Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #109 – Expect More Good Things


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Good morning. We are extremely pleased that you are here. It is good to come together for the purpose of CO creating, do you agree? Taking thought beyond that which it has been before deeper understanding, more awareness of what’s going on more sensitivity to your own magnificent guidance system more deliberate, flowing with the energy that creates worlds more deliberate utilization of the resources that are at your fingertips. more understanding of those around you less concern about what they are up to.

More benefiting from whatever it is that they are up to, no matter what it is. more conscious awareness of the power of co creation, more appreciation of your co creative partners. More willingness to allow their co creation with you and yours with them.

Lift dependency upon them. Lift conditional living, more allowing yourself to connect with the stream of who you really are more appreciation of what surrounds you more selective sifting of the conditions that surround you with soft awareness of them, no longer needing the condition to support your vibration. But understanding that your vibration supports the condition no longer asking others to be a certain way so that your response can feel better to you.

But to conjure your response to them, and then allow them to show you who they really are and who they mean to be called Creating at its best where the physical you meets the non physical us. And together we dance in this leading edge environment in which we are all familiar and all participating and all experiencing and all expanding. You are on the leading edge of that which you call eternity. It’s here. It’s right here. We’re all right here. Yeah. What is it you want to talk about now? Your expansion is obvious.

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