How to Feel Your Worthiness #26


Infinite Intelligence Episode #26 – How to Feel Your Worthiness


So what do you do about that? How do you get your beliefs out of the way? Well, first we want to say to you, you don’t need to worry about getting them out of the way. Because your inner being the source within you will always find a path to lead them to you. Just now, Esther is ready to go out the door, she taken her jewelry off, she’d left it scattered all over the table, where the television is, she was all loaded up, she had everything in her purse, water, cough drops, in case she costs something to wipe her nose.

In other words, she was prepared to come, she had her hand on the door. And then she thought, I wonder how my hair looks. So she walked back in. And on her waist, the mirror saw that she’d left her jewelry there. When that Don’t you think that’s nice? You see what we’re getting that you’re always guided to the path of least resistance, your intervene is always taking you over here and then over here and over here and over here and over here.

Because you’re easy to lead over there, it’s easy to get Esther to look in the mirror to see if her hair looks alright. That’s one of the easiest things we ever accomplished with us. And so what we’re wanting to say to you is, there is always a path of least resistance, there’s always a way to get you in the vicinity of something that you want to know.

But you stubbornly are not allowing yourself to know, we just want to say to you, we think you’re going about it the longer harder way, we think that you could lighten up, we think that you can begin bridging some of those beliefs, we think you could begin to do some focus wheels, where you begin to make notice of your positive aspects, where you begin to look at things that are working, where you begin to change your negative expectation, when you make a list of positive aspects, things that are working out for me in this way, and this way and this way.

And this way. It softens negative expectations about the things that you believe have not yet worked out for you, you see what we’re getting at. You are vibrational beings, and you live in a vibrational universe. And even more important than understanding that you are an extension of source energy, who knows you and loves you, and knows where you stand in every moment in time in relationship to what you want, and is guiding you in the way that you can most translate it into something meaningful for you, all day, every day.

So you come to a gathering like this. And we like that so much, because we get to chew with you about the nitty gritty of your life experience. But what we really want to shine a light on for you is that your life has caused you to ask. And you’ve launched more than we can count vibrational requests or rockets that have been answered by source.

And they exist in a vibrational reality, not yet manifested in many cases, in a vibrational reality, and the inner being within you knows the logical trail to lead you from where you are to where you want to be on every subject important to you. And so we want you to know what an extension of source energy that you are.

And we want to simply help you to find ways of releasing the negative comments and the negative expectations to begin practicing the anticipation of things working out for you. In other words, what we really want. Because we know it is the swiftest path to everything that is important to you. What we really want is to help you find a way to feel your own blessedness your own worthiness.

We want to help you soften that negative story you tell and replace it with positive expectation that things are always working out for you. It’s so much fun to watch you from what you may very well see as our aerial view. Because we see you in relationship to everything that you want, and in relationship with everything that you are moving about within. And it is thrilling to us. When you begin to drop those barricades.

Those walls of self hatred or self doubt those walls of negativity that you’re pointing toward others out of your own insecurity. It is thrilling to us to see you begin to accept yourself as the powerful and important and worthy being that you came here to be so that you can stand in any moment and find your powder.

Whatever you want, you’re not blocking with doubt. We want to show you how to guide your own thoughts into positive expectation. And most of all, we want you to accept the premise that we know with everything that we are and we are everything that things are always working out for you. And if you don’t know that, then you got some thinking to do. So that’s it for us. Go to the beach, have a good day.

We’re ready for you. Are you ready? What do you want to talk about? What do you want to talk about? How can we help you to discover your path of lesser resistance? How can we make you more likely to trust your own judgment? begin right here.

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