Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #310 – Enjoying The Process


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Thank you, that’s how it feels in my life experience does feel like a lot of quiet, perhaps in proceed by non action, if anyone’s observing me, but then quickly, and suddenly I can write a cool song, or have some results, you know, but I would say like periods in between all that sometimes that was like what I was saying earlier, here’s the thing, and you’re going to hear this clearly, because you have been listening to us for a while. And this is a new place for this conversation to be.

So this is the subject of turning thoughts to things. And it’s the subject of it’s the turning process that life is about not the things that result is the turning the thoughts to things is the experience of the energy flowing, that is the stuff that life is made of, not the manifestation that results, but we’re not discounting the manifestation, the results, because without that goal, then you would not be able to feel yourself turning it but it’s the sweet spot of the thoughts occurring, and the universal forces and the rendezvous was happening in the things clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, and your conscious recognition that you held the desire in a place that you allowed it, and now you’re watching it unfold.

Right before your eyes, it’s that feeling of the energy flowing through you, that is your recognition of your true talent, your true talent, what you put into those songs that you write, and what you put into those paintings that you paint. That’s the energy of alignment. That’s what that is, you see, and so it’s the process. And of course, it will result in something that others can hear, of course, it will result in a manifestation.

But if you turn your attention toward the manifestation, primarily instead of toward the process of the energy flowing, then you miss the point again, you see, and that’s hard for singers and hears and smells, and tasters and tortures to hear from us that it’s the feeling, in other words, feel the feeling of excitement, as compared to looking at something that excites you, if you need the thing to excite you, rather than the excitement that produces the thing. We know it’s a cycle, but alignment produces the manifestation, and then the manifestation can continue the excitement.

But after a while that peters out, you have to keep going to the headwaters of the inspiration, you have to keep returning to the alignment that is interpreting the details of the vortex to you. That’s the only way that you will continuously feel fed and fueled. So this is the part that’s the basis of what we’re going to give you here. But this is the part that we really want you to hear. And now we’re certain that you’re ready to hear it. So you tap into this inspiration.

And you know what we mean, because you felt it flow often. And while it’s flowing, you are orgasmically experiencing this thrill of that alignment, you’re firing on all cylinders, it just feels so wonderful. And it produces something good. But then when you turn your attention toward what has been produced in a comparative way, you’re nowhere near the inspiration that created it to begin with. And this is what happens to so many people, they get into the creative mode.

And they turn thoughts to things and they love the creative process of that. And then they get caught up in the what comes after that. And what we want to say is nothing comes after that. If you stay in that process, the universe will take care of everything that comes after that. So it’s like using the true energy that creates worlds is your inspiration, letting that inspiration flow through you, but then forgetting about the inspiration and Now getting back into the action orientation, which is what’s causing you to have negative emotion.

You just had major success and you will continue to have major success. Just don’t get too action oriented in it stay in the creative process. People say to us, Abraham, I’ve written a wonderful book. It was a wonderful book, it felt so good when I wrote it. It feels so good. And I know the world’s gonna love reading that I love love, love, love, love this book. How do I get it published? How do we get it published? The publishing world is so hard. Nobody will.

And then they tell us all the things and we say in answers your question about how to get your existing book published, write another book, write another book, write another book, stay in the writing of another book mode, and everything you want will come stay in the living happily ever after mode and everything in your vortex will show you how to bring it self full manifestation into your experience. Does this make sense? Yes. Just impractical. Yeah. So what are you going to do about it?

Play more. Yeah, I’m just going to try to you know, sustain that. Have you noticed when you are writing or painting Have you noticed that your inspiration comes in fits and starts? Have you noticed that it comes in it flows for a while and then it doesn’t? Yeah. And does it flow 24 hours a day out? For a while, sometimes it feels that way, you know, like, I’m always beatboxing and humming and reading, you know, and we’re talking about those moments when you’ve got the hook and you’re sitting there and you know what’s going, and nothing can keep you from getting it out there.

You know that feeling? Yeah, and you are not going to live like that eight hours of every day, or even six hours every day, you got plenty of time to do your work, and plenty of time to find a moment where that can flow. And it flows in the most interesting times it can flow when you’re on a bus or when you’re on an airplane, you don’t even have to clear space for it, you don’t have to clear your calendar for it, you just have to clear your vibrational field for it.

Which just means no matter what you’re doing, if you’re in a state of appreciation, then right in the middle of that work environment where you’re accomplishing one task that other stuff can start flowing into the images right in your mind. And you know why? Because you’re distracted from that test that you think you don’t have time for. And when you’re not beating the drum of not having time for it, boom, there it is. Yeah, that is how it happens. Yes. So our encouragement, our advice, we don’t ever give advice. Our advice is Stop arguing for your limitations.

And notice how even with resistance that you have, how the wonderment of your life is seeping through the cracks of resistance. And as you feel better, those cracks will get wider and wider until people will look at you and say, How in the world are you able to juggle all of these plates all at the same time? And you say, because I’ve turned my schedule, I’ve turned all of that over to universal forces.

And I am completely in the receptive mode. I’m in the receptive mode, and I’m just letting it flow, not trying to manage it. I’m not trying to motivate myself. I’m not trying to control it. I’m just in this receptive, appreciative mode, and my talent is expressing through me in multiple ways. Thank you.

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