Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #492 – Better To Not Discuss It



It’s great to be here. Yeah, this location and Yeah, finally be able to exchange trying to sort of settle my energy for a moment. So one of the wonderful things that I’ve gotten from your teaching is that it’s great to be able to create my reality, nothing else will do, from my perspective, that I don’t have to have approval of society of my loved ones, that I can just do it by feeling good and follow that. However, when you are in concert with your inner being, you will not be a deviant in society. When you are in concert with your inner being, you are a harmonizer and a blender and an uplifter and a lover. Yes. And that that feels so good. For the sake of clarity. I have a question about the process of agreement. In this particular physical lifetime, I’ve had a lot of exchange with the nonphysical. Some experiences have felt very smooth and other ones not. Sometimes you were in concert with non physical source energy. And sometimes you were in concert with spin off of men’s conscious thought, you can come into vibrational conversation with vibrations of all kinds, every thought that’s ever been thought still exists. And Law of Attraction manages those thoughts and sort of thought patterns and flows in rivers and streams. And so that’s why it’s so important to quiet your mind and be sure that you’re starting at the vibrational place of who you really are. So that as that momentum increases, you know what? You’ve got hold off, right. But I would like to speak about this particular exchange that I had, that it’s sort of a doorway to my question. Is it something that you want to repeat? No, but I find I wouldn’t talk about it. But I would like to have a better understanding of what transpired. Well, we know you would, but talking about it only opens the door to that again. In other words, law of attraction is law of attraction. So Abraham, I had this really bad experience, and I never want to have it again, and I’d like to discuss it with you. Well, we don’t think that’s a very good idea. Maybe the most powerful thing we’ve ever said to anyone. Enough. Yes. Thank you.

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