Why You Don’t Need to Pay a High Price #65


Infinite Intelligence Episode #65 – Why You Don’t Need to Pay a High Price


This has been a day of digging deep, hasn’t it? And the result of it is what? Knowing stuff you didn’t know before. Yes. You’ve been having a good day. The best. And what you’re going to talk about now, sort of was born out of what’s been going on here. Yeah, yep. Okay, I found you in September last year. Yes, it was the best thing. I guess I was ready. Yes. Miracles really, really?

No, normal, normal, normal. receptive mode brings normal things. It only looks like a miracle when you’re not in the receptive mode. It only looks like magic when you’re not in the receptive mode.

Yeah. So I got lazy. I guess the press lazy, heard you the night. And there was one lady here. She come here once and every time I hear her I cry because it’s so nice. You know? What I can relate? Because she said, she found herself and she loves herself. And I feel I love myself. So yet.

Yes. So where are you right now? What do you want to talk about? Well, after four months listening to you the night doing everything, that’s too much first of all, yeah. Yeah, it but we know, but don’t work so hard at this. I was not to wanted to do it. We know. But what we’re saying is, if you make it a big deal, so much to learn so much to study, got to listen, listen, listen, listen, it’s easier than that. Just go to the beach.

But I feel good. There was not so much that I wanted to learn or it just calmed me down and made me feel like there’s something in you that we must speak to and that is you believe that you must pay a big price in order to receive and as long as you believe that you must pay a big price in order to receive you’re gonna have to pay a bigger price than anybody can pay in order to receive.

So what we’re trying to do is sort of shake you into realizing that you don’t have to earn it. You’ve already got it. You already understand it. That’s why we wanted to call you up. Here’s a roomful of people we wanted you to know that you light up for us that everything’s working out for you. And you can relax in this. There’s a tension of trying too hard that we want you to just soften and let go off. Okay. Really good. Yeah. All right. Now what?

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