Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #526 – Co-Creating With Teenagers



It’s awesome to be here. I just gave up of wanting to be up here, or needing to be up here. And just was up here. That tension about wanting something that isn’t happening. hold you in a place of not letting it in definite, but when you just gave it up, yeah, you showed up for the first time. Yeah. Nice. My question is about co creation. I enjoy creating with other people, bringing enhanced consciousness to people to kids, teenagers in particular. And lifestyle sort of doing that for them, isn’t it?

Yes. So I feel like when I am in somebody’s life, they’ve requested me to be there. Yes. Yeah. And so these teenagers, I run a mentorship program, and you’ve requested them to be there. Absolutely. Whatever’s happening, you are each a vibrational match to it. So there’s something there for you. That’s always true, isn’t it? Yes. Yes, Garnet.

What I want to know is, I’ve got a lot of moving pieces in this program. And I love to expand it and get to the part of it. And what I’m wondering is, if the thing about programs like that it’s all good, and it is evolving, you’ll have more fun all the time as it moves along. But there is a tendency to because it’s a program, get right into the action, orientation phase of it, let’s use words, and let’s use processes.

And let’s use tools and exercises. And most of all, let’s keep looking at each other to measure the progress. And that is sort of programmed destructive, right from the beginning. That’s why we teased you a little bit by saying life really is the profit if so, who are the people that are coming to you and give us a little bit of the group is a bunch of teenagers in a new public high school. It’s the old vo tech, which I’m not sure if you’re familiar with that.

But a lot of the kids haven’t made it in other places and other schools and things like that. And I’m from New Mexico. So they are unique in their desire to find freedom. Yes. Yes, they are. I want the program to continue to develop and I want the best for these kids. And you talked about, you know, metrics, we’re just going to play with you a little bit here. So you want the best for them? Does that mean you want what you want for them? Or you want what they want for them?

So you’re saying that what they want is the best for them? What they want is the best for them? Yes, yeah, that’s a really good basis to begin with. Because if you’re trying to change their mind about who they are, or how they should live, then you’re asking them to be ready for something that they’re not ready for. Ready for ready for ready for ready for ready for ready for.

So the first thing is your genuine, we don’t mean, and we can feel it from you that it’s there we can your genuine appreciation of their uniqueness and Your genuine willingness to let them be, where they are and who they are and how they are, as they are discovering what they want. Next. It’s genuine. Yeah. So I also I want, I, I’ll say, I need some kind of a measure. It’s not for them.

And so am I to simply let go of it trust and you know, it’ll be there, it’ll show up? Well, there are some easy things that you can do. And that is look for things to appreciate about them as you get to know them individually. The thing that goes wrong, usually in a situation like this is that some of them are ready or than others, some of them have desires or interests that more parallel your own. And so they seem more on the right track to you than others.

And so there’s almost this automatic pigeonholing of them, they’re all on the right track. They don’t necessarily articulate it that way. It doesn’t maybe look that way. But they’re all on the right track. If you can convey that that’s how you see it, then you bring the dominant energy to the room, because they’re not even doing that with each other. They’re still self conscious around each other and competitive with each other. We’re not suggesting that they’re all tuned in tapped in turned on.

And then if the adult would just go away that it would be harmony, that probably kill each other. That’s what they think they want. But so we’re not suggesting that they’re all right, even according to their own impressions of themselves. They’re confused. So the question that you want to ask yourself, and oh, this is such a perfect opportunity to really take this concept forward in a way that you can really utilize it is how satisfied are they in their day or in their life or with themselves or with each other?

Moment by moment? How much satisfaction are you seeing, and we wouldn’t initially introduce that to them. We would just observe it And we would look for evidence of satisfaction. Right? I see a lot of satisfaction when they’re doing things that aren’t within any educational program, you know, like what, like lying on the couch taking a nap in the library?

Like anything that has the idea of freedom wrapped around. That’s exactly right. Do they seem satisfied in rebellion? Yeah, well, they really aren’t. No one is ever satisfied in rebellion. There’s something that they get from the other kids, when they’re being rebellious, they get an acceptance and a credibility. So this whole time that we’ve been together, you’ve been very patient with us as you’ve let us tell you the story over and over and over again about bringing your resistance down through meditation, and then getting ready to get ready to get ready to get ready to get ready.

But let’s talk about it from the whole other end of the emotional scale, because this end of the emotional scale is starting with no resistance. And when you start with no resistance, the natural laws of the universe will bring you momentum and your energy in an upward fashion. In other words, if you start with contentment and satisfaction, it’s going to build into something that feels more like interest, that then feels more like a strong intuition or impulse, it feels more like a feeling of love and appreciation.

And so that satisfaction is just going to get stronger and stronger until there is passion and enthusiasm and exhilaration. In other words, that’s what happens. But what if your starting point isn’t there, they haven’t meditated. Life’s been beating them up pretty good. Even since they got together in that program. They’ve been beating each other up pretty good.

And so let’s say just for sake of this example, that their vibration would call forth this emotional word. Depression, despondency, fear, some of them have moved upward from there into hatred, revenge, anger. I think loneliness is also let’s start with their setpoint. And let’s call them forward. But let’s recognize that where they are is where they are. And it’s okay. Where they are is where they are.

And so we’re asking you to notice someone who seemed really depressed. who now is anger and mouthing off. And we’re asking you to look for the satisfaction factor in that. Oh, good job. I’d so much rather that you’re mad. Now a lot of programs don’t know that lot of programs will give them drugs just to keep them from misbehaving.

They would take despondency and depression over anger and revenge any day. Because if somebody is depressed, they leave you alone, they sleep on the couch. But if somebody’s angry, now you got to watch what they’re doing. Because now they’re trouble and they’re looking for trouble. But you who know about vibration, and you who’s looking for the momentum to increase? Don’t you know that anger feels better than depression.

And so aren’t they having a level of satisfaction that only a keen eye, you’ve all got it could see. And so now you’re satisfied in this progress. And anyway, you knew that other kin had to come in anyway. You’re not getting involved, but you’re knowing it. And you see because they have inner beings who are calling them forward. In other words, their inner being is calling them on their path of least resistance. And what we just said to you is, the path of least resistance for some of these kids is revenge, because they’re sure not going to go to joy.

They’re not going to go to joy, they can’t even conceive of it. And they certainly would feel like they’re just making it all up to even pretend that they’re there. And they’re not going to fake it till they make it because they’ve been there. And they’ve done that. And that doesn’t work. And they’re going to be real, they’re going to be real.

And it’s alright for them to be real, because nobody can be anything other than real. So they’re being real, you see their intervene is knowing all of this, their inner being called them into that revenge. And their inner being is going to then call them into some anger, and then into some frustration and that was their inner being is calling them up the emotional scale. Their inner being is knowing what the path of least resistance is.

One of their inner beings could very well call one of the really despondent, depressed, not believing that he has any self worth at all into an argument with someone because that argument is the path of least resistance to let him realize that he does have some words in his mouth, that he does have some things to say that he does care about some things. And so you just can’t stand back from wherever your path of least resistance is, and accurately evaluate anyone.

Are you hearing what we’re getting at? Not only are you now in a position where most important you will know what your satisfaction factor means. Now you can observe it in others. And now, maybe for the first time ever, you can be helpful to them, because you’re not judging them by your standards of vibration, you are looking for their improvement in their satisfaction, just like you’ve been working for your improvement in your satisfaction.

And then you can say to them, Hey, I’ve been there, I’ve been there too. Every day, I try to find a way of feeling more of who I am more clear about who I am, more sure of who I am, and frankly, just more of who I am. I’m not faking it for anyone ever. Again, these are the words that you say to them, I’m not gonna fake it for anyone ever again, gonna feel what I’m feeling. But then I’m going to reach for something that feels better if I can find it. And you’ll have opportunities because you’re going to be tuned in tapped in turned on. And sometimes you’re going to be just in the right place where it’s only going to be you and one other. And you’re going to whisper or say in a time that nobody else can see it.

That felt good, didn’t it, as you walk by, that felt good, didn’t are good for you. I’m on your side on this. Left feel good, didn’t it. Don’t say it, where other faculty can hear it, your timing will be just right, because you’re looking for satisfaction factor and you’re going to watch them come right into their own. We’ve been talking to you about how the momentum gets more and more and more and more and more.

Do you know that on that other end of that emotional scale, where there’s momentum already going that there is often a faster shift from there, because they’re stronger desire is the bounce because there’s a stronger desire. And because what’s active in their vortex is stronger, because when they had that bad situation just now they ask in a stronger way for the bigger improvement and their inner being is flowing to them in a stronger way.

And it doesn’t take very much diffusion of resistance for them to receive a good from a feeling. The most important thing for you to know and for you to convey to them is this isn’t a program where I’m trying to accomplish change in you that matches any other change. This is about your satisfaction. This is about you come in into alignment with who you really are and then say it to them as often as you can find a reason or a time to sit because your life is supposed to be good.

And because you have things that I can feel you may not want to talk about the vibrational reality in the vortex we know all that’s crazy talk. You’ve got something going on. I’ve seen it before and I know that it’s there. And let’s just give it an opportunity to be realized by you. Not big words that make them feel like Oh no, here we go.

Again, they’re gonna lead us by the nose and they’re gonna try to make us be something that we aren’t because a lot of them have already had all of those experiences that have been bent and twisted and manipulated and controlled and so they are really good at not going there. So you have to let them be where they are and let them find where it feels a little better and a little better and a little better. You are going to have so much fun with this. Thank you enough kind of makes up messy bedroom seem different, doesn’t it?

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