Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #538 – Falling Off The Track



Just one more question, Is it human nature to have a great partner in life, we’ve done a lot of spiritual work. But as a human nature to, you know, you go on down the track, you know, during the work, then you just fall off. And then we help each other put ourselves back on the track, but Well, it might getting lazy.

And that’s why I keep falling off the track, we wouldn’t call it lazy, we would call it responsive to what you’re seeing more responsive to the manifestations and a little less responsive to the vibration that is coming forth from within, it is going about it the hard way, when you are observing and having responses to what you are observing. And yet, you can’t have achieved what you’ve achieved without a lot of focus. So you’ve trained your mind into focus. You mean what you say, and you do what you say, and you do what you mean. And you have a lot of things that you believe in, and that you take pride in.

And all of those things are good, and we’re not trying to talk you out of any of them. But when that part of your life is more dominant than the renewal, then there is a depletion, unless you’re continually and deliberately renewing. So let’s say it this way, human nature is to respond to what is responding to what is, is not naturally asking for renewal. So it’s usually responding to what is and it isn’t until you realize you’ve fallen off that then you launch a stronger rocket of desire where you decide to get back on, we like to say we think you all like the drama of it. It doesn’t have to be that way.

But it sort of goes like this, I know what I don’t want, I know what I do want. But I don’t really focus there that much. And I know what I don’t want, I know what I do want. But I don’t really focus that much. And I know what I don’t want to know what I do want, I am asked something pretty big, that’s really calling me in a strong way. In fact, it’s calling me in such a strong way that I’m sort of miserable, because I’m not going because I’ve got split energy, but it’s calling and calling and calling and calling and calling and calling and calling. And finally I go I have a sort of quantum leap.

And then I have a whole new awareness of things because I did it a mass like pulling back a rubber band. And when I let go of it, I went far. And now for a little while I feel satisfaction, just for a little while. But it’s not practice satisfaction. So then I know what I don’t want, I know what I do want new things. And so the further gap you allow to get between what you desire and what your patterns of thought are, then the more you have, that experience that you are asking is that normal behavior, and it sort of kind of is normal behavior, a less dramatic way of living is to know what you don’t want know what you do want and contemplate it and line up with it and then have it and it’s no big deal.

Nobody makes a news article about it. The people around you hardly even noticed it, you just were softly satisfied and you liked it. And then you know what you don’t want you know what you do on no big deal, you just line up with that, because you’ve been meditating and that logical thought comes and so you just kind of keep up with yourself better. Because you’re gonna keep expanding. And so the better you keep up with yourself, then the fewer of those dramatic experiences that you have, but they don’t make movies about you. And they don’t write books about you.

That’s what we mean when we say we think you like the drama of it. And so it’s not an easy thing to separate how you are seen by others, from how you see yourself, because they will teach you how they see you. And before you know it, that’s how you see you. And then you kind of lose yourself in it, you say. So that’s what that feeling of chaos or clutter is going on. So now we’ve talked about this, everyone’s resonating with it to some degree and in some cases to a great degree.

So now, what to do about it? How do you feel now that we’ve chewed this over a little bit? Did the feeling shift within you at all about what you say you’ve been getting ready to do? Or about what you are ready to do you feel more ready now than you did at the beginning of this conversation? I feel clarity about meditating is hitting me right between the eyes since the cruise started. And that I know my life changes big time. You know what changes meditation makes.

In fact, we could say the only change really that meditation makes is a perceptual change changes your perception, because you get more of an influx of who you really are and what you really know, and less of an influx of what’s already manifested and sort of rigid in your life experience. And so it’s like an influx and it comes gradually enough but as we said, then there’s a tipping of it where you just know and we really mean it would say this to all of you. We would not take action.

A friend yesterday talked about that. Hell yes. We would not take action until We’re really feeling that enthusiasm to take that action because while it may turn out to be perfectly fine action, it’ll be a rougher ride for you than it needs to be. When people are thinking of changing businesses or releasing businesses, or retiring or divorcing, or quitting their job or any of those things, almost always what they’re looking for is some sort of relief.

But if you take the action before you’ve been ready, then you don’t get relief or not long standing relief. What we want you to teach yourself is how to find relief moment by moment by moment by moment because relief and ease are the same thing. And ease and alignment are the same thing. And ease and alignment and absence of resistance are the same thing.

There’s just no better way to live at clarity is about that, too. So when you think do I prefer confusion to clarity? It’s easy to I prefer tension to ease it’s easy to know what you mean. But sometimes you’ve convinced yourself that you have to sacrifice in order to make big things happen in order to do good things. And that just is not true at all. Yeah, helpful. Really good.

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