Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #115 – The Link Between Vibration and Music


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Nice to rendezvous with you again. I want to speak about vibration in the arena of music. That’s a good subject to begin understanding vibration because you understand harmony and disharmony or harmony and discord. Exactly. As a youth I was classically trained in music. Yeah. And it’s a part of my I feel like it’s a part of my spiritual DNA.

Well, it certainly is an early expression of your natural vibrational being Yes. Yes. At this point in my life, I feel like it’s a tool for me to experience my own level of awareness and vibration. And I understand from music that there are so many different individual vibrations, for instance, in the field of orchestral music, there are the brass, and they would win and the string different areas of vibration. Yes. Oh, it’s rich, isn’t it? Not only is every note a different vibration.

But even the same note played by a different instrument set is a different vibration play. Yeah. And that’s leading to my question is that sometimes I feel that sometimes, Experian, you’ve used the word a number of times x to say, and I feel like I don’t know where on the range of the emotion is. But I feel that I experienced that, well, it’s as high as it gets.

And it’s leading edge, what you’re feeling are those of us who are non physically focused through you. You see, we feel that way all the time. We feel that way all the time. What you’re describing is you opening up and allowing yourself to feel what we feel. Yeah. Yeah. So that answers a part of my question. The other is, it seems like they’re a couple of the segments of the orchestra, the brass and the percussion.

Particularly like trumpets are trombones, individually, or in combination with timpani or bass drum those combinations sometimes is like, I can’t hold on to my body, I just sore. So I would like a little clarification on that. Well, let’s see if we can find the words because you’re having the experience of it. And so it’s the bass. If the deeper notes, along with the percussions.

Give us more description. Well, I’m sure everybody knows what a trumpet sounds like. Yes. And I would not consider that a deeper Yes, deeper note. Although, tuba and trombone certainly can be in it can be a combination of that. And like symbols with within the combination of brass instruments, it feels like I’m guided into, like a point for some reason. It’s like, I’m so focused, maybe.

So can you call it timing? Okay, the introduction of the symbol to it at a particular point of timing, as sort of crescendo. Is a build up to that? Yes, yes. Yes, I understand what you’re saying. Give us if you can, we know you can some characteristics of a trumpet that are different from the characteristics of a flute? Well, for me, personally, I think a trumpet has such clarity, and focus, whereas the vibration of a flute is more general.

So if you were to look at a sound wave of one or the other, have you ever seen a sound wave of a trumpet? I don’t think I have I can visualize it that would be worth doing, because that would answer your question. Mark notices that because they always do a sound check with Esther. And he is looking at sound waves on the computer screen. And he has noticed that the sound of Esther and the sound of Abraham to the ear are much the same.

But on the computer screen, there’s a very different vibration. Right? And then it’s about the sustaining of the energy within it. And so that’s the difference between the flute and the trumpet. In other words, think about the sustaining, and then with that word sustaining, think about the word momentum.

Who isn’t music, replication or representative of the whole of the mix of everything that’s going on in this physical environment of everyone playing their parts, some holding the notes longer, some coming in just at the right timing. the leaving of such an orchestra is what each of you are doing in your own life because of what you’re accomplishing vibrationally you’re bringing in the different components that will fill it in to make it richer and more whole and exactly as you intend it to be.

And we didn’t get quite there something more it feels fulfilled. We do not know of a better conversation. Never had one and may never have one that more succinctly expresses the vibrational nature of what’s going on here. And to be able to translate it through this knowing is what we wish for everyone. Surely, this is a good time for segment.

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