Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #287 – Old Relationship Resistance


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Thank you. I’ve put up a lot of resistance in my life, to letting someone close to me. And in the last three to four years, even before knowing about Abraham in you, I’ve been on more of a positive track and letting the positive in more. And then studying Abraham, the momentum is building in a very good way. I’ve recently gotten into a relationship, and I don’t know where it’s gonna go. I still feel like residual resistance. I know, it’s my past creeping up on me.

Although I keeping a very positive outlook and moving forward in that direction, I think more than the negative. I guess my question is, with all the obstacles I put in my life and torn down, am I ready for that loving relationship that I’ve desired, but have resisted for so long? Well, you are. And you can allow it the easy way or you can allow it the hard way. It really does sort of amount to that we’ve already addressed that here today. And we know you heard, when you say your past is creeping up on you, we want to play with you a little bit and let you know your past doesn’t creep.

But what happens is, you can activate a vibration about it and make it active now. So your past would dissipate, and would not be hindering if you didn’t activate it with thought and make it an active part of your now vibration. But of course, what you’re dealing with here is something that everyone experiences. And that is, every subject is really two subjects, what is wanted, and lack of what is wanted. And so when you activate within yourself the subject or the idea of a relationship, then it’s logical that everything that has to do with relationships would activate to, and that’s what makes it feel like it’s creeping up, you thought you were activating the good part of relationship.

But the active part of relationship, or the part that is still active, still is part of the process. So it’s just a matter of continuing to lean in the direction of what feels better. And in time, those thoughts that are hindering will dissipate so much that they will be come more and more rare in your experience, until it will surprise you if something happens that ever causes them to come up again. But that’s where the deliberateness comes in creating, it’s really about mind focus, we don’t want to use the word mind control, because control is effort.

And when there’s effort, there’s almost always resistance when you try not to think about something, you’re always thinking about that thing that you’re trying not to think about. And so it really is about changing the subject, instead of the subject being relationships, which could activate either way, the subject is feeling good. And if the subject is feeling good, then every subject, whether it’s money, or relationships, or physical well being or whatever it is, will be allowed by you in that allowing way rather than in that resistant way.

What happens with so many of you is if there’s something active in your vibration, and it’s unsettling to you, and it’s because of your continuing interaction with another person, or with a situation could be a job environment, it could be a family member, it doesn’t matter what it is, if you can turn your attention from it, which means put your attention on something else, that troublesome vibration will dissipate, and you’ll have a smoother ride. But if it’s something that you keep tripping over, then it’s more difficult isn’t it, it’s more difficult to do another focus will it’s more difficult to try to use the power of your mind when whatever it is that’s bothering you keeps coming up.

And so, what we would like to say to you is that if you care about how you feel, and if on other subjects you are able to keep feeling better and continue to feel better and continue to feel better. What happens is law of attraction will provide a harmony for you that goes like this you and what you want goes one way and another and what they want goes another instead of you believing that you must make that one come with you.

So the idea that you should take your past relationship and massage it so much that everything about that comes this way with you is sort of illogical. It’s alright for you to go this way and your past to go that way. You see what we’re talking about. And you’re not doing something wrong by not being able to look right at something unwanted and call it wanted that’s not what deliberate creation is deliberate creation is staying true to what you want and so much so that you allow the universe to give you the path to that helpful yes thank you

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