Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #345 – Steps 4 And 5


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And then the step four here is the one that today’s being like, you know, discussed step four, like, Okay, we all understand that we can manifest. We have all these examples, the person that was here now he’s turning 65 and running a marathon. I mean, how cool is that? And then the other person that came before, like, you know, the Achieving of it, like and he the the person feeling that, finally he let go, and now all these things are happening, how do I maintain it?

So I think this is like dating site, we’re all getting to the that. So let’s talk about exactly that for just a moment. And then we want to hear what else is on your mind, of course. So, step three, get into the receiving mode. Step four. Master that, on that, get into the receiving mode on purpose, stay in the receiving mode on purpose. Step four, mastery, really good at step three, mastery of the receiving mode. Step five, is so important to step four.

Step four is so important to step three, because step four is maintaining Step Three for longer pieces of time. Step five, matters as much to step four. And step four matters to step three. Having fun with this, we are Step Five says back in step one and not mad at myself, step five is accepting the brilliance and the power and the importance of contrast, without introducing resistance into my equation by being mad at myself for not maintaining my alignment, you follow that?

You got to chill out, you got to say, I get this I know how it works. I might not be doing it all the time. But I know how it works. I got this I know what to do. I have this example and this example and this example in my own life or I heard this I heard this I heard this and so once you acknowledge that you have that understanding, you now know you do you now know how these laws work. And now your work is the fun not the work. Now your work is the fun not the work, we just use work because you liked that word so much it makes you feel honorable and productive.

The work is the work is that it’s not work. The work is to find the feeling place of it, find the feeling place and then watch the laws of the universe deliver to you circumstances and events and timing. Yeah, I agree. And again, one more thing here was a couple weeks ago in Nepal where I heard this I keep you can do this all the altitude and you’re gonna get sick you’re pregnant you can’t go somewhere so remote How about if something happens to you and your baby or you can’t but just the thrill of it just being there and then here I was on top of this mountain just looking around and just then I thought oh, my goodness if I heard to all like that, you know, resistance all that talk I wouldn’t be experiencing this moment.

I wouldn’t be here on top of this mountain right now I’m looking at this beauty and wit her and I’m sure she was experiencing it too with me and yeah, so the leashes So to close this, I wonder. So I know I’m gonna have to be out of her way and I can’t wait for her teachings. I mean, this is so exciting. She’s gonna teach me so much and I’m just really thrilled with the whole thing.

I want to see if you can tap into her vibration now and if she can, that was like a little something so we can close well, the powerful thing that we are hearing and feeling is how well I have chosen how well I have chosen how well I have chosen, how well I’ve chosen, well I have chosen and one more thing, this mother was worth waiting for.

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