Believe In Yourself To Change Your Life #1


Infinite Intelligence Episode #1 – Believe In Yourself To Change Your Life (Part 1 of 3)


Good morning, we are extremely pleased that you’re here it is good to come together for the purpose of creating. Do you agree, you’re, knowing what you are wanting? That’s a good thing. Your desire feels good to you doesn’t torture, you that’s a really good thing that says so much because when you desire something and you believe it then you’re in that eager optimistic, good feeling place.

If you desire something that you don’t believe, then it doesn’t feel so good. Does it, and so so many people sift through life, trying to settle for the believable, and then they just get all resistant because their life keeps producing within them the nature of what this time-space reality is about. It keeps producing within you new, fresh desires. That’s what the expansion of you is for.

The evolution of our species is so when the new desire happens, and it does all day every day, you gotta figure out how to keep up to speed with it. You have to figure out how to give more attention to your desire them to the current reality that is causing you to doubt it because whatever you give your attention to is activated within you, you are vibration. Almost don’t really know that you’re so good at translating vibration, but your vibrational beings and what you give your attention to is vibrational in nature, author and then law of attraction stalls things together.

So if you are facing reality, there’s some situation and it’s happening often in your life experiences a sort of theme. The reason that it is is because you keep looking at the theme talking about it, thinking about it worrying about it now. The worrying is the emotion that comes when you think about something you don’t want. So when we say you worry about it or you doubt it.

What we’re saying is you focus on something that is contrary to what you want and to who you really are, so we want to help you to sort that out. We want you first and foremost, to understand that you are the creator of your own reality and you do it through your focus. We want you next to understand that you have much more ability to focus than you have been applying next.

We want you to understand that the reason that you don’t apply your focus in the way that you could is because you’re confused, and we want you to understand that the reason you’re confused, because in most cases you’ve lost sight of your own guidance system, so you’re listening to this one and this one and this one, and this one and you’re using lots of different criteria yeah to help you make decisions, but in many cases- and we say this to you, especially if things aren’t going the way you want them to, but it’s true of everybody, you don’t always hardly ever you don’t you don’t you don’t often?

Hardly ever you don’t you don’t allow yourself to follow your path of least resistance and what we really mean by that is. You are so much more than you see in these physical bodies. You are source energy. You are an extension of this source energy. There is a momentum about you that when you tap into it, you will begin to understand what you meant to do, how you meant to feel when you decided you did to come into this physical body. There’s a momentum that serve. You saw, serves you so well, and that momentum has carved out a path. It’s a path of no resistance, save for the resistance that you throw on your own path.

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