Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #112 – What About Reincarnation


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Enough. One more question. Regarding tree carnation, I just want to know how many times we’re gonna come back and listen as much as you like, why would you ever stop? Why would you ever stop. And it’s important to understand that non physical does not need a physical body in order to experience physicality, as we just described.

And so it’s whatever you want, it’s whatever you want. This leading edge Time, space reality is intoxicatingly, calling you, you want to come and devour the deliciousness of this. It’s only those of you in your physical bodies who have temporarily or in the moment pinched yourself off from knowing who you really are that say, Hey, once I’m gone, sometimes you say, people would get in the chair from time to time say, Abraham, I’m done. tell anybody who needs to know that once I’ve lived out this physical lifetime, I don’t want to come back.

And we say we’ll carry your message, but no one will listen. Because in the moment that you make the transition, all the things that have been bothering you that make you make such a ridiculous decision. Leave your experience and you don’t make those decisions from here in your negative receptive mode. You make them from your receptive mode, if they just think about it, that’s a good thing for you to ask yourself. If you’re saying please no more. You might not be in the receptive mode. Something more that’s really good.

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