Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #136 – There’s No Regression


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Have moments where sometimes I just look around at everyone. And I love everyone, I see how beautiful they are and how perfect everyone is all the time. And then I’ve had a couple of inspirations, like you say, or just the yes, you have to do it. And when I do, and I feel and I know what’s right, I had a sense of how it not only put something in my vortex it affected everyone, like it sort of expanded the entire universe, I just want to talk a little more about how we’re really all in this together and like, keep the momentum going.

Because when we’re here playing together, I hear you and feel you so loud enough, and I’m so scared, I’m going to go back to Australia, and I don’t have the seminars or the people to play with. And I don’t want to lose it, you know? Well, first of all, we want you to know, you can’t lose it, because you can’t go back from what you have accomplished. In other words, there’s no regression.

So once you have experienced to the degree that you have this consistent, that’s the word that represents what we want you to feel so much this consistent, chronic alignment with who you really are, you will not slip back from it. Instead, what will happen is, you’ll have a keener awareness of when you begin to move from it. And now you know what to do about it. It’s why we began earlier in the week talking about making the decision to stay in your lane. To be aware, when you feel the rumble strip and do something about it, then not waiting until the momentum makes it more difficult to deal with you see.

And so do not worry about it, you’ve got this. Now, it’s important that you realize that you’ve got it. And that since you’ve got it, it will keep coming to you don’t slip back into the habit. And almost everybody has a little bit of this habit of looking to others to be the condition that causes you to feel good, because that is a little bit. In other words, we can’t get around it. We are living really wonderful conditions here. And it is easier to look into the conditions that feels so good and then feel good.

But this has not been a time without contrast, there has been a value in staying in your own lane, even under these wonderful conditions. And so don’t worry about it. You believe that you do don’t worry about that. So the world around you starts to sort of change when you’re in your alignment. The world around you reflects what you’ve got going on all the time. And there’s a sincerity in you that is powerful. Your desire is very, very strong. Your desire is very, very strong.

And you are in alignment with it in a strong way. Which means one of the first things when we meet anyone that we want them to do, we want them to have some time of releasing resistance. And usually when you visit with someone, you can offer them a whole week that is conducive to the releasing of resistance. So we offer suggestions, like make lists of positive asset backs, or we make suggestions like meditate because when you stop thought you stop resistant thought when you stop resistant, thought your cork float.

But there is nothing like an immersion into an environment like this, to solidify your understanding of what it feels like to feel good. Do you believe that these people are responsible for the good feeling that you have? Do you believe that they have been attracted by that aspect that is in your vortex? And so do you give them the credit or the responsibility for how you feel? Or is it a co creative experience that law of attraction is orchestrated for all of you.

This didn’t just happen, you created this. Yeah, I feel how we all are playing together like the woman who said, I want $100,000 So that I can travel. And it was like she wanted the $100,000 to be the starting point of the journey. And we wanted to explain all of the things that had gone into the creation of the vibration that had happened before she even got to the place of the idea of that. And so this didn’t just happened. This isn’t just a condition that now you all get to respond to.

This is a condition in response to your alignment and desire. This isn’t an environment that you’re responding to. This is an environment that you have created. And you are as big a part of the creation of this environment as Esther is or anyone else is you say we are all in this together. And so you can create this here you can create it somewhere else. The whole world is revolving around you. Nice to know Yeah. So you don’t feel uncomfortable about returning do.

Don’t you know that whatever you want will come to you. And do you believe that now you’ll have a keener recognition of it. Who do you think you’re doing? Timing will be better, don’t you think you’ll do a better job of staying in your lane? And therefore don’t you think the momentum of your attraction will be stronger? And don’t you think them the causation of us being in your lane and offering a vibration that is more consistent? Do you believe that it will bring obvious results?

And do you think you’ll miss those? Do you think that you’ll get out there and just be lost? Or do you think you’ll get out there and know exactly what you’re doing? You’re gonna know exactly what you’re doing. And when you feel some negative emotion, does that mean that anything’s gone wrong? It just means that your guidance system is working better than it ever has.

And this is our promise to you will feel subtle negative emotion in the earlier subtle stages, when it’s just a rumble strip, not a dive off a cliff. And you’ll know what to do. It’s our expectation that you’ll laugh about it. And we want you to know we will all come to Australia with you.

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