Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #491 – Holding On To Relationships



Hello Abraham, I really took to heart what you said yesterday about, let’s co create in this moment. And so I haven’t been sitting here all day thinking about what I want to ask you. But as the last conversation was finishing up, I just was really inspired to have a conversation with you about relationships. Yeah. I get so much joy in life from relationships, family, friends, significant other. Where there’s an exponential acceleration of vibration. Everything is more obvious step one is more obvious because of relationships. And step three is more enhanced.

Because of relationships. It’s like relationships amplify everything, don’t. Yeah, it’s why you’re not here all alone, I’m trying to figure out the best words to articulate this. I guess the way this is amplified most is in relationship with significant other, I’m really great at attracting and creating a wonderful relationship, not necessarily the best keeping it. It always kind of seems to come down to before you go further, we want to make a strong statement here. Manifestation manifestations.

Whether it’s a relationship or a job, or even purchasing something, or living in something, manifestations are fickle, because all of the power is in the becoming, and when something has become, and you see it as having become, and you don’t realize that you’re still getting ready to get ready to get ready to get ready to get ready, then they become stagnant, even sort of dormant and at a minimum, less interesting.

So the key to a relationship remaining wonderful, is that you realize that it’s just begun, it’s just begun is just begun, always getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready, never taking it for granted. Never seen it as a done thing. In fact, we would like all of your reality, not just the part of it that you call relationships to be seen by you, as ongoing, an open ended an ever flowing is a there’s a tendency, and this is something that happens with most people on most subjects, you stand in a place of not having something that you want, let’s say a relationship, and then you say things to yourself a sort of flawed premise of once I get that relationship, then I’ll be good to go, then everything will be in place, once that happens, then I’ll be good to go.

And what you’re not realizing is that having that relationship is not going to change your patterns of thought, is not going to change your relationship with your inner being not for very long anyway, it might in the beginning, cause you to be more in alignment, because you’re flowing more thoughts of appreciation toward one another. So you’re more likely to be in alignment. But you just can’t sustain connection to Source energy by looking at anything that is it’s always got to be ongoing.

That’s why so many people, even within relationships seem to always be looking for the next one, and the next one and the next one and the next one. It’s why most people are not very satisfied where they are. You don’t need to keep changing partners, or changing jobs or changing circumstances. But you do need to find continuing new ways of reflecting because where you stand in any moment is always new. And so if you’re looking for more that is new within it, then it goes better, we’ll hear you. So playing off of that, then, you know, what is the best way to find continuously new ways of reflecting?

Well, the most significant thing is to realize that your first and foremost partner is your inner beam. And we know we’re out into that weird realm again, where we want you to, to care more about your relationship with who you really are, than with anyone else. And so when you take the time to do that, then you’re tuned in to the whole of you. And when you’re tuned into the whole of you, then you’re more responsive to everything in your life. You see what happens in most relationships, really situations of all kinds, but let’s really focus on relationships, is it you keep looking for what you need from the relationship? I feel better when you do this, or I feel better when you agree with me about that.

Or I feel better when we do these things together. And what happens is that puts your partner into a sort of bondage a little bit, because now your happiness seems to depend upon their behavior. And you just can’t get very far with that unless they happen to just like every single thing exactly the way you like every single thing, which is rare. Where I where I seem to run into a snag quite often is finding that stability and may Maintaining that alignment with my inner being when someone that I care about is really disapproving of my choices, or where I’m at. But just see, that’s why we say you can’t get there. From there, you can’t be in the middle of all of that math and get there. But here’s the thing that we really want to say in a way that you can really hear it, it wouldn’t matter what’s going on.

Whether it’s a ongoing relationship, or whether you’re in the process of looking for a relationship, it doesn’t matter what’s happening in what you call your now life experience. Under any and all condition, you have the ability to set yourself in a comfortable place in a quiet setting and quiet your mind and stop your vibrational pattern for 15 minutes, you have the ability to do that. And when and if you do that, everything about everything in your life will have shifted just a little bit.

Because you will be more in the receptive mode of what you’re really wanting just for a moment. In other words, it would be like if you’ve got that picture of you being the train on a nice flat terrain, and there’s six inches stacked up over there that are your desires. And there’s six engines stacked up over there, which are your beliefs, and they are pulling against each other. So you’re really not going anywhere. While there’s a strong tug of war going on within you, if you would, under those conditions.

And let’s say it six engines about relationship and six engines about desire. Let’s say that that’s what the subject is that’s got you all tied up in this tension. And if you would decide to quiet your mind, as you quiet your mind, all of those engines would rest their engines, all of them, the desire engines would subside, the belief engines would subside, everything would subside and so would your attention. So now you’re sitting there in a sort of suspension of tension in a new place in relationship to your desire. Now, here’s the thing about this that we really want you to understand.

And that’s what we wanted our friend to be able to tell the people he’s coaching, even though it might feel a little weird to tell them since you have been this creator coming into this body long before you got into this body, there is a you a point of attraction that is always moving that your attraction about your own well being is always in motion. In other words, there are always positive engine stacked up for you even when you’re mindless. Because you’ve come into this with that’s who you are.

That’s the basis of who you are well being as the basis of who you are. So when you manage to quiet your conscious mind altogether, your inner beings conscious mind isn’t quiet adjust yours. Dun dun da, your inner beans mind isn’t quiet, adjust yours. So it really is only the resistant mind that is quieted. Can you hear how important that is. So now, you’re in the state of suspending your doubt and your disbelief about things. But now, you’re in this place of wellbeing. And that’s why that a feeling of satisfaction would be an emotion that you could feel if you can stay there long enough.

That feeling of oneness or coming home this or well beingness will be your experience. And when you after a conversation like this, when you acknowledge that you are there, and the words wash across your mind, something like I must be ready to be ready because my tension is gone. And I feel good. And I’m going to stay here for a bit and you stay there. Even if those other thoughts try to creep in, it’s not as likely that they will and momentum will begin to move.

And it doesn’t take very long in that suspended of the problematic resistant beliefs for the momentum of your inner being to be expressed to you in a way that you will receive it. In other words, imagine your inner being is standing in your vortex knowing everything you want everything you are everything you want about everything you want. Your inner being knows everything about everything that you want and where everything is in relationship to you and knows what your path of least resistance is.

Your inner beam knows oh, here’s this, your inner beam knows what thoughts to project to you that are not problematic thoughts. Think about it. Your inner being will walk you through your path of least resistance talk about a coach, your inner being will talk you on your path of least resistance by not bringing up things that are resistant in nature. We talk to Esther about furniture. At first, you see what we’re getting at. And so then you follow that thought and you follow that thought and you follow that button and before you know it, you’re all full of enthusiasm you’re ready to get into this day.

There are things that you want to do. You’re feeling inspired. Now, this might not last all day long because life might come at you again. And you might start stacking up those engines with your conscious mind going towards what you want and against what you want. In other words, that’s a sort of normal step one kind of day that you might have. But tomorrow morning, or maybe later today, but at least tomorrow morning, you’re going to stop again, for 15 or 20 minutes and quiet your mind.

And all of that tension is going to subside again. And the momentum of what you really want is going to be dominant again, and your inner beam is going to present to you in a more focused way. But the most important thing is you’re going to be more receptive than you usually are. And you’re going to get another thought. And that thought is going to gather some momentum. And it doesn’t take very long before the whole balance of vibration within you has shifted, your inner being will train you and groom you in to vibrational alignment with who you really are and what you really want.

And the problems of your life will become less evident. And so then here’s the next thing that happens as your thoughts are turning to things, fewer of those problem, things will be coming in your experience, because that part of your experience is less active than it has ever been before. Isn’t that a reasonable way to look at it? You see? helpful, helpful. So now apply it to the relationship that you’re talking about. Not necessarily talking about any relationship in particular, tell us what you just said before we told you what we just said. Right?

It’s kind of hard to find it, isn’t it? It’s kind of hard to even find it now. Because this conversation sort of replaced that it made the whatever that statement you made about whatever it was, can anyone find it very well. It’s all nebulous. It made perfect sense to everybody a few minutes ago, didn’t it? Yeah, tell him Abraham. And now, it’s sort of all just diffused a little bit. It’s like you’re starting to get the sense of how you can gather control of your own vibrational frequency.

You can’t control anything about what others are doing. But you certainly can control your vibrational relationship with your own desire. So what’s really happening is that the arguments that you think you’re having with other people have really only been arguments that you’ve been having with yourself. And now you’re not having those arguments with yourself anymore. So you’re standing in a stronger place. And when you stop having those arguments with yourself, people don’t come to argue with you about those things because they’re not active within you anymore. You keep them active when you argue with yourself. Make sense? Yes. So now where are you? Did we take it too far into the vibrational realm that you are detached from your ability to live? I don’t think so.

But we’ve got a few more days on the ship to find out. That was a good conversation and you got it didn’t really good. Soft and Gentle desire, remember? Do you do Do You Do? Do? Do you believe that your inner being knows what you want? And do you believe that your inner being knows where you are in relationship to it? Do you believe that your inner being knows what your hangups are?

And do you remember when you were little and you knew what to talk about around your dad and what not to talk about around your dad? Do you knew what the hotspots were and so you knew how to avoid them because no point in bringing bail out now. Well, that’s how your inner being is relative to your resistance. Your inner being doesn’t point you toward thoughts that are going to cause aggravation and activation of resistance, your inn.

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