It’s Not Going Wrong #62


Infinite Intelligence Episode #62 – It’s Not Going Wrong


And are you refreshed? Good. Now what I feel like I won the lotto? I have a large question that I’ve been asking in my head with you speaking with you about for years, I’m still trying to formulate it. It’s sort of about the new consciousness.

We’re just going to very briefly, you know how we’ve been talking about when you’re in the receptive mode and that desire occurring to you? Do you think it could ever be possible that when you’ve been trying to formulate a question that all of a sudden that can come into your mind? Wouldn’t that be receptive mode? There is a possible that in the receptive mode that some of the questions could come clear to?

Yeah, exactly. That’s why I got into alignment gotten that? Yes, yes. Something about your perspective on this new paradigm shift happening on the planet, and I’m interested in, you’re not, it’s not new, it’s steady. It’s never ending, it’s always unfolding. And it’s because new consciousnesses are coming in, who are pure positive energy, and those like you are finding a better balance.

I mean, I sometimes semi struggle with the negative aspects, like sometimes we’ll look at the negative aspects of what’s going on in the planet, as a way to realign myself with what I want to see, you know, in terms of politics, or the environment, or these things that pop up regularly. And like, Okay, I see that there’s all this stuff happening.

There’s a lot knowledge that this is a question and the answer is up for grabs. This is not an answer, that is necessarily something that everyone would say. So we’re just asking you, are things better or worse on the planet today than they were 50 years ago? 100 years ago, 200 years ago? In some ways worse, in some ways better, I think. And in what ways?

Are they worse? Environmentally, I think we’re, there’s certainly more of a spotlight on it. So what have you come to know, as you’ve been playing with us a little bit, when you know, what you don’t want is when you know what you do want? And what happens when you have exposure to something and you ask? So what happens when billions of people, maybe it’s not billions, but let’s say millions of people are observing what’s happening, are worried about environment, and are sending off rockets of desire for planetary well being? What does that do? In terms of the vortex?

makes it go faster? And grow bigger? Well, it puts the request into the vortex. And what do you know about when it is asked what happens when it is asked? It is given? Yes. So when you ask for something improved, this is the story of the evolution of all species, the evolution of our species is about nothing more than this. Every consciousness, having exposure to physicality, and requesting improvement, that’s why the evolution of our species is happening. So the requests about this specific subject have been going in and are going into the vortex like never before.

And so there is a stronger asking, and therefore there is a stronger answering. And so what’s it going to take in order for humans to be inspired to whatever is necessary for them to live out the dream that they’re asking for? Can they stay in that pushing against mode? Can they stay in that blaming mode? And the good news is, does everyone have to get into the receptive mode for answers to come, or just just some people have to get in the receptive mode for answers to come. In other words, this is not a crisis of any greater proportion than anything that any of you have lived before.

It’s just that your airways cause more of you to talk about it and think about it, which only means the vortex is getting bigger, faster, which only means the answer is coming stronger, which only means the answers are more available to more who are in the receptive mode. So nothing is going wrong. This is life on the leading edge. That’s what it is, you see.

So what I’m starting to understand and have been for a while is that inspired action aligned action is where I should or not should but where I like to live my life from. So whatever I view, whether it’s relationship, the different levels of relationship that’s like my questions, generals, like even about relationship, the beloved relationship we just talked about in the New Age, you know, so I wonder, wherever I’m coming from. That’s the level of relationship I’ll engage in even with the same person. It can be at that more karmic, like you said, the lower vibrational interaction or it could raise up to the higher vibration and it’s one of the nice things when you learn how to accomplish a mathematical equation.

Then you can take any set of facts and you can come to an accurate conclusion or resolution you can solve the problems Once you know the formula, and this is the same thing, in other words, we could talk about all of those things that most people are talking about from this worrisome place. Or we could get on the high flying disc and receive the inspiration of what everybody’s been putting into the vortex. In other words, you’re right, it is the same relative to all things. So what specifically are you wanting from us?

I guess some because we’ve talked all day, right? First, we’ve talked about the importance of being there, and we think we’ve won you over, haven’t we. And next, we talked about different ways that you can get there. And most of it is by getting out of your head, stop trying to solve all the problems of the world, stop trying to get a consensus of a variety of people just trust that there is a well enough balanced bunch of you on this planet, asking from every perspective that exists. And all of going into a collective consciousness vortex, and all of those desires being answered by source. And none of you having anything to worry about other than whether you’re blocking yourself from solutions, or whether you’re in the stream of the solutions. It’s like a giant magnifying glass has been laid over the entire planet.

And law of attraction has been amped up. So that thoughts have turned into things faster than ever before, which means thrivers are thriving at unprecedented rates. And those who are suffering are suffering at unprecedented rates. Because what you’ve got going out vibrationally is what’s coming back to you in a very strong way. And so there’s never any injustice, there is a lot of misunderstanding. And with everyone who is living something that they are not wanting, they are posing a question.

That’s why your opening words to us are so interesting. I have been trying to formulate this question for a really long time. Well imagine what mass consciousness has been doing, about putting their request in the vortex. So there are some things that you kind of have to come on a premise of faith or trust about have to accept that there is source who is interested in you. And anything other than that is from our perspective, as we even look through your eyes a sort of unreasonable premise.

In other words, how could you stand on this planet? Knowing what you know that small scan the amount that you know about your galaxy, and the way your earth spins in proximity to other planets in perfection? How could you not accept that there is something much more than the bunch of you. In other words, you’re brilliant, and you’re lovely, but the whole bunch of you haven’t figured out how to scrape another earth together a bunch of dirt together and launch it into orbit, there is clearly a broader perspective, there is clearly a broader, loving consciousness.

And so if you accept that, that is so and you acknowledge that your guidance system is telling you how to align with it and how to know when you’re not. And you care about how you feel. That really is the thing that is the most interesting to us about humans who are working to understand this and to become deliberate in their offering a vibration, and therefore in the controlling of their own personal experience. It is interesting how many people are willing to put up with negative emotion and disregard the enormous and important guidance that it is.

So do you think it’s possible for us to live more near reality where our contrast is between bliss and ecstasy? We know for sure it is. And there are many who are doing it already? Do we think it’s necessary for mankind to survive in mostly happily living ever after? No. In other words, you’re doing very well with almost nobody living deliberately in terms of vibration. Because you all knew when you came in your stream of well being is so predominant, when you reemerge into non physical, that’s who you’ll be.

And then all those non physical have been here are shining back with you, leading you and leading you and leading you, it’s not going wrong and it can’t go wrong. So we’re just wondering why any of you are so willing to claim it as going wrong when you can’t get it wrong. Because nothing’s ever done. Nothing’s ever done. It’s just in a perpetual state of becoming. And you have much more hand in the becoming of it, as it relates to you than most of you are willing to admit. Or to test or to practice, or to master or to observe.

But it is only in the mastery of your alignment that you ever really enjoy life. And oh, once you’ve mastered that receptive mode, so you get to watch the hand of source energy in the unfolding of things. You feel so blessed, you feel so worthy, you have so much fun, the ideas are coming. That’s what you all came for. Not one of you thought that it was going to be a struggle. And when you first get here, as little kids it isn’t. You believe in yourself. You believe in the world, you trust what your parents are saying to you.

That isn’t until you start observing the contrast. So then you say well, Abraham, that’s where it all goes wrong. There shouldn’t be contrast for us to observe because then we lose our way. We say the contrast is the same essential to the eternal life that we all are. You’ve got to learn to cope with contrast. You’ve got to learn to cope with it. And you’ve got guidance system that helps you. And so it’s time to just get on with what you know how to do.

So say I feel like the only thing that matters that I do in this life is to come into alignment. I feel like that’s the most important, let’s not go that far. It’s not the only thing that matters. You want wonderful relationships, and you want to see beautiful things, and you want all the deliciousness that you’ve picked out along your way. It’s not all that matters. It’s just the thing that matters most, because it’s the premise to everything else that happens later. It’s not all that matters. It’s just a really important element that matters.

Which means you got to lighten up and chill out and not make big deals out of things that aren’t big deals. And don’t be so defensive. And don’t try to justify your existence so much and do more things that feel good and be more selfish about doing things that make you feel good. You are so interesting, you get in this attitude of virtue, and valor, and sacrifice. And then you get Andre. And then you complain about not being blessed when you’re doing it all to yourself. And we know a lot of people have written a lot of books, I didn’t do it to myself, I didn’t feel this way till that happened. We said you felt something like that or that wouldn’t.

In other words, everything that comes comes in response to a vibration that you’ve got going on. And at no time, can you not come into pure positive energy? And actually, that’s what they deaf experience is it’s the ultimate getting into the receptive mode. And oh, what a party that is. You are very funny. When you make your transition is non physical. And you get into the receptive mode, and you get a look at all the things that didn’t matter that you were making such a big deal about. That’s a party worth going to.

We all lined up oh, here’s new ones coming. Listen to them laughing. Not quite like that. No, it’s exactly like that. Exactly like that. As it occurs to you how simple it all was and how complicated you all made it. Yeah, all I had to do was love. What about that guy? He made it very hard for me to love. So I sacrificed one decade, two decades, three decades for decades, five decades, six decades, seven decades, eight decades. 99 Crap. I love that guy.

I just love that guy. That unlovable guy is adding so much to the world. He has elements of contrast, are bringing clarity. He’s causing things to go into the vortex without even knowing it. He’s adding to the whole he’s valuable as as every other component. Yeah. But in non physical, there’s no regret about the nine decades that you wasted while you hated that guy. Because you left all that resistance behind your family will keep talking about it.

They’ll write books about it. That’d be a monument. My father hated this guy. And with good reason. This is our family history. Let us tell you what this guy did to our family. Very interesting, isn’t it? Something more that pretty much answers all the questions. Yeah. Thank you.

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