Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #116 – Help Me Understand


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And are you refreshed? Good. Now what? So I wrote a question. I wrote down the question yet, on Tuesday, a question about projection on other people. And I would like some help in, because I understand how to do it and other people. And I do it very successfully. But because I don’t have any momentum about them projection on other people, yes. I mean, when y

ou see this trance of another person, even though he doesn’t realize it, but you see it, and you tell it to him, or you show it in a different way, somehow, I feel that I’m a catalyst for them to see it, to help to enable them to see it. But they don’t have any momentum about them, you see, but they do have a momentum about myself.

So it’s easier for you to expect or anticipate, for those that you don’t have negative momentum. That’s logical, isn’t it? Yes, it is. So So think about what you just said, you’re new in the moment, you’re not dragging the past into it. There’s no past to activate. And so there is no past that you are activating. So it’s just you and another fresh in this moment.

And you feeling good? And flowing pure positive energy toward them. So what aspect of that? Could you carry forward in thinking about yourself? Don’t bring the past into it start fresh and new in the moment? Which is what we’ve been talking about quite a bit already here today. what that requires is a willingness to, or an understanding that, let’s just say it to you bluntly, you can’t explain yourself anyway.

So why do you try so hard? So do you think that it is a feeling of not being quite where I want to be that makes you continue to want to justify where you are? And who are you justifying to others who you feel don’t understand your that you need to explain to, but if your dominant relationship that you were wanting to accomplish and keep going, where the relationship between you and your inner being?

Wouldn’t that take care of quite a bit of that, because your inner being does not need you to explain who you are? Or where you stand in proximity to what you desire, your inner being knows all of that. What do you say you’re in a very clear place.

And so we think we can have a very good conversation that will be helpful to so many, what do you think causes you to not think is kindly of yourself, as you do a stranger? Or a new person? You already said that there’s no momentum, but what kinds of thoughts? Do you find yourself thinking that are hindering? Because I know that it’s all about talking about things that are not working for me, but a bit of you’re just standing in your now?

What is it about being in the Now that seems to require an explanation? Interesting question. Part of is wanting to get to know each other, we get that but after a while, you sort of have gotten to know each other? What do you believe you are continuing to try to explain? What’s the explanation about why do you want to explain it to someone else? Or are you really explaining it to yourself, and they’re just listening in? We’ve been calling it rationalization or justification or defensiveness.

So if you’re in a place of defensiveness, you’re more likely to do that. But what if you got a good night’s sleep? And what if, when you’re awakened, you knew that you were new in the day, and that any momentum on anything has subsided. And while you still do hold beliefs, you’re having a fresh start, where you could choose momentum.

And what if this morning and tomorrow morning and the next morning, the next morning? You were doing that so that you were fresh in this moment? So you refreshed to yourself, like the stranger is fresh to you? Would it keep you from needing to explain so much?

What if you began to define yourself in terms of how you feel rather than who you are or how you feel rather than where you’ve been or how you feel rather than what you’ve been doing or how you feel rather than what happened in your life? I was raised this or I’m a recovering this or I’m if you Could just resist the temptation to try to describe and define yourself so much.

What if you pretended? Or what if you knew what we actually know? They’re not that interested in you anyway? What if they didn’t care where you’ve been? Or how you got to where you are? What if they were just there? Because Law of Attraction brought you together? And what if they were just there to mine? Your positive aspects?

What if they were just there to mine or CO create with your points of harmony? What if you are nothing more or nothing less? And we mean, nothing less, because it’s a lot. What if you were to the others that you met, a cooperative component that law of attraction has brought together, not to explain where you’ve been, and not to explain how long you’ve been there, but just to co create with you in this dance right here and now.

So you’re tuned in tapped in turned on your inner being is flowing through you, your inner beings are dancing with their inner beans. Everybody knows vibrationally who everyone is. And now what? Not where we been had we get here now what? Where are we going? Now? What now? What? And when you meet with someone and you say now what?

And they say? Oh, yesterday and you say no, no, no, no, no. Now what? Oh, last week? No, no, no, no, no. Now what now? What? Now? What? Now? What? Now? What now? What are we going to co create together? What is the best of me? And the best of you going to do here and now. Now what? Now? What? really like this idea that everybody is here to see something good about me.

Every labor even better said everyone who comes into your experience has come by law of attraction and so there is benefit for you and benefit for them because things are always working out for me. He’s for me, he’s for me. For me. For me. Things are always working out for me. He’s for me, he’s for me. He’s for me. Things are always working out for me. He’s for us. For me.

It’s for us as it is always working out for all of us. And so here we are. And could it be enough? Couldn’t you just say, well, here we are. Here we are, this must matter. Here we are. Here we are on the elevator maybe for the first time here we are just making eye contact as we’re passing the airport. Here we are. Here we are here we are making the most of every moment because your inner beings are always making the most of every moment you say.

And the less you are trying to explain how you got to where you are. And the more you’re accepting the goodness and the rightness and the perfection of where you are. Right here, right here, right here, right here, right here. Because your point of power is here, here, here now. Now. Now, now never then. Now, now now. Thank you, I really appreciate it. So you’ve met a stranger. So take it to where you were going your questions good. Now with later basis, let’s talk about it. I would like to find my new professional path, something new for myself.

Something that they will really like we think that’s really good. So at first, you’re talking about van. And now you’re talking about van. And we keep wanting to talk about now. We keep wanting to talk about now. So do you believe that the path is known? I want to believe in it. Do you believe that there is a vibrational creation? Yes. And you believe that it’s out ahead of you that there is a vibrational creation that will be realized by you that has already been revealed.

But we’ll be realized by you that you will experience as it unfolds. How far down the path do you need to look when you’re in your now if you are dissatisfied with your now we can see why you might want to look further down. But if you’re satisfied in your now if the path is just unfolding, unfolding, unfolding, Can you feel how whether you’re looking back or too far forward or even very forward at all? You’re not utilizing the power of now.

I tried to talk with myself about why I wanted and but it doesn’t seem that it’s how shall I put it? It’s an effort and it doesn’t seem like flow. First of all effort is never a good idea. Because it isn’t a flow because When you’re offering effort is because you’re trying to overcome something and the thing that you’re trying to overcome is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

So do you accept that? There is a convergence right now between you and your inner being? Yes. And I feel it right now. And can you feel that your inner being is present tense of everything that you’re calling future tense, this is an important thing to acknowledge. Your inner being is present tense of everything that you want to call future tense. In other words, your inner being is living, what you’re going to receive and allow yourself to experience so your inner being is already there.

So can you feel how managing your vibration which is what we’ve been talking about all morning, is about feeling the way your inner being feels about a tuning to that vibrational frequency. And so if you were tuning to your inner beans frequency, who is already living what you want to live? Can you feel the satisfaction that you would live right now?

You’ve got to become at one with the idea of always being incomplete in the sense that there’s always going to be more vibration to be realized more thoughts that are going to turn into more things. But if you were standing in your now and you’re reaching for awareness of the things before you’ve been ready to receive the vibration of them, then you get into that efforting place you’ve created lack within yourself and now you’re standing in dissatisfaction rather than in joyous anticipation. Can you feel that.

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