Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #556 – She Was Ready



Hello. I’m so happy to be here I am. But I have gotten a new appreciation for rap lately. I listened to it for six and a half hours in the car with my 14 year old yesterday. So I’m all in so he will let us know when the guy in Alabama becomes a famous rapper starts rapping Abraham stuff. I’ll clue everybody in. It will be it will be Yeah. He’s already tracking it for us. So I have really enjoyed the conversation today, because this is something I have been thinking about for the last few days.

And so I find that I’m really good at hearing that intuitive. Here’s the next step. Here’s the next step. Here’s the next step of unfolding on on big things. We like the words that you used, we want you to all of you to just rest a little bit during this conversation with the idea of now I’m ready for this. And now I’m ready for this. And now I’m ready for this. But I wasn’t ready for this before I was ready for this. And I wasn’t ready for this before it was ready for this, find the satisfaction for what you’re ready for.

And let it be enough. Don’t need to jump all the way over there. And don’t fanned the flames of dissatisfaction. Because you’re not all the way over there. Let this be enough. Look for the satisfaction here. And if you look for it and find it, then you’ll be ready for this. And if you look for and find the satisfaction of that, then you’ll be ready for this. And before you know it, you’ll be all the way over there where you want it to be. Yeah, a friend reminded me this morning, she asked me hey, so did you guys buy that house? Did you talk to Abraham about a couple years ago?

And I was like, Oh, that’s right. We did talk about that. I didn’t even realize how it all unfolded. Yeah, we’re moved in and everything is great. And but it was one of those things. I wasn’t looking for it. I saw an ad about it in the paper. And I thought to myself, hmm, wouldn’t it be nice if and that was it, I let it go. And then a few weeks later, my husband lined up. And he said, Hey, there was this house. Our realtor wants us to go see we don’t even have a realtor.

Okay, he just called us up and said you guys need to go see this house. So we went and saw the house that we walked into. And we were like, oh my god, this is totally it. We weren’t even looking for a house. But it was everything, everything we wanted. That I didn’t even know I wanted. I didn’t know that I wanted to have a view of the skyline.

And I didn’t know that I wanted to have the best park in the city is my backyard. And I didn’t know that I wanted all these things. But what does the view of the skyline feel like? It’s so expansive and magnificence is so you did know. Yeah, you are ready for the general aspect of the things that will later become specifics. But sometimes you’re not ready for the specifics.

You’re only ready for the general aspects. But if you try to be ready for the specifics before you can even speak them, then you introduce confusion into the mix. And then you don’t move toward Yeah. So you were ready for everything that it eventually became. You just weren’t ready all at once for it. That’s really the point isn’t exactly. And so what I want to ask you about is so that’s a pretty big thing, right?

Like manifesting does amazing home. But it was such a no big deal that it unfolded, because I just trust that the next step is going to come in, I feel that. So hear her words, because this is really important. You know how the things that you want that do feel like a big deal. Can’t get them. Because often you’re not ready for them. But the things that feel like they’re not such a big deal.

They come more easily. That’s really what the power of this is, you are where you are, we’re going to say some very profound things, write them down or don’t, you are where you are. And that’s gotta be enough. You are where you are. And that’s got to be enough. Because if it’s not enough where you are, you’re in deep doo doo. Because you can’t be anywhere other than where you are.

So if you make the best of where you are, by letting it be enough, then in its enoughness, there’s no resistance, and then you can move on, if that makes sense. If it’s not enough, then there’s resistance. And now it’s not a pure vibration. And so now you’ve stopped the momentum.

So let’s say you meditated you started really generally you were moving toward it and you didn’t even know you were moving toward it because it wasn’t vivid. It wasn’t really obvious that you were moving toward it, but you were feeling some satisfaction. And as you’re feeling some satisfaction, then you’re still moving toward it and you don’t know you’re moving toward it, but you’re just feeling satisfaction. And then you get a whiff of it.

And that whiff of it is too strong because you’re not quite ready for it. And then you stop and take score even though you’re not there and now you introduce resistance into the mix and you slow the momentum but On Tuesday, you meditate again. And then you begin the progress again. And then somebody asks you about it and you introduce resistance to the mix, and then you slow them. But then Wednesday, you meditate again. And before you know it, the satisfaction of the moment to moment to moment. It was the life that you’re living, as all of the things that you’ve ever asked for in your whole life. Start just dovetailing into your experience.

And people watching you from the outside say, Why do you get everything that you want? And you say, because I’m patient, because I’m ready to be ready. I’m appreciative of what I’m ready for. And there it comes, and then more, and then more and then more. And I don’t introduce resistance into my mix, by trying to be ready for something I’m not ready for, by goosing it up and faking it till I make it. So where I started out is like so I’m very good at like, just trusting that these things are going to come in and unfold. But what I’m wanting to fine tune is this idea of so we meditate.

I don’t meditate as much as I should. Please tell me to meditate and I’ll Meditate. Meditate every day, then you are not meditating to your advantage, because it’s a progressive thing. Because it’s a centering thing, because it’s a rebooting thing, because it’s tapping into the power of who you really are thing because you’re slowing the momentum thing because you’re in more subject to resistance.

Esther would say, I’m too busy to meditate and Jerry would say you’re too busy not to meditate. He knew the difference between a meditated Esther and a not meditated It was almost as good as medicated estrus. Big difference was the difference between ease and flow and intuitive driving and oh my god driving. Jerry used to ask Abraham to drive on days that he knew Esther hadn’t meditated. Why don’t you that Abraham drive a little while and give yourself a break. He thought their survival rate would go way up.

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