Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #489 – Segment Wrap-Up



I want to end this segment by giving you some important words to ponder. If you really quiet your mind, and you find that feeling of contentment, or comfort, or stillness, that is perfect reception. That’s perfect alignment or perfect receptive mode. With not much momentum. If you don’t introduce resistance to that, law of attraction will naturally take it into more and more and more and more and more momentum till what you will feel is passion.

Exhilaration. So, while exhilaration and passion is pure positive energy, contentment is to, but contentment is pure positive energy, with almost no momentum being received or allowed yet by you, while passion and enthusiasm is you allowing it to follow out, you see what we’re getting at. So aren’t you looking forward to a time of meditation where you quiet your mind, and no thoughts are present.

And then just this soft, not very exhilarating, but very comfortable, satisfying thought comes into your mind. And when that happens, consciously say to yourself, I’ve got this. Now I’ve got this. And then the next day a little more, and then the next day a little more and then the next day a little more in the next day a little more.

And it won’t be many days before you will be resetting yourself on a regular basis tapping into the energy that creates worlds. And finally being in the receptive mode so that you will be receiving the impulse to be in the right place at the right time for all of the rendezvous is that your inner being has been projecting to you for quite some time. We think this is a really good time for segment of refreshment.

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