Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #97 – How to Enjoy the Receptive Mode



I have a routine I try to do in the morning, I do two of your meditations that I do focus wheels, one or two. And then I try to write positive aspects or appreciation pages, I have absolutely love the receptive mode, it is amazing. I’ve had days where it is just so wonderful. And so let’s tell it like it is. Let’s say that those processes that you are enjoying are for the deliciousness of experiencing the receptive mode, not to make something happen. I’m not doing this focus wheel in order to whip something into shape. This isn’t the way that I instruct the universe on my behalf. Because the universe has already been instructed on your behalf. That’s what the vibrational reality is.

And so these processes that you are enjoying, not doing in a disciplined way, not doing because if you don’t do it, you fall off the cliff. Not doing it in order to prevent disaster of your usual thoughts. Doing it for the pleasure of alignment. Fun. So practicing the receptive mode is all there is to it. Take the week off. We did, isn’t it? It’s what it’s all about? Isn’t it getting into the receptive mode?

And can you tell when you are? Here’s a good thing to contemplate. Is there any limit to your capacity to decipher the receptive mode? Is that unlimited? Absolutely. And have you ever gotten into a body of water that is too cold and then acclimated to it, or into a tub of water that is too hot, and then acclimated to it. So what we are mean to say to you is that in many cases, you’ve acclimated to your current practice capacity to receive, you just get used to it.

But when you goose up your anticipation just a little bit, when you start thinking about what you now know about the power, the vastness, the intensity, and the momentum of your vibrational reality. And you start noting to yourself, your ability, your practice, at feeling good and being in the receptive mode, then you begin to anticipate with more consistency, not the revelation of the path because it’s always been revealed to you, but your receptivity, your realization of the revelation of the path.

And then oh, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet it is because we don’t want you ever to be complacent about how much goodness you’ve allowed in so far. Of course, appreciating the wonderful things of your life that really holds you in a good steady chronic receptive mode. But when you couple that steady receptive mode, with an anticipation of more and more and more, and you begin to consciously acknowledge the convergence of so many more things than you ever formerly thought was possible to occur to you.

Then you begin experiencing mastery of you channeling flowing, directing this energy that creates worlds toward the things that matter to you. In the beginning, if you’re not really good at holding yourself in a steady place of feeling good, it’s better for you to be as general as you can be about the subjects that matter to you. Because the more general you are, the more unlikely you are to introduce resistant snatches or resistant subjects or resistant trends of your practice thought.

But as you are aware that you are more often feeling good, more often laughing than crying or happy than sad. More often feeling ease than tension, were often feeling complimentary than critical. As you begin to notice that shift in that is taking place within you, then you can begin to deliberately through these processes as you’re doing. Bring yourself from the general contemplation of the subjects to more specific contemplations of the subject, which simply makes the energy move faster.

Because you just got to admit, you’d rather be one of those Bumblebee cars moving down that highway, then you would just slogging along at the prescribed speed that frightened people drive out the receptive mode is just so amazing because you don’t want to, because it’s a melding of your mind with the mind of your source. And that’s really something. It’s a melding of the two parts of you. It’s a melding of you with your utter worthiness and your absolute expectation, and your incredible zest for life and your belief in others and your understanding of the laws of the universe, and your feeling of invincibility and unlimitedness. Yeah, wonderful.

We cut you off in middle well, we just had a little rampage, we couldn’t. I love. One of the things I do every day is walk in the woods, or I run outside. And I think being so connected to source in those moments, is part of staying in the receptive mode. So let’s tell it like it really is. Every day, my source wants to take a run with me. My source is eager to get out there and experience through my physicality, through my physical senses. the deliciousness of this leading edge, time, space reality, and I get an impulse because I will not deny what source wants to experience through me.

You think you’re taking your dog for a walk? When most of you know your dog takes you for a walk? Doesn’t he? Yes. Isn’t it the eagerness of your dog? He just looked at you like now, now, now, now, now. Now, now, now, now, how about now, how about now, how about now, how about now, how about now, how about now, how about now, how about now, how about now?

How about now? How about now? How about now? How about now? Now. Now. Now. Now? How about now? How about now? How about now? How about now? How about now? How about now? How about now? How about now? How about now? How about now? Now? Now. Now. Now now. And that’s the way your intervene feels within you.

That’s the way your inner being feels all the time. You’re out here on the leading edge. You have the perfect environment in which to contemplate and come to new ideas and to create and there’s an eagerness within you that once you take the lid off of it, you will feel vitality beyond anything that you felt before you say yes, you know and well. Good

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