Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #369 – Relaxing Through Changes


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And are you refreshed? Good. Now what? I’m suddenly emotional. Okay, my whole life has completely changed in the last year. And I have no idea what’s next. And I try to just relax into that. When you do have an idea of what’s next, if you expect what’s next to be the next logical step from where you are. So in general terms, you may not know the specifics, but don’t you know, in general terms, what’s next? Yeah, more good, more interesting, more satisfying, more valid, be great? Yes, yes.

But I’m not relaxing into it. As much as I’d like, there are days when I’m completely happy and excited. And there are days where I’m like, Oh, my God, I have to do something. But I know earlier, you were talking about lining up with energy first, rather than taking action, which is what I’ve been working on. But I don’t know, if I’m really I think I need help. It undoubtedly seems like it would be nice for all of you, if you could just take enough time off from all of the responsible things that you feel like you have to do, until you could get in sync with the rhythmic flow of the energy so that you could just follow through with inspired things.

And we also know that it doesn’t feel to you that you need to do that because your children might starve before you come into alignment or, or, or, or, and so we know that you are in an interesting position, because you really have to carry on. While you are maybe if you want to modifying your perspective to be more thought rather than action, more emotion, rather than action, and more inspired action, rather than contrived or controlled action.

And we think the pieces that really lay a good basis for you. We already talked about here today that if you can just accept that, the more you ponder something, the more it’s ready for you. Now, we want to explain exactly how this works. This vortex that we’re talking about, you have been building it incrementally. And whether you recognize it or not, we want you to know it’s perfect for you. So when you say I really don’t know exactly what’s coming, that may be, but it is wonderful. And you did put all of the pieces there. Yeah, like and all of the pieces that are interacting with each other are going to create for you when it comes into the manifestation or form, things that will be incredibly satisfying.

And so this vortex has already between what you’ve sifted and sorted and what law of attraction has done with your vortex and the vibrational version of it, the majority of the work is done more than 99% of the creation is done. It isn’t about effort factor, it’s about alignment factor. So if you can accept that it is already accomplished. And that now you have the simple experience of just getting into a chilled place where you’re not clunking a bunch of engines on your track going in opposition to what you want, that the natural unfolding is for what you want to begin occurring to you to begin appearing to you, even if I don’t know what it is I want, like, I don’t even know if I know what I want.

But I know it’d be good if I can just let it in like the universe knows what I want. It’s like this as it’s gathering momentum and really gestating in the state of becoming, and you are feeling good, mostly just because you want to and because you’ve figured out what kind of thoughts help you feel good and what kind of thoughts don’t and you avoid those that don’t and you focus on those that do so you’re feeling good often, which means you’re closer and closer and more often more often in that receptive mode. And because you are, then an idea occurs to you Oh, and often you say it’s an idea of desire. Well, that desire didn’t just start when you got the idea. It’s been well underway.

The fact that you got it means that it’s really ready to come to fruition and you’re ready to translate it into fruition. So when the idea occurs, and you feel that exhilaration, what that means is you let that mature idea flow into your mind and now manifestation is right around the corner. We want to find a way to say to you that it’s the creatine that you came for, not The creation, but the creation must be part of the process for there to be any creating that goes.

So it’s just another way of saying that the joy is in the journey. It’s not only in the manifestation. And so what we really want to say to you is that the more satisfaction that you’re finding even before the manifestation, then the more you’re milking this creation, for more joy, and the more satisfaction you’re going to feel when it manifests. Even if I’m just milking something else that has nothing to do with all the things I might want, well, that’s really a good approach, because because that’s the thing, all it can do.

You could have five lately, factors in your life that are important. Four of them could be not working very well at all. One of them could be something that’s pleasing when you think about it. And if you spent most of your time, just softly focusing on what is working, the other four would come into alignment. Wait, they’ve already come into alignment. But that focus on the one that is working causes you to come into the receiving mode, where those four could begin revealing themselves to you in more positive ways. Yeah, because I think maybe only one is here.

And about five or six, nowhere in sight. But I don’t feel bad about that. But I don’t feel I feel, maybe I’m not, we want to go back and revisit for a moment, the analogy of Esther and her lions and horses, because so many of our physical friends really believe that. It’s the accomplishing of the manifestation that is necessary for feeling good. So when they hear a story like this about Esther, who can just pick out something that she wants and write a check for it, they have a hard time understanding why we think that this is an interesting story.

Because they’re still thinking, hey, if I could just write a check for something, then everything would be better for me, because in the having of it in the absence of the absence of it. If I could just have what I think that I’m wanting, then I would feel better. And we want you to come with us on this journey of deliberate creation, to understand that there are so many actions that you want to take making a phone call, instead of chilling out, it’s like writing the check is like trying to make the action do the work that can’t be done before the energy has flowed.

So it’s a good process, if you can find something that is pleasing to you to think about. Because when you focus upon it, because the work is already done in the vortex, and now you’re doing the work of finding something pleasant to think about. So you’re closing the gap in that closed gap in that open valve in that open circuit, where you’ll start translating those vibrations into ideas, you’re going to feel wonderful as those ideas flow. Don’t you know that? Haven’t you ever been involved with a project where it just click, click, click, click clicked. ideas came to you you had fun along the way.

You were collaborating with others, they were in the flow to it all felt good. There just didn’t seem to be any bumps in the road. Because you were moving so fast. The mumps didn’t matter anyway. That’s what deliberate creation feels like. So come back to what you’re talking about here. Bring it to something specific to you. Well, I have no job. Not sure where I’m going to be living in. I don’t know, like part of me just wants to leave it open, let the universe guide me to it. But then I think sometimes I get caught up in not, don’t look at it this way, you’d have two choices.

You can leave it open, and let the universe inspire you to the next logical step. And have some fun along the way, and a really wonderful manifestation or you can panic and jump right into some action. That won’t be very satisfying. And then continue to say, I don’t know what’s next. I don’t know what’s next. Right? And I get caught between both I can be doing fine. And then I’ll kind of get off track and feel like I’ve narrowed myself into doing. And then I’ll step out and when you say I’m not sure where I will be living next. Are you homeless now? No.

Do you really need to think too hard about where you will be living next when you are living now somewhere? Probably not. But what is it that makes you say, I’m not sure where I will be living next? What do you think is the reason that you said that? Because I’m not completely satisfied with where I’m living now. Correct. So I know there’s something more coming. I just don’t know where it is. Yeah. So I can give you a little trick here. Okay, when you think about what you want and why you want it, you almost always get into the receiving mode when you think about what you want and where It’s going to be when it’s going to be who it’s going to be with them doesn’t work out, then they’re not in the receiving mode.

Yeah. So when you think about where you want to be, and why you want to be there, why is that? What is it you want? And why do you want it relative to a place to live? I’d like four seasons, instead of maybe one, like San Antonio only as kind of one. So that I would like we said, what is it you want? And why do you want it? And you said, because I don’t like this, because I love the fall. And I love the trees changing. And then I love a little snow and then I love it to be spring and and how each new season makes me feel. So now as you say that we can all feel you line up with that. Not at first, but you got there.

So now why does that change in seasons feel good to you? Now this is that flowing? The energy that we’re talking about? Why does it change in seasons feel good to you? It’s exhilarating. All right, it’s change. And I kind of like the idea of like, new energy with each season, it helps me to refocus. I like the way it smells and feels. So milk that a little bit, let that energy flow a little bit, you see if it is true, and it is that the energy flowing is the precursor to the manifestations occurring to you, then, can you see how when you talk about what and why rather than what you want, and why you don’t want that and what you want and why you don’t want that and what you want and why you don’t want that.

So as you just get that energy flowing. So I will always be looking for a place to be happy. How’s that for a good feeling statement. And there are lots of places and lots of reasons that I’m happy in lots of places, there’s no resistance in any of this. And I really prefer an environment that inspires me to feel differently at different times. So I really like temperature changes, I really like foilage changes, I really like the changes in the way the air is I really liked the way the community feels different in different times of year. I like how the snow just kind of slows everyone down and makes you appreciate the warmth and the contrast of a fire.

I really liked the smell of a fireplace. I really like the new budding of the new flowers, after they’ve been in the frozen ground, I really liked the fresh start that the new, you’re all going to leave San Antonio. So I really liked the fresh start that the new spring brings, I really like the way I feel I’m comfortable in that environment, I can be comfortable in every environment. But I really like the feeling of that. Now, if that’s all you did, in a deliberate, focused time, you float enough energy that now law of attraction is going to bring you other things.

And as you continue to understand, and we’re going to say it right now. And today, in a way you’ve never heard of say it before, if you can get it that your work is to extend the flowing of the energy period, if you can get it that your work is to extend the positive flow of the energy rather than the engine going toward what you want and the engine going toward what you don’t want. If you can just keep your energy, your thoughts meaning your focus thoughts clear, pure, less contradicted, which means feeling better, feeling better, feeling better, feeling better, the manifestation will just be the next logical step. It just happens that way.

But if you think that in order to have that, that you’ve got to get online, you’ve got to do some research, you’ve got to figure out where those places are action, action, action, action action, and then you’ll just move somewhere and see what it’s like. You won’t like the horses as much as the lions. Yeah, I think you just won’t, you could warm up to the horses, you’ll like them in time, they’ll become your friends, they’ll find their place there. But that’s doing the energy work after the fact you say and it’s so much more good feeling and so much more productive.

If you take the pleasure from the energy flow. Now hear this? Can you take the pleasure from the energy flow? Or do you need to take the pleasure from the manifestation? And if you don’t first take the pleasure from the energy flow? Will there be as much satisfaction in the manifestation? So we’re not going to say you can’t make things happen. You can, you could pack up today. You could say, Okay, that’s it, you could get some big truck to come and put all of your things in it and you could take off and you could go somewhere, you could move into action today.

Or you could take the pleasure from the energy flow, and then take the pleasure from the energy flow and then take the pleasure from the next idea that comes from the next idea that comes and you could in increase your awareness of your worthiness in a way that you have not ever allowed before. And you know why you want to jump into action rather than flow the energy. Because you’re looking for the marks on the chart, you’re looking for the credit and the approval through the action. So you feel like you have to pay the price you have to do what hurts, you have to make it happen.

And we want you to understand that most of you’re trying to make it happen, keeps you from allowing what you really want to happen. Yeah, I think I’ve been doing that. Well, most people do. And it’s because it’s logical, isn’t it, the things you can see and hear and smell and taste and touch. They’re just bigger and bolder, you’ve been doing such a good job of interpreting vibration through your physical senses. And this is the most important thing about it. You want the manifestation?

Oh, let’s say that again. You want the manifestation you were born into a body, which is a manifestation, you’re just not floating around on clouds. You were born into a manifested body. Not only a body that can be seen and heard and smelled and tasted and touch, but that can see and hear and smell and taste and touch. You couldn’t be more manifested. You couldn’t be more bloomed and blossomed and fall you say you are a physical being in the physical environment. And it is right that you want to create physical things in physical environments. We’re just telling you how to do it. We’re just explaining to you how to bring about the things that you want without the struggle.

And it’s odd. But the way you have to become more physically focused is to understand that the biggest part of you is non physical energy. In other words, it’s a little bit funny, isn’t it that we’re saying all physical humans be more vibrational, and your physicality will be more satisfying. And you say, we don’t get this vibrational stuff. We want to move stuff around, we want to do things we want to say things, we want to touch things, we want to make things happen with our hands.

And we say, and you are doing that. But if you want the satisfaction factor, flow the energy first and do only inspired action. So that’s what we were saying earlier, you want to say, Well, I would like to only do inspired action. But I’ve got to go to work. Because if I don’t, I won’t get the money. I’ve got to go to work. And I’ve got to feed my kids. And I’ve got to go do this. And I’ve got to go to that we say yes, we acknowledge there are things that you are already locked into, that you’ve made agreements about.

But you could shift the way you think about them, you could look for positive aspects in them, you could make a decision and line up with that decision. And that’s all we’re asking you to do. We’re not asking you to stop action, we’re asking you to like the action that you’re taking. If you feel you don’t have a choice about ceasing an action, then you must find a way of enjoying the action that you’re taking. You’ve got to find some way of enjoying, Esther remembers when she was really little.

And the girls, there were three of them sort of two at a time because of their ages, who felt responsible for having the house cleaned before mom and dad got home. And they made up all kinds of games to make that fun. They played games to make it fun. Because if it’s not fun, then you’ve got resistance going on, you have to find a way to line up with what you want to do. Make a decision and line up with the decision. Take the resistance out of the equation and then watch how sweet the sweet spot gap.

Yeah, my sweet spot hasn’t been so sweet in those areas lately. But I see better how to get this into what you just did. So we put an engine and an engine and an engine and an engine and an engine and an engine and an engine. And yes when back and then we looked at you and you put an engine over there. My sweet spot hasn’t been so sweet for a while and we say that’s not true actually. Yeah, I mean when you say that’s the work, that is the work, the work is your mood, the work is your attitude. The work is the way your thoughts make you feel.

The work is the way you respond to things but you see, most people are reacting. And in this world especially this world today with so much going on. You’ve got your nose in so many different things. We think you should call it nose book. You’ve got your nose in so many things that most people are reacting reacting reacting reacting reacting rather than flowing, flowing, flowing, flowing, flowing. You got to get out ahead of it. This is the thing we still want you to hear you are already so out ahead of it. You already sifted and sorted you already launched the rockets.

Law of Attraction already gathered enough the gestation has already happened. The cooperative components are already gathered. It’s ripe and ready for you. It’s so down, it’s so ready for you. Now you just got to be nice. You just got to feel good. You just got to think the thoughts that are nice to yourself. Think the thoughts that are nice to others think the thoughts that your inner being is thinking because your inner beings got it all lined up ready for you to receive it, you say you want to receive it? Or do you want to do it the hard way?

Do you want to say, all right, Abraham, I sort of get it that I’ve been blessed with all of this wisdom. And I sort of get it that I have a guidance system that knows where I am in relationship to everything I want, and will show me the path of least resistance, which means will show me the trail that has my resistance all over it, that will lead me through my own resistance to the results I want. I sort of get that. But really, do I want to do it the easy way or the hard way?

Shouldn’t I struggle harder, shouldn’t I pay more of a price won’t others be jealous if I’m just happy and get it and happy and get it and happy and get it. And we say you didn’t come to pay a price you came to flow energy. And when you flow energy in two opposing directions, you pay a price, an unnecessary price that you don’t have to pay. Because you’re doing every bit of it to yourself with your contradictory thoughts. And you didn’t mean to do it. It’s just a habit. It’s just a habit to tell it like it is oh.

But you know, if you’re telling it like it is what is can’t change. It’s like you’re saying to the universe, I really want this, but this is how it is. But I’d like it to be different. But it’s like this now. But I would like more money, but I don’t have enough of it. And it’d be nice if we all had more money, but there’s not enough money to go around. And I really don’t like how it’s going and things should be better. And somebody should call somebody and something needs to be done about it. And I’m getting really tired. And I don’t like this struggle. And I guess I should try harder.

And I guess I maybe better go to bed. But when you’re thinking about what you want, and the ideas are expanding within you, that’s what that being tuned in, tapped in turned on feels like that’s what inspiration is. That’s what eagerness is. That’s what happiness is. You know, when you plan something, when you think about something, when you plan your vacations, you say, Oh, we’re gonna go on vacation, and we’re gonna hate it. And we’re gonna go to places that we’ve never been before we’re going to be lost most of the time.

We’re going to spend money that we don’t have or do you, at least when you think about vacations Do you try to focus upon things that will please you, you say, clean up the energy, you can do it. Clean up your energy, clean up your mouth, you can do it. You can say things that sound good. And if you begin saying things that sound good, after a little while they’ll start sounding normal.

Say things that feel good to you when you say them. think thoughts that feel good to you. So I don’t know exactly where I’m going to be but it’s going to be really good. And I’m going to love every bit of it. I’m going to love figuring it out. This is going to be really fun for the universe to show me what’s in my vortex and what I really want and I’ll be able to feel it. I can do a gut check on it. I can tell see. Enough. I think so. Really good. Thank you.

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