Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #494 – Be Easier About Everything



We’re nearly at the end. So rather than starting something else, we want to just talk about what we’ve been talking about just a little bit. It is our desire that you find a way to just be easier about everything. Let’s not make a big deal out of deliberate creation. Let’s just accept that you are here in this physical body, with great intention, and with great reason.

And with great awareness of Source Energy, try to feel yourself as a focal point of a lot of non physical energy, who adores you, try to feel yourself as someone who is exactly where you’re supposed to be. Feel appreciation of yourself. Even try to encourage a little pride in yourself about where you are, and make a strong intention with us here and now that you’re going to do your best from now on, to not beat up on yourself about where you are, that you’re going to accept where you are as the perfect place for what’s coming next.

Because in that attitude of, I’m right where I’m supposed to be, and it’s all good, you will allow the beginning of that momentum. It would be nice if we could just put a video up on the screen. And you could see the perfect unfolding of your important life experience. Sometimes, it would seem more effective and faster. If we could find more words and images, to get you to see to get a glimpse of how well you are doing, and how much is still to be experienced by you. But that would miss the whole point of you in the self discovery of who you are.

Because we don’t want to create your reality, even by putting our perception of your reality up on a screen where you can glimpse it and therefore feel good. Do you get what we mean? We want you to find the emotional feeling place of the core of who you are, so that you can experience the revelation so that you can receive perceive the revelation that your own inner being is expressing to you all day, every day.

And we know for sure that the satisfaction factor of your life is each time you connect with a glimpse that your inner being is offering you that your inner beings acknowledgement that you got just what we meant. And in that moment of satisfaction, we’re having that rendezvous moment where you know what we mean. And you know what we mean. And we know what you mean.

And you know what we mean, we’re all having this Now moment together. And as you have more and more of those, then life will then be exactly as you intended it to be when you got here now you can get on with living the life that you’ve intended to live. You can’t get it wrong, and you can’t get it done. And if you’re tired, then you’re not in the receiving mode. Because when you are in the receiving mode, you’ll feel infinite willingness to experience infinite things.

There’s such an appetite for more when you are really in the receiving mode. Because when you’re in the receiving mode, the effort factor doesn’t apply at all. It’s just the receiving of the next and the next and the next. It really is what going with the flow is all about. We are so happy that you are here. And we are happy that we are here.

And we are happy that we have this opportunity to rendezvous through the words that estrus finding and through the thoughts that you are presenting in terms of asking and because of your inner beings who to a person are participating here in this forum. So be as playful as you can be. And don’t think about what we’re going to talk about next until you’re sitting in the seat and we’re talking about it next. And feel us when we say there is great love here for you. And for now. We are complete.

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