Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #373 – Who Does The Choosing


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This is phenomenal. My question has to do with why we came, we chose to come, we found the star energy fun, for fun for satisfaction for the joy, of flowing energy beyond where it has ever been before, for the exhilaration of finding a new object of attention to which you can flow energy to see the manifestation or results. That’s why for the joy, freedom, growth, joy, this is your triad of intentions, you’re so free, you can choose bondage, growth is inevitable, because you can’t help but expand.

So when you realize that your powerful intention was for the joyous satisfaction of you focusing the energy that creates worlds towards some personal creative endeavor, that’s why I choose my joy. So source doesn’t say I need you to do that, for me, I chose to do that what sources is, while you were living life, you like that, better than that. And that better than that, and that better than that, and you chose that, and that and that and that, and you chose that. And that and that, when you were one, you chose that. And that and that in the cells of your body chose that. And that and that.

And when you were three chose that, and that and that and that little boy on the playground, he has to choose that, and that and that, and that and that and that and that, and that first marriage helped choose that, and that and that. And then that in that in that in that map. And you’ve chosen all of these things your inner being says, and we are lined up with all of those things, and we understand why you chose them. And we understand the basis from which you chose them.

And it’s wonderful that you’ve chosen them. And now the manifestations of all of these things that you have chosen are there for the plucking by you. Okay, so things that seemingly come out of the blue, I’m 29 years teacher ready to retire? No, this job comes to me, that is perfect for me, I am the person to do this job. That wasn’t from source I created that you put all of the components of that there. But the thing is this vortex you’re getting a sense of it, this vortex that is yours. That is your creation that we talk about incessantly.

There isn’t one of you who could articulate with very much definition or specific the details of what’s there because you’ve put essences and intentions and specifics to but then it has morphed into it has become it has just dated into something that as a whole. You might not even be able to articulate or maybe even recognize till it manifests out of the blue. Not out of the blue out of the oblivious.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So, source doesn’t send you here to do a job. source says go do what you create what you want to do, you chose to be here because you knew the potential of discovering satisfying more was certain. And you trusted in the process and you knew that you would come to your own conclusions about so much. And you knew that all of the resources of source would back you up. And you knew that by following your joy that you could never get off track from the love base that you are. Okay. We think this is a really good time for a segment of refreshment.

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