Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #512 – Looking For Justice



Very excited. This is about the sixth year wish to come on stage. I want to thank you and Abraham, I have created so many miracles, since I’m listening to you feels like miracles and magic, doesn’t it? It is, but feels like it. I have created house, healing of my body, a great relationship. He’s here with me his first time with Esther, a wonderful, great person. Anytime I came, I doubled my income from nothing to some income, a good income today. And that is really breathtaking.

I believe that the universe is fair. I totally believe in law of attraction. And I wanted to ask your help with justice. And it goes to the session before reality. I’m a lawyer, and I’m also a spiritual coach. And I know I need to change something to get what an insurance company owns me because of a car accident. But it could also come somewhere else. I mean, let’s say the abundance I wish for the thing is, it’s more difficult to come from someplace else.

When you are feeling the injustice of it not coming from a place you believe it should come from, you have to let go of your indignation before it can come through another avenue or even through that avenue. So the solution is not to see insurance companies fair, it’s just to believe in the abundance The universe provides for everyone. The thing is, we played with that a little bit of sometimes the same person was on the stage again, when there are so many of you who want to be here.

And the reason that we said it’s always fair, it may not be even, but it is always fair. And the meaning behind that is that we know what your vibrational intentions are. And we know what the outcome is likely to be of a conversation and we know the value of to you. And we know where you are in proximity to what you want. And we know what the path of least resistance is.

And we’re speaking for the universe at large and for law of attraction as well. It always works out in perfect vibrational accordance to whatever vibration you’ve got going on. And so even in the example that we’ve been giving about the court case, where there are two people with very different perspective of what happened, often both believing that what they’re saying is absolutely true.

And so there’s not a so much a physical way of sorting that out, but there is always a vibrational way of sorting it out. Esther said to us in the beginning, but Abraham, it’s true, this is true. So shouldn’t I talk about it because it is true. And we said there are so many things that are unwanted that are also true, why keep active in your vibration, something that is true that you don’t want to continue to replicate. So when you think of justice, and you think of a situation where someone owes you something that they’re not willing to give you, you have to be willing to accept that there are many vantage points.

And if you can keep yourself from trying to do the impossible, which is to stand in their shoes, and evaluate from their perspective, the rightness or wrongness of something. That’s how you introduce into your own vibration resistance that keeps you from getting what you want. Did you follow that just a little bit. This is an easy way for you to hear it.

So you believe that this is the way that it happened. And someone else believes that this is the way that it happens. But it gets even more complicated because not only do you believe that this is how it happened. You don’t believe that they believe that what they believe is how it happened. Follow them, you don’t believe that they believe that? Well, you know what happens when you focus like that. And you don’t believe that they believe what really happened.

Now you’re over there with them, your vibration has joined them. It’s a Catholic mess. So you have to find some way of releasing your resistance so that what you believe is all that is standing. And when what you believe is all that is standing, then Law of Attraction is responding to what you believe.

And so even though because of the momentum that’s taking place, someone might lose this court case, let’s say if you consistently stand in your truth in your knowing the universe will find ways of yielding to you all of the abundant that you can stand a lead into your life experience. So out of this experience, I got an idea and it’s really $100 billion idea. You’re looking for investors now.

And if I wouldn’t have had the accident and if I wouldn’t have seen the strategies, the companies use not to pay, I wouldn’t have had this idea. So there you go. So that that’s where it comes from. It comes wherever that because I quit the court case. I took the claim back because I heard from you from there. I cannot get where I want to get you can’t get there from there. Yeah. But where are we talking about from the vibrational stance. Good

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