? We’re asking you to quiet your mind enough that your own contradictory thoughts aren’t keeping you from hearing it, we’re asking you to slow the vibration that you’ve got going on long enough that you can hear a new thought.

And you know why you don’t want to do that sometimes is because the thought that is more robust, and that has more momentum going is more satisfying to you than the very quiet thought. And so we get that there’s so much momentum in this thought than in this quiet thought. But if you will start with the quiet thought that is pure nature that holds no resistance that is only about love, and you and you will maintain that vibration, just for a little bit, just a few seconds, it will come bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, until the momentum of that thought will be significant enough that thoughts will begin to flow into your mind.

And as these thoughts flow, and you feel satisfaction from those thoughts, and then you feel an impulse to get up and go do something about the thought that you’re having. Now you’re off and running. And this getting ready to be ready. We’re not talking about a long period of time, we’re just talking about a big vibrational adjustment. Can you hear what we’re saying? I’m not talking about long periods of time, we’re not talking about anything close to the gestation of a human baby, we’re talking about really hours in some cases, a few days. In some cases, it does not take a lot of time.

But if you don’t understand the process, and you don’t actually start at the beginning, so you don’t actually allow that pure vibration to become stronger and stronger and stronger. And instead you keep introducing the resistant ones to it, then it never gains the momentum. It’s always pulling against itself as time goes by. And that’s what makes you think it takes a long time. It doesn’t take a long time when the thought is pure. It just takes a long time when the thought is contradicted.

Does that make sense to you? We’ve never had a better conversation. And we know that some of you heard it and some of you didn’t. We know that some of you heard it better than you’ve ever heard it before. We know that by the time we have finished this voyage all of you will be understanding what we’re talking about. And we think that you may have heard it as are really strong encouragement for you to find time in every day to reset yourself to that pure vibration.

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