Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #230 – Contrast And Step 5


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Tying that into step five, that is steps. Yes, that’s exactly what step five is. I’m having a step one moment, and I’m loving it. Because I understand the value and power of contrast. And because I know that I’m not a resistant person, I know that I’m an aligned person who’s having a contrasting moment, you might want to remember this forever. Ready? Really ready? Yeah. When you made the decision to come into your physical body, from non physical, you jumped right into step five.

Right into contrast, loving it. Right into contrast, loving it. Member you cried your way in. Right into contrast, loving it, you knew, I’m going into contrast, but you know what else you knew, I’m going into expansion. I’m going into deliberate creation. I’m going into creating my own reality. I’m going into purposeful living. I’m going in to the joyous leading edge of creation. I’m pure positive energy, deliberately choosing contrast for expansion, not just contrast for my expansion, contrast for the expansion of the universe at large contrast for the expansion of the source within me, leading edge contrast for leading edge expansion.

And then you get here you go. I’m sure I didn’t mean any of that. Yes, she did. It just forgot. Love contrast? If I’m loving not, no. Step five is love. And contrast, love and contrast, does your inner being notice that you are in a state of contrast? And does your inner being have to join you in the trauma? And if your inner being did Would you feel negative emotion? Isn’t the existence of negative emotion, proof of the love sources?

Yeah, even while you’re having negative emotions, yes, to get that, so love and negative emotion can coexist because your inner being is always love while you are having negative emotion. Well, that must be helpful somehow, that must be helpful to know that, that even in the negative emotion that you’re feeling that the only reason that you can even feel it is because of the love that the broader part of you is experiencing in the same moment. That has to be helpful.

Think about it for a moment, isn’t it? Isn’t it? No, Abraham, I wish that you weren’t loving. And then I wouldn’t have to feel this negative emotion because of my inability to focus where I mean to. If you would take your contrast in smaller doses, this would all be easier for you. Which means if you would understand momentum and sense it when it gets going. Yes, yes. Yes. Have you ever thought something? And when you thought about it didn’t feel good? Then you said it out loud.

And then you thought that was dumb. But there it is out there. It’s out there, the momentum, and then you’re embarrassed that it’s out there. So now you’ve tried to defend it? Can you feel how the momentum is just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger?

Any step along the way? You could shut it down. You could stop the momentum could change the subject, or pivot by looking for positive aspects within it. So interesting that all these years later, we’re having the same conversation. But can you feel the leading edge Venus of it? Can you feel the fine tuning that you’re doing here in this? Yeah. Enough? Yes. Thank you so much.

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