Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #530 – Increasing Physical Health



Hello, I just been sat in the hot seat over there. And I’m really pleased to be here. I had some thoughts that just wanting to help me with. I’m sort of just looking for a confirmation. And I’ll move into my question. So my physical health over my whole life is basically a reflection of what I would have been doing. Yes. And it’s getting a lot better. So the truth is, if I keep doing what I’m doing, and watching my emotions and doing what I want to do, and being happy and just allowing, then my health will just continue to get into a really good, strong place. Yes.

And you know what a really important piece for you is, and it follows so perfectly on the heels of what we were just talking about. Sometimes you come into this physical experience with a strong intention was a very strong intention, because you said my whole life and so you come with a very strong intention to have exposure to contrast that causes you to put something in the vortex and then finally, when you understand that it’s there, and you relax into it, then it comes about more swiftly.

And so the piece that we want to give you is spend zero time beating up on yourself about anything that came before right now. Since you just keep doing it. Because looking back slows you down and trying to explain it slows you down even more. Yeah, that’s gorgeous. Thank you so much. Really good. We think this is the perfect time to come to a close today. We’ve enjoyed this interaction more than words can convey. We are eager about tomorrow and Esther is eager about dinner. There is great love here for you. We are.

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