Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #531 – Look For Them Where They Aren



Good afternoon. We are extremely pleased that you are here. Still you are knowing what you are wanting, you’re ready to begin. I have heard for many of the past years, you talk about Esther was searching for Jerry, that you don’t look for him where they were, but where they are. And now I have that experience personally because my father in law, Bernie, recently passed away.

And so now I have new questions about expanding on where they are to find them. It’s a big subject. And it’s a subject not only of wanting to remain connected with those who have reemerged into non physical, which is important that you remember that there need not be any separation. But it’s also a subject of what your belief patterns allow you to experience.

Most people believe that there is separation in what you call death. But the separation is because of your sadness or your unhappiness, or because of your misunderstanding of what your true relationship is. And so we’ve been talking quite a bit in the days that we’ve been together about how you have resistance in your vibration that you often don’t even know you have, because you receive information from reliable sources, it seems, and you practice thoughts, because a belief is only a thought that you continue to think. So you practice the thought until it’s really steady in your vibration.

And then what steady in your vibration doesn’t allow you to sometimes see the bigger picture, it’s exactly the same story that we’ve been talking about in all of these days, about wanting something that you just don’t believe. And so with someone whom you’ve spent a lot of time with. So you’ve come to know what their attitude is about things or the way they approach things or how they feel about things. Or even more important how you feel about them.

Now, you have a different experience that is asking different vibrations from you that maybe you’re not in a position to offer because you haven’t been practicing those. And so Esther was wondering, what was up why she wasn’t making an easier contact with Jerry because it’s been so easier for her to receive Abraham and all of these years. But it took us a while to help her to understand that she’d never had any preconceived notions of who Abraham was, we presented ourselves to her.

And we taught her the vibration of us. So it was easy for her to acclimate to the vibration of us. There was aside from the very early discomfort of the strangeness of it or the non understanding of who we really were or where we were really coming from. But those feelings and those thoughts subsided early on in their exposure to us. And so Esther learned us from us, much in the same way that many of you have. In fact, we’ve said in many cases that we began a new language together or nearly so because Esther did not have a language that served us in regards to what we wanted to talk about.

We were not wanting to start with a religious basis. That’s not who we are. And so if Esther had been steeped in religion, she would not have been able to hear the things that we were offering because so much that people learn about religion doesn’t allow them to hear something that is different from that you see what we’re getting at. And so the same thing was true. When Jerry made his transition. Esther couldn’t find him because she wanted him to blink of light, which he often did.

She wanted him to appear in the shadows, although she always knew that that would frighten her. It’s still what she kind of wanted. Certainly after he made his transition, she and her family, little kids too, went to Disneyland and they went on that ride of terror where they right up in the hotel and they look down the hallways and they’re the ghosts are peeking around the corner at you and Esther was saying yes Jerry like that like that. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s what I want.

But Jerry is like us wanting to express to Esther, in absolute vibrational accuracy who he is, so he could not conform to her ideas of what it would take for her to receive him. He had to be who he was. And then one day, in a particular clear moment, Esther was in contact with us about it. And we said to her, you must stop looking for him where he isn’t and look for him where he is.

And then we reminded her of what she’s heard from us hundreds of times, maybe 1000s of times, that when you reemerge into non physical, you leave behind all doubt and fear and worry, you assume your persona of all that you are. And so it didn’t take Esther long to know for sure who Jerry was. And then she began having more often very satisfying conversations. The thing that Esther came to an abrupt awareness of, and we said to her choose one, you can’t have it both ways.

She wanted in some ways, she wanted him to come to her in her dreams, she wanted to dream about him, she wanted to have vision off him, she wanted him. Really what she thought she wanted was for him to return as he had been before. And it wasn’t until she acknowledged, that isn’t what I want, what I want is for him to remain in the pure positive energy place that he is, and for me to raise my vibration so that I can join him there. That’s what I want. And once she came to that clarity, and was no longer yearning, she have a lot of dreams where she put him back in his body.

And in her dream, she would say, That’s remarkable. How did you do that? And he would give her that silly grin that he always gave her. How did you get back into your body, she would want to know, and then she would say to him, Oh, they’re going to be very happy to see you. We’re going to go on the stage tomorrow morning, and they will be so happy to see you. And then she would think but so much has changed since you were here. We have a new technical crew.

And I’m probably better to make the opening Hello remarks because they may or may not be really ready for you in these dreams. She is even acclimating to a realization that you are always moving forward. And so once she accept it, and of course, it’s logical that she would accept it. But once she vibrationally, except once she stopped yearning for something that was vibrationally not accurate, and began to acknowledge that everyone reemergence into non physical and that everyone is eternal, and that that consciousness is active and accessible. And once she began to acknowledge that, then she began to be able to be in the receiving mode, because she’s receiving from us all the time.

But then she was able to begin receiving from us conversations and understanding about how non physical those Dearly Departed, how they are still so happily, eagerly interested in what you all are doing here. She was visiting with a friend just a little while ago, who was experiencing the same thing of a mate reemerging into non physical. And he kept saying words to Esther, such as Yes, I know that it’s important to move on. And Esther wanted to say and did say to him, yes, move on.

But don’t think that you have to separate yourself from all that. That is? Yes, I have to accept it as it is. Yes, yes, yes, accept it as it is. But don’t stop thinking about her. And don’t stop realizing the reality of her and don’t stop having conversations with her. And don’t stop expecting her to be as interested in what you’re doing as she ever was. That’s the important thing to understand.

Yes, reemergence into non physical, but the only thing that they have left behind really is anything that worried them or bothered them. And they are still eager and active with you here and now and once you know that, and once you have an opportunity to clean up your vibration some so that when you think of them, you don’t feel sorrow or grief but you feel eagerness and interest to continue the conversation from their vantage point, then you can get on with your relationship enough. I have another request. I’d like this being our last day to have a rampage that sums up the beauty of our experience on this group. What comes with this day that may very well be Yeah, yeah.

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