Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #375 – Too Much Self-Focus


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Another question I have is, we create our own existence, obviously. So we focus on an individual self to make that happen. You can’t be other than self aware, can you because you can’t focus other than through self. So you are innately selfish, because you have no other perspective than the one of self. And I love that concept, because it gives me a lot of personal power.

And I’ve been able to manifest a lot of things in my life. Where sometimes I focus on myself so much, though, it creates dissension because I don’t bring anyone else into my manifestation. Like co creation, there are a lot of things, though, you put a lot of things into your vortex, and a lot of others. So you’re not separating yourself from everything else. It’s just that in the caring about how you feel, you’re making sure that you’re in alignment. First, you’re just setting your priorities. By doing that you’re choosing alignment first, and then you’re flowing, you’re aligned self to others.

There are a lot of people who would say, you need to care about me more than you care about you, you need to be less selfish, you need to be more self less, and you need to focus on me. But if you’re not tending to your relationship with your own inner beam, so that you’re not consistently step four, in alignment with who you are, then you don’t have much to give anyone else. And so we think that what you just said is a mischaracterization of who you are, you’re a caring person, you want others to be happy. We want to point out to you something, though, before you move too far away from that subject.

And that is, so you have found a philosophy that works for you. And let’s say you’re up close with someone who is approaching life a little differently. If you focus upon what the other is doing, then you’re not staying in alignment with yourself either. In relationships, it’s really interesting, because let’s say that you’re approaching life in this way, and another is approaching life in this way.

Well, each of you could succeed in your different approaches to life. But what often happens is you look over there and you say, that isn’t quite right. So you’re not really in harmony with who you are and what you want. And the other sort of does the same thing. No, no, you should do it more the way I’m doing it and so they’re not really in harmony. So neither one of you are really in alignment. Neither one of you are really utilizing the energy and you’re blaming each other for the breakdown.

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