Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #190 – What’s Next After Divorce


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And the thing is, I’ve been through an interesting point in my life and I was separated for two years. And as of August 1, I was divorced. And then on September one, I found myself on a plane to Amsterdam to be here. So my life is changing. And I’m just kind of concerned about the next steps that I’ll be taking in my life. I almost feel like I’m getting out of college.

Like when you get out of college, you have X amount of educational experience, and then it’s time to go forward into the world, personally, professionally. And I believe like, I’m at an age and stage in my life where you know, my decisions. I have less time, you know, I’m not coming out of college. That was like a long time ago. So I kind of want to understand what’s a better way to plan for my future. There’s a kind of a lot behind this, I saw a psychic who said that my ex was a narcissist, which made me believe potentially my parents had narcissistic tendencies and a former boss, so I don’t want narcissists in my life.

And too bad because everyone is one. Yeah, well, I want an art, you know, we kind of attract people to us. And really, someone should write a book about that. Right. So I think I’m more better aware of how I move forward a little bit. But also monetarily like, I feel like it’d be neat to make for considering my educational background, My professional background, I thought it would be further ahead in my life financially. And I’m patient, and I know things are in my vortex.

And I’m, in my fourth, we want to say to you, and we mean this, we want you to know how much we appreciate this conversation. And we want you to know that it doesn’t matter where you are, you can get to where you want to be. We want you also to know that when you feel as you feel, in other words, the beliefs that you’ve sort of attracted or collected or created along the way, some of them are serving you and some of them are not.

And so when you speak of what you want, and then speak of what you don’t want, speak of what you want, and then speak of what you’ve got, it requires patience, because you’re not going to get there anytime soon, you can’t continue to speak the truth of what you feel without offering a vibration that prevents your desires.

And we know there are many, because we can see them in your vortex, you prevent what you want from coming by your consideration and conversation about what isn’t working right. When you say I’m concerned about this, or I don’t have that much life left, or I need to be patient, all of that conversation conversation is so powerful conversation is a vibration generator that increases momentum that literally blocks the ideas and blocks the timing and blocks the randomness of the things that you want.

So since you are new to us, we want to explain to you we talked about this in the hours before where you here in the audience. And so we’ll just give you a little recap by reminding you that when you are struggling in a relationship, the things that you don’t want in that relationship are very helpful to you. Because it causes you to launch unspoken vibrational rockets of desires about what you do want. Now we say unspoken, not because you can’t speak them.

But because you usually don’t speak them. Because when you’re focused upon what you don’t want, that’s usually what you’re talking about. So you were doing that in the time leading up to the separation. And then you were doing that during the separation time leading up to the divorce. And then you were doing it all through the divorce time. And now you’ve been doing that ever since all the divorce time. So you’re talking about those things, those wonderful things that caused good stuff to go into your vortex and there was decisions made decisions made decisions made.

And maybe those decisions that you made, were made at such a sort of unconscious level, that you’re not ready to speak them. But that must be your goal, to speak about what you do want not about what you don’t want about what you expect to happen. Well, not about what you don’t expect to happen well, and the best analogy that we’ve ever given, could perfectly apply to what you were doing just now. And not just you everybody does it. Esther laughs at herself every day.

And lately, she said, well, there goes another train on the drag going in the opposite direction of what I mean. You just have these things that you’re accustomed to saying these things that you’re accustomed to feeling, but you got to cut it out. You have to start talking only about what you want. And so we know now you feel like you’re in a little bit of a trap because you come here wanting to ask a question. And almost everybody if they have a question is about something that they seek improvement about.

And so it seems logical that you would speak up present state of being in order to get to the improvement. But it doesn’t work that way. Every time you speak your present state of being, it compounds your present state of being, it just adds more resistance into the mix. And your desire gets stronger and stronger, but your resistance gets stronger and stronger, too. And under those conditions, everyone needs a lot of patience, because you’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.

So you just have to catch yourself, when you catch yourself saying those things that you don’t want. stop in the middle of it and laugh just a little bit and say, Oh, this is an old habit that’s on its way out. And then if you can, in the early days, a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago, we use the word pivot, we said, when you know what you don’t want, you knew what you do want. So when you find yourself saying, I’m worried about my future, then do your best to find the best feeling words that you can find? Well, I’m not that worried because things really are better.

And I’m pretty good at taking care of myself. And I’ll figure it out as I go, say some words that mean what you mean, and not so many words that mean what you don’t want. You’ve been trained, you all have to be so objective. Esther would say to us in the beginning, she had the same look on her face that you have now. And she would say, Abraham, but it’s true. It’s true. These things I’m telling you are true. And we would say what has that got to do with anything? What Esther is shocked. You mean, I shouldn’t face the truth. And we say no, not less, you want a lot more of it in your life, just like it.

Don’t face reality, create reality. Talk about what you do want. Talk about what you do want talk about what you do want. And we’re not asking you to go cold turkey, no one can. Law of Attraction won’t let you make only positive thoughts. And even if you were a disciplined and you are you’re a disciplined person, even if you were a disciplined enough person, to make yourself only so the words that sound good. And even if you could get the right look on your face. It’s your vibration that the universe is responding to. So we’re not really asking you to shift words, we’re not asking you to fake it till you make it that doesn’t work.

We’re asking you to bind softer feelings about it, to be kinder to yourself, to recognize your value and your power to realize that you’ve been making good decisions to realize that you know how to make good decisions, to realize that you are intuitive to realize that you do have an awareness of your own guidance system, and then just utilize it more. It’s tricky to have been coupled up with someone. And everybody you knows saw you that way. And now you’re not.

And so almost everywhere you go, it feels to you like that you need to explain something to someone you don’t. And the more you explain about why you are not where you used to be, the more you hold yourself in a similar vibrational pattern that won’t let you go to the new place. Helpful. It is helpful. And also, I’m a realtor, and I’ve been a realtor for eight years. And I do moderately well. But it’s a real grind, and it doesn’t listen to yourself. Listen to yourself, you’re doing exactly the opposite of what we were just encouraging.

And we did say to you, you don’t need to go cold turkey, but try a little try a little you get what you think about whether you want it or not. You get what you talk about whether you want it or not. There’s no way around this law of attraction. Seriously, if there were Esther would have found it. Esther would have found the way around it if there were a way around it.

Because there are some things she just thinks need to be said. Enough, I think so I don’t know trying to wrap my brain around it just trust and move forward because I do make good decisions. Well, faith is trusting in something not yet seen. And that is what we’re asking because all of the things that you want are in your vortex and even though you can’t see them yet because they haven’t manifested yet.

They are there and so we would ask you to have a little bit of faith, but trust and faith similar. But what we’re really asking is that you practice positive thoughts and notice the results of them. And then you don’t need trust because you’ve got demonstration. Okay, thank you. We’re gonna get rid of it is not the only one in this room feeling exactly like that issue. Thank you so much.

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