Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #165 – Making A Big Decision



One last thing that didn’t want you to stop. I could talk to you for a while. Was back back back back back a little bit when you said that’s really good context. It’s a rare person that got that in the way that you got that. In other words, you were right there ready for all of that? For sure. Yeah. If there’s a direction that I’m contemplating on going in life, big question, doing one thing or the other. If there’s a direction I’m contemplating going? Yes. If I’m contemplating one of two options, say, How would Abraham suggest to decide? If there was one answer to that?

Well, if it feels like that you pick either, it’ll be about the same? Well, if there’s only two options, in other words, it doesn’t matter how many options that they all feel pretty much the same, then pick any of them it doesn’t matter. Because your point of attraction is brought them all and following through on any of them will yield you results that feel sort of like how they feel to you. But if it’s not imperative to you, if you haven’t goosed yourself all up to believe that action trumps everything, and that action matters so much, and that I’ve got to act, Kevin Dunn, that flawed thing to yourself.

So you’re able to sit there while your vortex just a while more things are worked out. And your singular intent is just to be in the receiving mode so that you get it when it’s ready, you get ready for what’s getting ready for you. That’s the best way we can describe it. It’s getting ready for you. It’s gathering the cooperative components, maybe all of them haven’t quite been gathered yet. It’s getting ready for you to get ready for it. Well, when you’re ready, you don’t say my Wonder, you say, don’t care what you think don’t care what you think, don’t care what you think I’m going this way. Okay.

Got that. And until it feels like that, it’s going to be sort of limping gimpy. Anyway, this energy that creates worlds, when you get an impulse from this receptive mode, you want to fly with us. So you could pretty much conclude that if it doesn’t feel like that, then you might want to give it a little more time. Because one who’s connected to the stream is more powerful than a million who aren’t, there’s so much leverage in that kind of connection. Sure, you can go down the road and do more contrast and put more in the vortex and that’s all fun. But when you’re feeling like you’re feeling it’s like we said to our friend in the back of the room, it’s time to turn on the gas, it’s time to focus.

Focusing is the most powerful mechanism that you have, as long as you are in a fairly good emotional state of being if you don’t feel good, don’t focus. It’ll make things a lot worse. If your friends say, Hey, man, you need to do something they not write down, believe me, trust me. Trust me, I gotta lay low. I’m laying low right now lay low. But when you’re feeling great focus.

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