Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #533 – Parallel Pet Ailments



Can I ask one more thing? So my dog has a physical ailment in his leg, right leg and I have a little bit of something going on in the back of my right leg. And I’m just curious whether it’s a vibrational match, but let’s not doesn’t matter a whole lot, okay with this, okay? No, no, that’s great. That’s great. That’s, that’s, that’s fine. Any associations that you make, you want to ask how they’re serving you, because there’s a tendency when you stand in a physical situation.

And let’s call it a manifestation. Because every moment is a manifested moment, isn’t it? Every moment is a manifested moment. As you’re acknowledging the manifested moment that you’re standing in, there are usually things wanted and not wanted. In that moment, there’s a tendency to want to find a way to justify or even just explain how you got to where you are.

But the thing about that is, is that even though you may be accurately explaining how you got there, you’re still embellishing it, compounding it out into it, everything is connected to everything. That’s what we meant when we said, Your domesticated animals often begin to act like you sometimes they are as resistant as you are, because they hang around you and they pick up on the vibration of you. Even though they’re not talking with you. They are in your vibrational vicinity.

And most of them do a pretty good job of holding their own. But the more you have domesticated them, and the more you have trained them to care what you think, for example, your cats don’t care nearly as much. In fact, most of your cats don’t care at all. They really don’t care but your dogs, you’ve trained them to care and you’ve rewarded them for showing signs of caring, and so they are much more likely to mimic your vibrations. Yes.

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