Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #534 – Animal Communication



May I ask one more question I just have to ask. So I had a conversation with you a few years ago about being an animal communicator, and you helped me realize that they don’t really need us to be that they’re very much in tune with broader perspective. And like you just said they like communicating with you. They just don’t want you to turn their vibration into your distorted words.

Yes, I understand that. Thank you. So since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be Dr. Doolittle, and talk to animals and have animals sort of know that I’m someone that they could get closer to then make sure you’re in the receiving mode and feel good when you’re with them. Notice that when you get tuned in, they flock to you. They come to you from everywhere.

They like being in that energy at first when they smell the humaneness of you. They stand by to see what kind of humaneness you are, because they are physically focused and so like you, they do have physical sensors that they are utilizing to interpret.

So they’re seeing you and hearing you and smelling you and mostly tasting you, they are utilizing their physical senses to be aware of you, but they have this very acute sensing of how you feel. And so if you want to be of greatest benefit to them feel good when you’re with them. That’s true of your human friends too. Beautiful. Thank you so much. Absolutely beautiful.

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