Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #308 – She’s Empathic


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Can I ask one more question? Yes. I’m a very Can you hear her? I’m a very empathic person and I pick up on people’s energy easily. It’s hard, isn’t it? Yeah, well quit. The thing about that is, is that what that means is that you’re a good listener, and you’re a good focuser. And that, then Law of Attraction sort of helps keep it going.

But the conversation that we’ve already had here today, empathy is joining someone in the way they feel, by focusing upon the words or the experience that they are living, your inner being does not do that your inner being is not empathetic, your inner being is compassionate. And the difference is, your inner being does not focus in such a way that your inner beings, vibration gets filled with resistance and the vibration, lower your inner beam can focus from alignment.

And you can too, and we would like to say that in many cases, you are staying in your own alignment, you’re thinking that because you’re focusing with them, that you are joining them in the vibration, but you are not always. And so just ask yourself, this is a really good exercise for everyone. And it would serve you all so well. When you feel either positive or negative emotion that strong about something, stop and say to yourself, I wonder what my inner being is thinking about this right here right now.

Because it is certain your inner being is thinking about it right here right now. And that’s the reason that you are having either the positive or negative emotion is, the better you feel, the more your inner being is looking at it like you are, the worse you feel, the more you are out of whack with what your inner being knows to be. And so that’s a good way for you to recognize whether you are leaning toward what this person that you’re focused upon is thinking or whether you’re leaning toward your inner being who is also focused upon this person.

You see, if you don’t stay connected to the stream of energy, you don’t have anything to give anyone. So empathy, meaning really joining them in the way they feel. So now it’s to disempowered beings, you don’t have anything to give. But if you’re able to stay in your power, in your clarity in your understanding, while you focus, then you can offer something that may it may give them an opportunity to join you in the higher vibration.

Sometimes I feel like it’s, I don’t even it’s not even that the person is in front of me. And then I’m having a conversation like we are now it’s more of just I might get depressed. And I don’t know why and it was so interesting to us is that we almost never hear anyone say I’m having the most glorious empathy with these children playing in the playoffs. They feel free and happy.

And I do too. Why is it that the only time you use the word empathy is when you’re feeling depressed or discouraged about something. And it’s because you’re losing your connection when you do it. And you don’t have to, you don’t have to. And so instead of talking about like, it’s just something that happens to you begin saying is something that I allow to happen because of my lack of focus. Or it’s something that momentum sometimes takes me to, or because I am a good observer, then I sometimes observe and go where that energy takes me rather than maintaining my own vibration.

And what all of this means is that when you go to bed at night, that momentum subsides. And when you wake up in the morning, you have the best opportunity to get your focus in the direction of what your inner being is thinking. And so just don’t accept it as something I am empathetic. Don’t speak like that. Say I have been I can be empathetic, I can also be compassionate. I’m sometimes out of alignment, I can also be in alignment.

I can focus upon things that make me feel worry or negative emotion. And I can focus upon things that make me feel exhilaration yesterday, while sitting at the airport with friends that Esther was traveling with. She said to them, Do you ever catch just a glimpse of what you felt like when you were little? And you were in a big space and you just were so excited about being in that big space? Esther said it’s been happening to me a lot in restaurants or in airports where I see children, I can just feel their enthusiasm for life. They’re just wanting to run and squeal and escape and experience.

And every now and again Esther remembers just for a moment that feeling and we want to say to Esther, you’re not remembering that you’re having that feeling now, like being in a big airport space to a two year old feels. You have the universe at your fingertips. Everything that you can imagine is available to you and your inner being is looking around your world and feeling that way, feeling that way about where you stand and what’s possible and available for you.

That feeling of expansion doesn’t stop when you’re two or three or four or five or 10 or 20, better stop restaurant get mad at us. It never stops, you always have the potential of coming into full alignment with who you are. And so what you’re reaching for is that feeling of aligned enthusiasm, where nothing can keep you from moving in the direction of that enthusiasm.

And we wouldn’t if we were standing in your physical shoes, any of you, we wouldn’t move in action toward anything that we didn’t feel that way about. We’d be following our bliss all over the place. Yeah. Thank you. Really good.

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